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Pill-Popping, Pot And Alcohol

If you have a serious accident or health crisis, it matters greatly what drugs you have used!

Millions in our society don’t realize the true nature of drugs and what potential damage many drugs do. But the best doctors do. They don’t like to take dangerous risks in administering drugs. They can’t afford to in these days when so many costly malpractice suits are being brought against them.

Marijuana may seem as common as cigarette smoking in your area or school. Maybe alcohol parties among your friends or peers are even more popular. Maybe you’re pressured to get loaded or stoned with drugs or drink. Maybe pill-popping with uppers, downers, hallucinogens is the “in” thing. You know many of the various names, reds, blues, bennies, angel dust, crack cocaine, heroin, etc.

What you may not know is there is no such thing as a totally safe drug. “The drug with no ill effects has yet to be made,” warned a medical column in a newspaper a few years ago. Similar recent warnings from the medical profession go totally unheeded by many.

A former U.S. Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration warned that data on the damaging side effects of new drugs can often only be learned by painful experience. “People die every year from drugs generally regarded as innocuous.” The administration of potent drugs (by doctors) involves a calculated risk where the presumptive benefit is balanced against the possibility of toxic effects or (individual) idiosyncrasies.

Understand this. The administering of drugs by doctors is not a pure science. It involves some guesswork. The use of any drug involves taking chances and risks. The administering of drugs should be under trained medical supervision, even if single drugs only are being administered!

How much more dangerous is it for humans to assume they can casually take any drug they want, singly or in combination with others, simply because others are doing it and seem, temporarily, to be getting away with it. The shocking truth is, they really aren’t getting away totally free. Whether or not you realize it, every time you take or are given a drug, you are conducting an experiment.

It is critical that you grasp this one point, if nothing else. Your life may depend on it. Not everyone responds to drugs in the same way. Humans metabolize drugs differently. What kind of reactions may occur if you take medical or any other drugs after smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol or engaging in pill-popping for kicks and thrills? There is no way one can tell with absolute assurance. The reaction may be negligible, or it could be a disaster! Just how any drug will act in any one person depends on his or her age, size, health, medical problems and metabolism at a particular moment in time. No medical practitioner can predict precisely the side effects of any drug for any individual.

A person may respond well to a drug once, and then experience an opposite effect at a later time. Yet millions today adults, not just young people -- pop pills as if they were candy, as if there were no dangers or risks in drugs.

All drugs by their very nature have potential side effects. That includes common nonprescription drugs you can buy over the counter. All drugs alter or interfere with the natural course of some bodily condition or function.

The potential for drug abuse radically arises when drugs are not taken as prescribed (that is, are taken casually or as one wants), or are used in combination with other drugs, or alcohol.

What catches many people by surprise; some too late because they are dead, is that some drugs react synergistically with alcohol and other drugs. That is, one drug plus another drug does not equal the effect of two drugs. The combination may produce a reaction within the body 10 or even 50 times greater than either drug alone.

The Bible reveals that alcohol has a proper use, in moderation and control at all times. But don’t forget, alcohol is, technically, a drug. It is a readily metabolized in most persons. Still, you need to understand that not everyone responds to alcohol in the same way. You are not proving you are a man or woman by unexpectedly getting smashed by alcohol or drugs. You are proving just the opposite.

Many medical personnel are alarmed. Adults, as well as young people, are mixing alcohol with other drugs in unprecedented and staggering proportions. A lot of these persons have been just plain lucky. Maybe they haven’t suffered serious reactions, yet. But given time, many will. It could be you if you do it. Need we point out the recent death of Michael Jackson, and before that Elvis Presley to name only a few celebrities that have suffered an untimely death due to improper use of drugs?

There is no way that this article can overemphasize this fact. Every person’s tolerance for drugs is different, just as everyone’s tolerance for various foods is different. A drug, a tranquilizer, for example, and an alcoholic drink taken closely together may produce no obvious ill effects in one person and yet kill another with sudden ferocity.

Mixing medicines or drugs of any kind may make one drug act faster or slower than it is supposed to. It may intensify a drug reaction or neutralize it.

Mixing medicines, even with nonprescription agents alcohol, cold remedies, pain relievers, vitamins, and antacids is like playing Russian roulette: you never know when a particular combination will finish you off. Alcohol and tranquilizers don’t mix. Together they produce a deep sedation. This drug interaction may lead to a big fall in blood pressure, and to a breathing failure.

Mixing alcohol with aspirin can make your stomach supersensitive (to aspirin). Significant bleeding from the stomach wall can result.

What about pot? Lots of people you know or see may be using it, and they may look and act ok the next day. But are they? No, they are not! They are walking time bombs! Why? Because THC, the major psychoactive ingredient in marijuana smoke, has an affinity for fatty body tissues and brain tissues. Once you have used marijuana for any length of time, months of abstinence are required for all the accumulated THC to be excreted by the body.

But what if these individuals have an accident, or get sick with a serious illness, with marijuana substances or other drugs floating around in their bloodstream or body? What if they need potent medical drugs to save them? What will happen?

What these young (or old) pot, alcohol and pill poppers have done is multiply the chances of a serious drug reaction if other drugs must be administered to them for some reason. They may look all right to you, but the truth is their lives are more endangered!

Pot has been in popular usage in the United States and many other nations for more than 44 years. But remember, it took 50 years of research for truly serious implications of cigarette smoking to become firmly established. Already evidence of serious or potential health damage from pot smoking is mounting with each passing year. There is growing evidence that regular use of marijuana produces lung damage, immunity system damage and threats of cancer. Marijuana smoke has been found to contain more possible cancer-causing agents than tobacco smoke.

If you’re an honest, truth seeking person, you won’t bury your head in the sand and disregard such findings. You won’t be able to honestly say after careful research. “I don’t think pot smoking harms anyone!”

God doesn’t want any of us to defile or ruin our bodies or minds by imbibing excessive amounts of alcohol, or casually using potent drugs just to thrill our senses, or so we will be popular with others. Count the cost of pill-popping, smoking marijuana, or drinking alcohol in excess. It may save your life!

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