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The Obituary Of The British Empire

At precisely midnight, Sunday July 31st 1966, the British Colonial Office in London came to an official closure. With this shutdown, the British Empire was dead!

Little does the world realize what this meant! Few on earth know what a calamitous turn in world events this almost unnoticed action signals.

We have said many times that none of the heads of government in the world, none of the editors, news analysts or observers of the world scene can understand the real meaning of today’s world news unless they first understand the purpose being worked out here below, the master plan by which it is being worked out, and also have a right understanding of that whole third of the Bible which is prophecy! And in all probability, not one in these fields possesses that understanding.

It is high time slumbering peoples wake up!

Tolling the death knell of the once powerful British Empire signals a switch in world affairs that now will happen and will rock this whole world back on its heels in dumbfounded amazement!

It’s high time people in official circles, educators, and the supposedly educated of the world realize that the Bible is the most up-to-date report on world conditions that exists- that it is not the religious speculations of an ancient, straggling, despised, little race searching in ignorance for a mythical new concept of a nonexistent deity. It’s high time the leaders of suffering humanity realize that the Bible is the living message of the living Universe-Ruling God to mankind during this 21st century! God’s message is for now! It is for us!

It’s high time those who are so rebelliously mismanaging this world’s affairs come to an awareness that this living Book pertains to them, today to the conditions, problems, causes, and solutions of now!

The British has a world-known slogan: “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” But Britain’s sun actually did set some little time ago. The British have been groping, blinded to the real truth, in the dusk period, seemingly oblivious to the fact that their midnight is fast approaching. The fact that the official closing of the Colonial Office struck at midnight is significant!

There is a cause for every effect. There is a total unrealized cause for Britain’s former prosperity, and might, as the numbers one World Power. We are going to tell you what caused that never-before-equaled power and greatness!

There is a definite cause for the pitiful plight in which Britain exists today, still little realized. And we are going to make plain what caused this downfall! The Government and people of Britain do not know. And they must know!

No longer can Britain boast, “The sun never set on the British Empire.” They do not realize or believe it but is true! The Eternal living God has taken that slogan away from Britain. He has transferred it to His very own worldwide Work! And today it is a fact that the sun never sets on the established offices administering this great Work of God, around the world!

Prior to World War II, the British Empire and the United States combined possessed more than two thirds almost three fourths of all the cultivated wealth and resources of the world. All other nations combined shared less than a third. Never had any people possessed such wealth, and national power and greatness!

But why? How did we come by it? Probably few realize it, but we had acquired it rather suddenly. Never had any people sprouted from small stature in the world to such night and wealth and power so quickly! In the year 1800 the United Kingdom and the United States were comparatively small and insignificant among the nations. The United Kingdom consisted only of the British Isles, a very small part of India and of Canada, and a few little islands. The United States consisted only of the 13 original colonies and three added states 16 states in all. Neither the Untied States nor Britain possessed any great wealth or power.

But, beginning in 1800, these two little nations began to expand at phenomenal rate into vast national resources and power. By 1804 London was the financial capital of the world.

Probably many do not realize that in 1800 Britain was not an Empire -was not a “Commonwealth of Nations.” Australia was not yet a nation. Australia was not even settled until 1788 and thereafter. It did not become a Commonwealth Nation until January 1, 1909. New Zealand was not even discovered until 1642. British Sovereignty was first proclaimed in 1840, when it became a colony, and the colony became a Dominion in 1907.

Canada was “discovered” in 1497 soon after the “discovery” of America. Succeeding explorers came in the 16th and 17th centuries. There followed struggles for possession between England and France, but the first uniting of Provinces for administration of Government, as Canada, was 67 years after 1800! Other Provinces were added later.

South Africa was not really settled (by white Caucasians) until “the Great Trek” emigration of 1831, and later. It was not formed as the Union of South Africa until May 31, 1910 by act of the British Parliament.

It is not generally realized, but the British Commonwealth and the United States spurted, suddenly, rapidly, to wealth, and power, and greatness, following the year 1800! What cause this sudden spurt?

Did we develop it through our own human superiority, wisdom, foresight, energy, and abilities? We did not!

Let Abraham Lincoln answer for the United States and the answer is the same for Britain:

“We find ourselves,” he said, “in the peaceful possession of the fairest portion of the earth, as regards fertility of the soil, extend of territory, and salubrity of climate. We find ourselves the legal inheritors of these fundamental blessings. We toiled not in the acquirement or the establishment of them.”

