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The Handwriting Is On The Wall Of America Now!

This nation is being weighed in the balance and found wanting. Here are the shocking facts!

People would be stunned if they could really see the startling significance behind today’s world happenings. It’s time you get your eyes opened to the staggering prophecies about the United States, and our Western World events that are going to happen in the next few years.

The handwriting is on the wall for America, Britain and Europe, now. This nation is being weighted in the balance and is found wanting!

Biblical prophecies have not been understood. They’ve been a deep mystery. Even the prophet Daniel who wrote one of the important books of prophecy in the Bible didn’t understand all the prophecies that he wrote.

For centuries, it has been supposed that the account of Belshazzar’s feast was a mere child’s Bible story. But actually, it is a last-minute message straight from God to our peoples today, and it’s a message and warning dealing with our national life, with your home, your family, to occur within the next few years.

This is a prophecy, and it’s a warning for us, today! It’s a red-hot staggering warning for now, for our time!

Do you realize that approximately one-third of your Bible is prophecy? That is the neglected one-third, the one-third that you seldom hear preached, and almost never read. And yet, that’s where you actually find tomorrow’s news headlines written in advance, and explained - their real meaning brought forth, their true significance revealed.

Do you know that no news analyst can understand world events unless he knows the divine purpose being worked out here below -- unless he or she understands Bible prophecy? And how many news analysts do you know who really understands the prophecies of the Bible? Analysts who understand God’s purpose that is being worked out here below?

Now this prophecy of Belshazzar’s feast was not a message for that day only. Do you realize that even Daniel didn’t understand what he was inspired to write? Notice it in Daniel the 12th chapter, the 8th and 9th verses: “And I heard, but I understood not. And then I said, ‘O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?’” Daniel wrote what an angel had been revealing to him. The angel said, “Go thy way, Daniel, for the words are closed and sealed till the time of the end.” Even Daniel didn’t understand what he was inspired to write.

Do you realize that the Jews were already in captivity when Daniel wrote? This prophecy of the handwriting on the wall was not for them. It came too late to save them. They were in the land of Babylon, slaves, and captives. They weren’t having their religious services as they had been accustomed to previously in the land of Palestine.

This strange incident is recorded in the 5th chapter of Daniel’s prophecy beginning in the first verse, from the Moffatt translation, which is a little plainer English than the KJV. “King Belshazzar gave a great banquet to a thousand of his lords. He was drinking his wine in front of a thousand of them, and when carried away with the wine, Belshazzar gave the orders for the gold and the silver vessels that were removed from the temple of Jerusalem by his father Nebuchadnezzar to be brought in so that the king and his lords, his consorts and his concubines might drink out of them.”

Bear in mind, these vessels were sacred to Old Testament worship of the Most High God of this entire universe. Now let’s look into the next two verses, the 3rd and 4th: “The gold and the silver vessels which had been removed from God’s house at Jerusalem were brought, and the king and his lords, his consorts and his concubines drank out of them. They drank their wine, and they praised their gods of gold and of silver, of iron and of wood, of bronze, and of stone.”

Just stop and think for a moment. What’s wrong with that? Is God jealous? Is God angry? Does He have injured feelings? Is he angry at them?

Let’s understand! When the Creator first formed man, He created laws, not merely visible matter as we understand it. He created force and energy. God created every law that we know, the laws of physics, the laws of chemistry, they were created for our happiness. Also God created man in His image, in the very shape of God. God put mind in man, a mind like God’s, and yet, man’s mind is incomplete. Man’s mind is not perfect like God’s. It’s incomplete. Man was made to need something that he was not created with, that you were not born with. Man was made to need contact with God Almighty, to need the very Spirit, the very nature of God, implanted infused within the natural mind of man. The human mind is derived from matter, and it can know only material knowledge.

Do you realize that you know only that which is transmitted to the mind through the five senses? Our minds, then, are not perfect. We need the guidance, the knowledge, the wisdom, the love, and the other attributes that come only with contact from God with the Most High Ruler who controls every force, every energy, and every law that operates in the entire universe. That’s the lesson that man has not learned. And that’s the living fact that Belshazzar had known, but had rejected, and had put from his mind.

Now do you realize that man is incapable of governing himself toward peace, toward happiness, toward universal prosperity? Do you doubt that? Nearly 6000 years of human experience has demonstrated that fact! That’s the way the Creator designed it. God made man insufficient unto himself. God made the human mind fallible, imperfect, and incomplete.

