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What Is Wrong With Modern Education?

There is something decidedly wrong with the world today, and the chief cause is our system of false education. Something is criminally wrong with our system of education!

Give us the right education, and remove the evil from human nature which prevents the world from acting on right knowledge, and we would have an utopian paradise. And, fantastic though it may seem, we are going to have it, and probably before this present generation of young people passes on! That is shocking, but it is true!

If one would really use his mind in thinking, he would ask, “Why doesn’t the gospel point the way, and accomplish the result?” It does, but very few of you have ever heard the true gospel.

In our Western world we have become so imbued with the idea of separation of church and state, that we see no connection between religion and education. That is why the most basic and essential knowledge is not being taught today! Of course the “three R’s reading, riting and rithmetic are fundamental. Geography, history, languages, science are important. But they are not the most important knowledge.

The most important things to know are these: (1) What we are? (2) Why we are? That is, whether we were put here on earth by actual design and plan and for what purpose? And a knowledge of the way to peace, happiness, joy, peace of mind, the full, interest-packed abundant life, real prosperity; a knowledge of what lies on beyond, the truth about life after death, the question of where we are going, and why, and how! These are the things you never learned in school! These subjects constitute the most vital knowledge which is not disseminated in our schools and our universities!

If you were hearing the true gospel, the very gospel message which God sent to mankind by Jesus Christ you would realize that real conversion is education! And true education leads to conversion! But the world long ago rejected that dynamic, life-giving Message, though it accepted the Person of the Messenger!

Do you realize how important it is for you to know why you were put here on earth? Why you are not, now, happier, more successful?

God’s purpose in placing humans on this earth is the creation of God’s supreme Masterpiece, perfect, righteous, spiritual character to be actually born into the very family of God! Redemption is merely the working out, the completing of that spiritual creation! It is creation of holy character, sons of God, in which we share with God in the process.

Everything that goes into that new divine being which we may become, we receive from God; but , it comes only as we abhor the evil in us, desire the righteousness of God, and beseech Him for it! We make the decisions. We put forth our effort in overcoming and in asking and seeking from God in faith. But it is God who actually supplies everything, the love, the faith, the righteousness, the life that is Eternal.

God’s great design, then, is to mold, fashion, and change a person into something different altogether. The true Christian is a new creation, “created in Christ Jesus in true righteousness and holiness unto good works” (Eph. 2:10).

Although it is a spiritual matter, involving God’s Holy Spirit, this change takes place in the “MIND,” especially the faculty of mind we call the heart.

The first step is repentance. Repentance literally means “a change of mind.” The second step, acceptance of and faith in Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, takes place also in the mind and heart. The third step is something God does, placing within us the gift of His Holy Spirit. Receiving of the Holy Spirit is the renewing of the mind (Rom. 12:2; Eph 4:23).The spirit of God is the Spirit of a sound mind (II Tim. 1:7).There never lived a sounder mind than Jesus Christ. Conversion miraculously places within us the mind of God the Father (Phil 2:5).

Conversion is putting on “the new man, which is renewed in knowledge” (Col. 3:10). Only the “overcomers” shall be saved. Overcoming is directed by the mind! True Christians must grow in grace and in Christ’s knowledge (II Peter 3:18). Christianity is spiritual-mindedness!

In other words, though we perhaps never have thought of it in this light, real conversion is education! And true education is conversion! Not the purely mental, materialistic, largely erroneous education of this world. But real true education, which is the renewing and enlightening of the mind, the feeding of the soul, the development of the self-discipline and character in true spiritual values! That is true education!

Man is the highest mortal being God has created on earth. The mind is the highest part of man, the faculty which, above all else, elevates man above dumb animals. Did not God intend our minds then, to be developed, trained, and used to His honor and glory?

Can’t we see that none glorifies God by ignorance, by neglecting this most precious heritage God has entrusted to man the mind? To fulfill God’s purpose in our existence, our minds need enlightening through the revelation of God’s Word. They need to be trained, developed, cultivated, used! But used with the enlightenment that comes from God through the addition of His Spirit to our minds so that we are freed from fears and worries, through living faith, through active, obedient believing in God that brings peace of mind, that develops us from carnal unhappy mortals into the character of God, happy, joyfully, receiving immortal life.

Today we live in a confused, misguided, deceived, chaotic world. We find ourselves in a civilization started thousands of years ago by a God-rejecting man named Nimrod. Every phase of this Babylonish civilization is established on principles diametrically contrary to the revealed principles and laws of God. This world is not happy. It’s filled with strife, fear, ignorance, deception, injustice, crime, poverty, suffering, anguish, woe and death! And this whole worldly civilization is based on a system of false education!

Modern education is almost wholly materialistic. It rejects the basic revelation of God. It gropes in the dark amid its vain speculations, in the hopeless search for the acquisition of knowledge that can come only through the very revelation it rejects! It wastes precious time on nonconsequential details and impractical and untrue theories, instead of teaching young men and women the basic knowledge of life, what life is, why we are here, where we are going, and how to live successfully, usefully, happily, joyfully! In other words, the spiritual laws of life! Its proponents look wise and dignified, and speak learnedly of unimportant nothings. They fill student’s minds with much chaff, while their souls starve for the true educational food!