Further, in the proclamation of April 30, 1863, President Lincoln said: “It is the duty of nations, as well as of men, to own their dependence upon the over-ruling power of God, and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord: We have been the recipients of the choicest blessings of heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation even has grown, but we have forgotten God! We have forgotten the gracious Hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hears, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own.”

And because President Lincoln saw a nation which had forgotten its God a vain nation taking upon itself all the credit and glory due to the God who bestowed these riches on us, he called for a day of fasting and prayer for the nation to confess its national sin before God!

How far have our English-speaking peoples drifted from their Creator in the century since a President called his nation to fasting and prayer before God! It President Trump should call for such a day the Supreme Court probably would hasten to declare it unconstitutional and forbid the nation to acknowledge its God!

Here’s the amazing paradox stranger than any fiction, yet, incredible though it may sound, absolutely true!

Many centuries ago, the precise vast national wealth, greatness and dominant power which so suddenly came to America and Britain was unconditionally promised by the Almighty God to the ancient Abraham for his literal racial descendants. This promise of inheritance by birth was re-promised to Abraham’s son Isaac, and to Isaac’s son Jacob whose name was changed to Israel. This promise of material wealth and power was conferred by the aged Jacob on the two sons of Joseph, named Ephraim and Manasseh.

This was a promise separate and distinct from the promise of the Messiah, and of spiritual salvation through Him. That promise, called in the Bible the “Sceptre,” passed on to the sons of Judah (the Jews) (also one of the twelve sons of Jacob). But the Birthright -meaning right by birth was passed on to the sons of Joseph (I Chron. 5:1-2).

The Birthright Promise pertained to race. The Sceptre Promise pertained to grace. The two were totally different.

Now when the children of Israel were first formed into the Kingdom (or nation) of Israel, under Moses, it is important to notice how, and when this tremendous national wealth and power of the Birthright would actually be inherited.

It is explained in Leviticus 26. To this people, God said: “Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image to bow down unto it; for I am the Eternal your God. Ye shall keep my Sabbaths. If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them; then I will give you rain in due season.” There land would produce year-round crops, they would inherit the wealth promised in the Birthright, and they would have become the most powerful nation on earth.

“But,” continues God’s proposition to them, (v. 14), “if ye will not hearken unto me, and will not do all these commandments I will do this unto you.” And God enumerated punishments of sicknesses and diseases, sorrow and suffering, invasion and captivity, and becoming the slaves of other nations saying (v. 18), that he would punish them “seven times “for their rebellion against His Government.

Now “times “in their terminology referred to years. And in Ezekiel 4:4-6, and in Numbers 14:34, we are given the key that Israel is to bear punishment on an “each day for a year” basis. Thus, the “seven times” becomes seven years and on the prophetic years scale of 360 days to a year, the total punishment becomes 2, 520 years.

What actually happen?

Four hundred thirty years after Abraham, his descendants, the children of Israel, were led by Moses out of Egyptian slavery and they became God’s own nation. But they rejected God as their Ruler (I Sam. 8:1-7). They had Saul as their first king, then David, then Solomon, then Rehoboam the son of Solomon. But when Rehoboam threatened to tax the people more heavily than his father Solomon, the nation rejected Rehoboam as their king, and elected Jeroboam, Solomon’s chief deputy executive, as King.

Thereupon the Tribe of Judah seceded from Israel in order to retain Rehoboam as their king. This set up a new and different nation, called the Kingdom of Judah. The tribe of Benjamin went with Judah. Then Jeroboam threw out the tribe of Levi from being the priests, and most of the Levites also left the nation Israel and entered into the Kingdom of Judah.

And so, the Children of Israel now were divided into two different nations. Four entire historic books of the Bible are devoted to recording the rival governments and their wars. Yet most professing Christians still believe they were never more than one single nation, called “the Jews.”

Incredible as it may sound, the Kingdom of Israel were never called “Jews.” The named “Jews” The name “Jews” is merely a nickname from their tribal name Judah. Judah was merely one of the tribes of Israel. So, they and their Kingdom of Judah only were Jews. Of course, the Benjamites and the Levities, who became part of the Kingdom of Judah also were called Jews. But none of the ten-tribed nation of the north were ever called Jews.

The first place in all the Bible where the word “Jews” occurs is II Kings 16:6. There you will find that, beginning verse 5, Israel was allied with Syria, and they went to war against the Jews. So the very first place in the Bible describes the nation Israel going to war against the Jews.