The human mind was made to need the enlightening of the Spirit of God. God made this contact with Him available. He freely offered to Adam and to Eve His Holy Spirit, symbolized by the tree of life. But also, God made man a free moral agent, and God decreed, as the Supreme Ruler of the entire universe, that man must choose which way he is going to go, whether he will obey God, and will, voluntarily, put himself under the government of God, and enjoy the blessings of that government, or whether he will reject it, and go the way that seems right to his imperfect mind and suffer the consequences.

God had revealed all of this to Adam. He had revealed this basic truth to His nation Israel. He had revealed it to Nebuchadnezzar and to Belshazzar. He had revealed that God’s way of life is for our good. But you will notice in Deut. 5:32-33, Moffatt translation: “Be mindful,” says God, “to do what the Eternal your God has ordered you. Always follow the straight road of life which the Eternal your God has laid down before you that you may live, and that things may go well with you.” Isn’t that what we all want, that things may go well with us? That’s what God’s law is for. When are we going to wake up?

The first two commandments of God’s way of life guard against idolatry, because idolatry separates man from God, and man needs God and everything he can receive from God.

Belshazzar and the lords that he had with him were mocking God. They were turning from God. They were turning from their own good, from the good of the whole nation they ruled! That’s why God was concerned. Notice how the great God of love moved swiftly, even as He had in the life of Nebuchadnezzar, that men might learn the vital lesson, that we might learn, in time today, before our ways bring destruction on our nation.

This warning came too late to save Belshazzar. This account was written for you and for me today! It wasn’t written for the Jews of that day. It was written for us today, and we have time to heed. We have time to escape the destruction that is now threatening you and me, if we wake up.

Notice how the miracle-working God acted to bring saving knowledge at that time. Notice Daniel 5:5 once again. But let’s read right on down to the 23rd verse just skimming over it. “Now that very hour the fingers of a man’s hand appeared, writing on the plaster of the royal palace opposite the lampstand. The king saw the palm of the hand as it wrote, and the kings’ flesh turned pale. His thoughts alarmed him. The muscles of his thighs relaxed, and his knees struck one against another.”

What would happen to you if you’d see just a hand, no body with it, just a hand writing on your wall in some language you couldn’t understand? “The king cried aloud for the enchanters, the astrologers, to be brought in. But not one of the king’s sages could read the writing or explain the meaning of it to the king. By this time, King Belshazzar, and his lords were at their wits’ end! Then the queen mother came into the banquet hall. The queen mother said, ‘O king, live forever. Within your realm is a man wherein is the Spirit of God divine.’” They didn’t know about the true God. They thought there many gods. “In the days of your father,’” she said, “king Nebuchadnezzar made him master of the magicians. Let Daniel be called, and he will explain the meaning of this. Then Daniel was brought into the king’s presence. And the king said to Daniel, ‘So you are the Daniel belonging to the exiles of Judah whom the king, my father, brought from Judah. I hear that the spirit of the gods themselves is in you, the light of learning and rare wisdom is found in you.’ “If you can read the writing and let me know the meaning of it, you will wear a purple robe, and wear a chain about your neck, and you will rank third within the realm.”

“Then Daniel made answer to the king, ‘Keep your gifts for yourself, and give your rewards to someone else. However, I will read the writing for the king, and let him know the meaning of it. O King, the Most High God gave king Nebuchadnezzar, your father, the realm.’”

He (Daniel) is showing here once again that God is the Most High Ruler. He makes and unmakes nations. God is the Most High Ruler. God is the One who reigns and who rules over the nations of this world, whether we realize it or not.

God has made us free moral agents, up to a certain point. God certainly allows us to go our own way; but when God chooses, He can intervene in the affairs of nations, and He does cause the rise and fall of nations. He did seat Nebuchadnezzar upon that throne. God seems to have gone away, and we don’t realize these things today any more than they seemed to realize them then.

So he said, “The Most High God gave Nebuchadnezzar, your father, the realm with its greatness and glory and majesty, and owing to the greatness that He bestowed upon him” (that is, the greatness that God bestowed upon Nebuchadnezzar) “all races, nations, and folk and tongue, trembled in fear of him. But when his mind became proud, and his spirit became defiant so that he bore himself haughtily, he was disposed from his royal throne and deprived from his glory. He was driven away from human beings. His mind was made like the mind of an animal till he learned that the Most High God rules over the realm of men, and that He (that is God) sets over it anyone that he chooses. And yet you, his son, Belshazzar, have not humbled yourself. Though you knew all this, you uplifted yourself against the Lord of heaven by having the vessels of His house brought in before you, and from them, you and your lords, your consorts, and your concubines have drunk wine, praising gods of silver, and of gold, and of bronze, iron, wood, and stone which can neither see, nor hear, nor understand.”

Don’t you see that Daniel is showing that the true God has mind, perfect mind, almighty power; who sees, who knows, who directs things, who makes and unmakes nations?