Something’s wrong with this world’s education, as well as with its religion, its governments, its economics, and its society! Wrong education is a basic cause of all the world’s wrongs today! Where, when, and how did the present educational system start?

It all started at the very beginning, our first parents rejected the revealed knowledge of God. To Adam and Eve God revealed certain definite facts, principles, laws. This knowledge they rejected. They spurned and disobeyed God’s laws; four of the Ten Commandments were broken in man’s “original sin.” They departed from God’s revealed way of life.

Down through the centuries man has continued to reject God’s revealed knowledge. Contrary to God’s way, mankind soon was organized into competitive units of society, started by Nimrod at Babel, Nineveh, and the original city-states.

Ancient nations developed, all straying from the revealed knowledge, the laws, the ways of God. Groping in the dark, seeking to learn about “the Unknown, the ancients speculated their way into the pagan philosophies that have come down to us, the very philosophies which form the basis of modern education, the teachings of Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Epictetus, Virgil.

As the Creator said, through the Apostle Paul, of these ancient philosophers, “they did not like to retain God in their knowledge”; so today’s popular education has no place for God or divine revelation. Today, modern education is almost wholly materialistic. It has lost sight of true spiritual values. It fails to teach young men and women the most needed knowledge of all, what life is, why we are here, the purpose of life, where we are going, how to live happily, abundantly, joyfully. Modern education cannot impart a knowledge it doesn’t possess!

Notice where all this leads us! Here is bewildered, deceived, unhappy suffering humanity groping in the dark, seeking by human speculation to come to knowledge of “the unknown”!

If there is a God, would He have left mankind so hopelessly in the dark? Why must man be in the dark about such vital basic knowledge as creation, the very accounting for the presence of things that exist, of what life is, whence it came, why it is, where we are going, what is the purpose of our existence, what of the hereafter.

Almost no one, it seems, has been able to learn what the Holy Bible really is! The Bible is God’s revelation to man!

It is God’s means of communicating to man the basic knowledge man needs! Thru it as His vehicle of information, God reveals to man knowledge of facts, of laws, of purpose, of events both past and future, all of which man has no other way to know!

Man is able, of himself, to build laboratories, to experiment through test-tubes. Man is able to invent and build telescopes and learn about the universe; to build microscopes and learn about infinitesimal particles of matter. Therefore God did not reveal in the Bible the law of physics and chemistry, the distance to the sun, to the moon, and various stars from the earth. God left it for Newton to discover and reveal to us the law of gravity. Many things man is able to discover for himself. Those things God has left for man himself to find out.

But “The Unknown,” which man needs to know, God has revealed through the Bible as a foundation for knowledge. That is the beginning! And from there God has left it for man to go on and explore, examine, observe, and measure and add to the basic store of knowledge which God started him out! It is right for man to add all he can to this basic revealed knowledge. God gave us eyes to see with, ears to hear with, hands to work with, and minds to think and to reason with.

Think what a wonderful fund of knowledge man might have had today, had he proceeded from the beginning as God intended!

This article does not say everything taught in this world’s educational institutions is erroneous and false. On the contrary, much of it is true, accurate knowledge. Insofar as scientific men have stuck to pure observation, measurements, laboratory tests and definite practical experiments, they have been most cautious, conscientious and accurate. It is where they have mixed human speculation of The Unknown with observed and known facts, rejecting the revelation of God that they have gone into gross and ridiculous error.

“The fear of the Eternal is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all they that do His commandments” (Ps. 111:10). Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Notice: “Ye shall know.” Knowing is knowledge education!

Ignorance and false education have enslaved the human race in fear, inequality, discontent, unhappiness, poverty, sickness, suffering and death! It is only the truth that can now set men free!

And what is truth? “Thy Word,” said Christ, “is truth.” The Bible is God’s Word! It reveals the way to world peace. It leads men out of fear into faith; out of the bondage of sin into the freedom of Grace; out of sickness into health; out of suffering and death into life! It reveals laws of life which alone can lead to peace, and eternal life.

But this precious fund of knowledge the wise of this world has rejected! God’s laws and ways they flout and disobey! Instead, the learned of this world have become so steeped in the fables of a God-rejecting materialism masquerading falsely under the attractive names of “nationalism,” “modern science,” “higher education,” that it has become impossible to unlearn these deceptions and come to a knowledge of the truth!

That is why so many of the highly educated are agnostics or atheists. That is why so few of those educated in this world become converted, living truly spiritual Christian lives!

Today the truth appears mere foolishness to the highly-educated of this world! “Howbeit we speak not the wisdom of this world, but we speak the wisdom of God which none of the princes of this world knew. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God” (I Cor. 2:6-7; 3:19).

And that is why the statesmen and the leaders of this world are unable to bring us peace, that’s why this world’s human leaders are unable to usher in human happiness and joy! Today the world’s only hope is the supernatural intervention of God Almighty. Our only hope is the proper education taught from the very word of God.

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