It is highly significant to note that the Birthright promise was given jointly to Ephraim and Manasseh (sons of Joseph) (Gen. 48). These were counted as two of the Ten Tribes of the Kingdom of Israel. But the Sceptre the promise of the Messiah, and spiritual salvation through Him was now in a different nation the Jews. Jesus was born of a Jewish mother. God was His Father not any human. Yet, as the Son of man, Jesus was a Jew of the House of David a direct descendant of David, who was of the Tribe of Judah (Heb. 7:14).

When Israel first rejected Solomon’s son as King, and elected Jeroboam as their king, Jeroboam immediately turned the nation away from the worship of, or obedience to God. His reason? He feared losing his office. Like most politicians, he was interested first in his selfish personal welfare, and that of his people secondly. He reasoned (I Kings 12:26-32) that if his people continued to go to Jerusalem every autumn to attend the Feast of Tabernacles, in the 7th month, and the people should see king Rehoboam, they might turn again to Rehoboam, and dethrone Jeroboam.

So, Jeroboam set up two idols, golden calves, one in Dan and one in Bethel. He issued a proclamation to his nation saying that these calves were the gods that brought them out of Egyptian slavery. To further fortify his personal power, he rejected the tribe of Levi from the priesthood, and made priests of the lowest, most ignorant of the people priests who would do his bidding not God’s. Thereupon the rejected Levites migrated from Israel, moved south and became part of the nation of Judah.

Jeroboam did one thing more to fortify his personal power. He ordained his own Feast of Tabernacles one month later in the 8th month. Although it is not recorded, it is evident that he also changed God’s Sabbath from the 7th day, which God had hallowed, to the 8th day the day following the 7th day (actually the first day of the following week) the same day on which the pagans worshiped the sun-god.

The Sabbath of God had been made the identifying sign between God and Israel the sign that identified Him as their God, because in six days He made heaven and earth, and rested on the 7th day (Ex. 31:12-18). Creation identifies God. The One who created not only earth, but man, is man’s true God. On the other hand, God’s Sabbath identified Israel as God’s nation.

Why? Because, 1) no other nation ever kept it 2) there can be no reason to keep it except that it is a memorial of creation that God made it holy time and that God commanded mankind to keep it holy 3) it became a matter of obedience to God, respecting that which is holy to Him. Thus, since no other nation would obey or show this respect to the true God, it set Israel apart from all others as God’s nation. That is, as long as they kept it! It was a sign other nations could recognize a sign causing other nations to recognize this nation as God’s nation.

Why did the ten-tribed nation of Israel later become known as the Lost Ten Tribes? Answer: They lost God’s sign of identification The Sabbath.

Why does the world suppose that only the Jews (part of the descendants of the Kingdom of Judah) are the “chosen people”? Answer: Because they did retain this sign which identified them!

Remember, now, in Leviticus 26 we saw that God had put special emphasis on two of His Ten Commandments idolatry and Sabbath-breaking. The first four of the Ten Commandments regulate man’s relation to God. The last six regulate man’s relation to man. Idolatry and Sabbath-breaking are the two which, above all others, cut humans off from contact with God.

After the Israelites rejected Rehoboam, and elected Jeroboam as king, the very first things Jeroboam did were to cut his nation off from God by turning them to idols and Sabbath-breaking.

But the Eternal was patient. He allowed them to remain in their land through seven dynasties and the reigns of nineteen kings. He sent them prophets, but the people stoned and killed them. They had completely lost knowledge of God during the reign of king Ahab. God sent them the prophet Elijah, who restored the knowledge of God, and of God’s laws, giving the people no excuse. Yet after recognizing the true God in their knowledge (I Kings 18:21, 39) the kings of Israel and their people refused obedience to God and returned to their idols.

Finally, this northern Kingdom- the House of Israel was invaded by the armies of King Shalmaneser of Assyria. After a three-year siege 721-718 B.C. (II Kings 17:5-6) the nation, Israel, was defeated. The Assyrians removed them from their farms and cities, and took them as slaves to Assyria, to the south and west of the Caspian Sea. The only Israelites left in Palestine were those of the Kingdom of Judah (II Kings 17:18). The Assyrian king then placed Chaldeans, those who embraced the “Babylonian Mystery” religion in the cities and towns of the ten-tribed nation Israel. These were the ones whose descendants were in this land of Samaria in the time of Christ. They were the Samaritans of Christ’s day.

More than a hundred years later, the Jews of the Kingdom of Judah were invaded and conquered by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. They were removed from their homes, towns and cities, and taken as slaves to the land of Babylon. Seventy years later, according to Jeremiah’s prophecy, a portion of these people from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi only returned to Judea in Palestine to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. But none of the ten-tribed House of Israel were among them (compare Ezra 2:1 and Nehemiah 7:6 with II Kings 17:18).