“You, he said, have not glorified the God who holds in His own power your breath and your life and your entire destiny!” Do you realize that the same God holds your very breath and your very life in His own power? Think of it! Here were supposedly intelligent men, rulers over a world-ruling empire, forsaking and rejecting the living God whose help they needed so sorely, foolishly toasting, and praising an inanimate object which could not see, could not speak, had no intelligence, a thing made by the hands of man. Human beings try to create God, when actually God created us, and we need to realize it.

I want you to realize the purpose of this very dramatic incident. God is here shaking man into realization that the Creator is the Super Ruler of almighty, divine power for our good. God hasn’t gone way off. God is vitally concerned with your welfare! God is concerned about what is taking place right now in our great nation!

King Belshazzar had fallen into the illusion that grips most of you today. God had become unreal! God seemed to be far off! God seemed like a myth. Their minds were turned only to the things that they could see, material objects. A material mind only knows material things, and God does seem like a myth, far off. Do you see any similarities with the world you live in today?

God ended that world ruling kingdom! God makes and unmakes nations and empires. God Almighty rules over all governments, our included. And God, right now this very fateful hour -- is weighing our Christian-professing world in the balance, and we are being found wanting.

Today we are going the way of ancient Babylon. Today, we admire, we adore, we serve idols of wood and of metals in the form of automobiles, new gadgets, labour-saving devices, new forms of entertainment, new, more modern homes, while we think of God for about one hour on Sunday. (Which isn’t even the correct day to worship God). As God prophesied of some of our people, we profess godliness, and Christianity, as you read in Isaiah 48:1. We swear by the name of the Eternal, and we make mention of God in our prayers, but not in truth, not in righteousness.

Our lands everywhere are domed with churches, and yet, as we read in Isaiah 2:7-8 and this is certainly true of us today: “Their land is full of silver and of gold, neither is there any end of their treasures. Neither is there any end of their chariots. Their land is also full of idols, and they worship the work of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made.”

Think of it. That fits our Christendom today. We sanctimoniously practice a form of godliness, but as you read in II Tim. 4:5, we deny the power of God. And it’s prophesied in Isaiah 7:14 that we never put our hearts into our prayers.

Crime is mounting in our land. Juvenile delinquency is running rampant. Homes are broken up in divorce. We are hell-bent on a moral toboggan slide.

Are we any better than Belshazzar? Are we any better than ancient Babylon? We are going the way of Babylon, and we are going the way of ancient Rome to a fall. We are plunging head-on to the greatest fall that any nation has ever suffered and we are not aware of it!

We are so smug and complacent, we are so well satisfied with ourselves, we fancy that we’re good Christians. Yes, we attend church. We sit there and imagine that we’re worshipping God while we hear some beautiful music and a 25 minute sermon.

What an awakening is going to jolt this nation very soon, if we don’t heed God’s last warning and come to our senses.

This Church, the Church of God, New World Ministries is telling you on the authority of Jesus Christ, we’re going to be catastrophically punished very soon for our own good unless we wake up. Notice the prophecy of Isaiah 13:19-20: “And Babylon, the glory of the kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees excellency shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.”

This prophecy was delivered before this happened to Babylon. This was before Judah’s captivity. Isaiah was writing it. He said, “It (that is, Babylon) shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation, neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there, neither shall the shepherds make their folds there.”

Do you realize that has happened? There is nothing but barren waste over there now. A superstition exists among the Arabs against pitching a tent there in ancient Babylon. No Arab will do it. It will happen to us, unless we wake up.

Do you know that for centuries the site of ancient Babylon has been totally desolate? Only ancient ruins remain. God said in Bible prophecy that Babylon would go down. It would be destroyed. It would never be rebuilt again. It happened!

Do you realize that God said of Egypt when it was the greatest power, the greatest nation on earth, that it was going to be invaded and conquered, that Egypt would go down to a second rate power and that never again would it be ruled by a native-born Egyptian and that happened! Egypt is still a second rate power, and from that time on down to today, there has never been as native born Egyptian ruling over Egypt.

Of Rome even before it was built God foretold its doom, its fall. There would be seven resurrections, and today we are waiting for that seventh resurrection, but even worse, today we are going the way of ancient Rome!

The handwriting is on the wall for the United States of America, of Christendom, this hour. There is protection for you if you will open your eyes to God’s prophecies, if you will study your Bible, if you will surrender your life to your Creator, if you will only come to Him in obedience in living faith through Jesus Christ! The handwriting is on the wall for us today! Will you learn the lesson from ancient Babylon? Will you turn to the true God for deliverance and worship?

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