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Is The Majority Always Right?

You have probably heard it said: “Millions can’t be wrong.” Is the person who doesn’t belong to your social group, your political party, your church always wrong? Who determines what is right?

Commercial drug advertisements often repeat: “Four out of five doctors recommend.” Perhaps the question should be asked: “What does the one doctor know that the other four doesn’t?”

Isn’t it time we stopped to consider who determines right from wrong? Millions are today members of the Communist Party but that doesn’t make them right! Millions voted approval for Adolph Hitler in prewar Germany, but that did not make them right!

People are like sheep. They want to do what other people are doing. When some become frightened about the economy, the majority become frightened. Panic hits the Stock Market. The bottom drops out. Life savings are lost. By contrast, when the market rises above its normal level, the majority want to get on the “gravy train” for easy money. There is a temporary boom and then another reaction and a selling panic. Few realize that the Stock Market is fundamentally a psychological war.

The same this is true in politics and religion. You have probably been told that “this is a Christian world” that “the majority can’t be wrong!” But have you ever considered the fact that the majority of people on earth do not believe in the Christian religion? If Christians are right, then the majority are wrong!

The world’s population now stands at 6,863,135,572 people. Yet in the whole world there are only 2.1 billion people who profess Christianity and over 2 billion who don’t believe in any form of Christianity!

Because the majority of people are non-Christian, actually heathen, does that make their religion right? Of course not! Few have stopped to consider that there is no religion on earth that is in the majority. Every one of the “great religions” whether Mohammedanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. is a minority. This world is in the control, not of the majority, but of organized minorities.

Only about 30% of the world’s population professes Christianity. Of these, the Roman Catholic Church makes up around 19% of earth’s population and all the Protestants put together only around 8% of the world.

Once you admit that the majority of non-Christians are wrong, then you are confronted by the possibility, that even the majority of professing-Christians could be wrong. Catholic Churches are five times larger than all Protestant bodies does not prove them to be right. Then what about Protestants themselves? There are 608,838,113 Protestants around the world. Yet in the United States, for example, the largest single Protestant body is the Baptist, about 14% of total. In other words, over 86% of all Protestants are non-Baptists.

In other words, no matter what group you belong to, you are in the minority!

How did all these splits and sects and divisions begin in the world? Why has God allowed man to be divided into competitive nations, races, political parties, religious sects? Is there a purpose for letting all this go on?

Our competing, divided, sectarian world is a direct result of defiance of the government and the Rule of God over the world. That is why Jesus never joined any of the sects of His day! It all started at Babel when man decided for himself that he would determine right from wrong, that man alone would decide for himself what his religion would be and with whom he would associate politically. It is all a matter of Government. Read Genesis 10:8-10 and 11:1-9.

At Babel a man named Nimrod got the majority to follow him. He wanted to decide for himself what was right and wrong. No God was going to tell him what to do! He promised to emancipate the people from the laws of God. He fooled the people into believing that that did not have to obey God and that they could do as they pleased. All this Nimrod used as a ruse in an attempt to impose his personal will on the world. He was the first man this side of the flood to attempt to impose the will of an organized minority on the entire world and the majority has followed him ever since.

But God intervened! He confounded their languages, divided the people according to families and nations and races and let the entire world go its own way, cut off from Him. Since the majority wanted to rebel against His Government, God let them rebel but He has punished the world by keeping it divided ever since. And that is how this world’s religions commenced, too.

The heathen today are heirs of their parent’s religion. They take it for granted that their father’s religion is true. They do not know any different. But their fathers were divided among themselves, each nation deciding for itself what it thought was right.

The same is true for our professing Christian world. When Christianity was preached in the old Roman Empire only a comparatively few listened. As the teachings of Jesus Christ became more widely heard the numbers of the curious increased. They soon began flocking into the church, bringing with them most of their previous customs and superstitions, but now adding to those beliefs the name of Jesus Christ. When Emperor Constantine finally adopted the Christian religion, the vast majority suddenly overwhelmed the church. The truth was soon obliterated by pagan superstition and that is how “Christianity” developed.

The religion of the West in the Middles Ages was an organized minority which imposed its rule on Europe and the other areas of the world. Toward the close of the Middle Ages religious fermentation set in. Protestantism arose. The powers of the Roman Bishop were shorn. But soon Protestants were quarreling among themselves. Minorities split and re-split each one seeking to do what was right in his own eyes!

Certainly all these competing sects and strange religions can’t be right. Who is it that determines right and what to believe?

And now we turn to the crux of the question. All these splits and divisions are the result of rebellion against constituted authority. Every sect and denomination in the pagan or Christian world broke away from some previous form of rule or government. It is a continuous repetition of the story that occurred at the tower of Babel when man broke away from God’s Government. Without His Government there cannot be unity and truth. Of course, unity can be imposed by an organized minority, but that does not make it right. It takes the Government of God and that is the very message of the gospel that Jesus Christ brought.

Jesus brought, almost 2000 years ago, the gospel, the gospel of the Kingdom of God, the rule of God. But the world rejected that gospel. The churches today cannot even agree upon what the gospel is! They have lost knowledge of it!

That gospel Jesus preached is once again going round the world as a final warning to every nation. God is about through letting this world go its own confused way. Almost 6,000 years of human suffering and tragedy, human doubt and fear are up. God is about to intervene in world affairs and force all these organized minorities to give up their ways and submit to His absolute rule. God knows best. He knows what is good for us and what is bad for us. It is God who determines right from wrong. Not until the world learns to submit to His Government and to obey His Will can there ever be universal peace and harmony.

In this evil world the majority has always been wrong, and so have all the minorities! Everyone has gone astray! Unless God has got hold of you and shaken you up and brought you to your senses, and led you to repentance, you are just like everybody else. Paul describes the world bluntly: “There is none that understands, there is none that seeks after God, they are all gone out of the way” (Rom. 3:10-18).

Everyone has to repent. Everyone has to learn to submit to the Will of God as revealed in the Holy Bible. But very few have been willing to do that. Many may profess to acknowledge the Word of God, but they do not understand it! It is to them a closed book, because they are cut off from God by their sins and they do not know it. It is time we faced up to the world in which we live. It is time we examined ourselves and found where we stand before God! It is time to separate ourselves from this world’s sects and divisions!

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