By the time of the Jews’ captivity, most of the Assyrians, and the ten-tribed birthright possessing Israel had migrated northwest across Europe. Many of the Israelites had already settled in Northern Ireland and other parts of the British Isles.

By this time the Kingdom of Israel the northern Kingdom the ten-tribes had become lost, so far as historians were aware. Why? They had lost their identifying sign. They were following pagan religions and customs. They had lost their Hebrew language. They, themselves, had lost their identity as Israelites, and supposed themselves to be gentiles.

In due time the ten-tribed Israelites had become established in western Europe and the British Isles. (For proof of this read our articles on Britain and American in prophecy and send for our FREE DVD series, “The Blessings of Abraham)”.

Stranger than any fiction, and incredible though it may seem, the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh had migrated together to the British Isles, and Manasseh later to the United States with some of the Ephraimites also later migrating to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Canada. English speaking countries.

Remember, now, it was the two tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh who possessed the all-important birthright. Remember, too, these tribes failed to qualify to receive this gigantic national and materialistic blessing in ancient times, while they yet were in Palestine. They had failed to qualify to receive it, the actual receiving of this tremendous God-given promise was deferred for 2,520 years!

Remember, still further, that God made this promise unconditionally to Abraham, repromised to Isaac and Jacob, and passed on by Jacob to Ephraim and Manasseh. Therefore, once the 2,520 years expired God was absolutely bound by His oath to bestow that never-before matched blessing on the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh. He was bound to do it, not because of any goodness of these modern-day descendants of Jacob and of Joseph, but solely because of Abraham’s obedience, and because of God’s faithfulness to His unconditional promise!

Now figure! There was no year zero. The first beginning of Shalmaneser’s siege against ancient Israel 721 B.C. The defeat of Israel was complete in 718 B.C.; 2,520 years from 721 B.C. is the year 1800 A.D., and 2,520 years from 718 B.C. is 1803 A.D.

Now you know why Britain and the United States suddenly spurted from minor nations to the greatest wealth and power ever enjoyed by any nations, beginning 1800-1803!

Jacob, in conferring the Birthright on Ephraim and Manasseh had said 1) they were to bear his name, Israel (Gen. 48:16) for he had adopted them as his own sons (v. 5). Therefore, many prophecies regarding Israel today apply to Britain and America specifically, in a manner that does not necessarily include the other of the Ten Tribes. 2) Eventually, when the Birthright was actually inherited, Ephraim (Great Britain) was to become a company (or commonwealth) of nations (Gen. 48:19) and Manasseh (United States) a single great nation. Since these promises involved world-dominating greatness, Manasseh was to become the greatest single nation of all earth’s history.

God kept His promise. We have shown you how, beginning 1800 A.D., our two white, English-speaking peoples suddenly grew into greater wealth, power, national resources, and dominance than any nation in history.

Now you know the cause of the greatness that came to us up to World War II. But what is the cause of our decline?

In Leviticus 26, God promised this national greatness to Israel of that day, if they would be His Kingdom, ruled by Him, obedient to His government, following His ways. And He mentioned, specifically, with emphasis the two commandments against idolatry and Sabbath-breaking.

Failure meant taking away the Birthright Promise from them, even before they had received it and deferring it for 2,520 years. Because of Abraham’s obedience to God, the Eternal gave Abraham the unconditional promise of the Birthright. God kept that Promise!

But God did not promise we should continue forever in enjoying that great national materialistic blessing! On the contrary, failure to be obedient to God to walk in His ways and especially in the two commandments specifically emphasized (Lev. 26:1-2) against idolatry and Sabbath-breaking, means the loss of these blessings.

What have we done with all this material blessings God has given our peoples? Our lands are filled with idols. The largest single denomination calling itself “Christian” in the United States fills its every church and cathedrals with images idols! Of course, our people say “But we don’t’ call them our gods they merely represent Christ and Mary, and saints.” But don’t you know that that is precisely what the idolatrous pagans always said - even in the Bible days, when God condemned this idolatry?

Our churches and those who profess to be Christ’s ministers rebel against God’s Sabbath, and teach the people, falsely, that it was done away! They teach that God’s law was done away!

The people worship the things they manufacture today not only actual images, but houses, automobiles, gadget’s, clothes, all sorts of things. They worship actors and actresses we used to speak of “Matinee idols.”

Our people have rejected not only the Sabbaths of God, but His Annual Festivals, commanded forever. And instead, they celebrate the pagan festivals of Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, etc. They say they use these pagan ways to worship Christ. But He says He will not accept that kind of worship. Before you become resentful and angry because God, through this Church, is using this website for you to read these articles and hear sermons, get out your Bible and read what God Almighty says to you in Deut. 12:30-31.

Look at our school systems. We have allowed the poison of German rationalism falsely so called to throw God and His knowledge out of our schools, colleges and universities! Today, it is not safe to send our children to school for fear of being killed by another student. The schools teach that homosexuality is normal. The atheistic theory of evolution is the basis and foundational concept, and approach to all knowledge as falsely disseminated to our children.

Atheism and agnosticism runs rampant! Our peoples have rebelled against and turned away from the God who has blessed us! We have forgotten God! Our peoples simply do not know the true God, nor the true Christ! In Britain-Ephraim the leading theologians, the leading religious leaders of the people are today approving fornication, and homosexuality! Morals have taken a toboggan-slide! Divorces and broken homes have increased until more than one in every four marriages end in divorce. Crime is on a tremendous upsurge.

We are a nation of lawbreakers. Our nations reject the law of God, turn to man-made laws and now they will not obey even man’s laws!

God gave our peoples every sea gate that controlled worldwide commerce. Since World War II, when we let morals sink into the cesspool, God has begun stripping them from us, one by one.

Now the British Empire is a thing of the past! We could quote enough Scriptures of prophecy, picturing England’s plight today (which she fails to realize) to fill several articles dealing with the obituary of England. Britain’s sun has set! Britain’s midnight is fast approaching! Read what Hosea says, Read the parallel prophecies of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28. Read and understand.

The United States came to great world power a little later. The United States’ sun set a little later than England’s. But America’s sun is now setting!

Much of the prophecy of Leviticus 26 applies to our time, now! In verse 19 God says: “I will break the pride of your power.” In the days of Theodore Roosevelt, no nation dared to insult the United States. We did not have as much power then as now, but we had pride in our national power.

A German battleship was steaming on Manila Bay. President Theodore Roosevelt sent the Kaiser a fast note, telling him to turn his battleship around. The Kaiser didn’t know he meant it. Mr. Roosevelt sent a second note but it went to Admiral Dewey, commander of the entire Pacific Fleet. It ordered the U.S. Navy to steam full speed ahead, and if the German battleship did not turn around, “sink it!” The Kaiser learned that Mr. Roosevelt meant it.

Why have we had no presidents of that pride in our power since? President Trump will be tested to see if he has that type of pride in our power and it may be sooner than we think!

Now the Eternal tells us, if we will read His warning prophecies, that because of our national sins, He is going to allow us to be invaded, conquered, and removed from our homes, our farms, towns and cities, and taken as slaves to the conquering nation- unless we now quickly heed His warning, repent, and return to our God!

Our armed forces did not win World War I or World War II, believe it or not! God caused the defeat of Germany and Japan. You blind and deceived Americans and Britons, you will soon know that God lives and that He has sent His servants to warn you, and that it was God speaking through His human instrument, and that He meant it!

If our nations will not now heed, repent, and return to the Living God, then any and all individuals who will who will really repent, come awake to what is actually happening to this world and humbly surrender unconditionally to the Eternal Living God, then you, individually, shall have divine protection through the frightful world troubles just ahead of us!

God is a living God of love. God put in motion laws which are the cause of happiness, peace, well-being, prosperity, security every desired blessing. But people trample those laws underfoot, cause unhappiness, pain, and suffering, curses to come on them, and then blame it on God and call Him a harsh, stern God!

God blessed our nations with wealth, power, material blessings such as no nations ever enjoyed. Then we call God a stern, harsh God we say that the very laws He set in motion to bring every blessing we desire are against us, we say “God is Dead,” and we cause very evil and curse to come on us, and then blame it on God!

You deceived peoples of America and Britain, when will you wake up to the truth? Every blessing, every good thing comes from God and cannot come otherwise. God wants you to come to your senses and turn to Him, and to Christ, and to His right ways, otherwise history will repeat, there shall come invasion, captivity, our cities blasted off the map by nuclear destruction. And then, in slavery, our people will turn to God and plead for forgiveness, and for His blessings.

In the end, God says our peoples will with the Living Christ having returned in supreme Power and Glory, ruling the earth we shall then be restored as the Chief Nations of the world and live in His way and enjoy His blessings for a thousand years to come! But only after we Learn our lesson and surrender to God!

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