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How Can I Be An Overcomer?

Is it possible to overcome and master our human nature? Can we keep all of God’s commandments?

Because of world conditions and the present state of the Church, the Church of God Worldwide Ministries feels it necessary to have a heart to heart talk with the Family of God.

It concerns the most important thing in life and eternity for you. Every person, yes, even you, is his own worst enemy. How, can I myself ever become finally saved, and inherit eternal life in the Kingdom of God, with such a powerful, seemingly irresistible inner force of evil constantly pulling the other way? When God says “there shall in no wise enter into it (the Kingdom of God) anything that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie,” (Rev. 21:27), it surely seems impossible that we can be able to “overcome,” and “endure unto the end.”

The answer is that you can’t save yourself, but The Great God will save us. When we look at this troublesome, naturally evil self, so human and full of faults and weaknesses, so beset by temptations of pride and the flesh, with all its limitations and shortcomings; knowing that to be finally saved I must “grow” in “grace” and God’s “knowledge” (that is applying the knowledge to our daily lives), must develop in righteous holy character, must overcome this self and temptations and weaknesses, and must endure thru trial and test and opposition and discouragement unto the very end, and when we look at it that way, it seems utterly hopeless to expect ever to be saved.

How many in God’s Church today, are tempted to look at it the same way, to feel a sense of futility and helplessness, perhaps to become discouraged and lose faith?

Right there is the key work – “FAITH.” Our journey isn’t hopeless at all! Of course, of ourselves, it is impossible to be saved. But with God it is certain, if we yield to Him and Trust Him. We shall be saved, not by our own power to overcome and develop perfect character, but thru “FAITH” in God’s power!

Because we can’t save ourselves, we can’t master the evil inner self, we can’t always resist every temptation, we can ’t keep God’s Holy Law perfectly, and of ourselves, we would fail to overcome, to grow in spiritual character, and to endure to the end. The false teaching is going out tht Jesus did these things for us, that we don’t need to do them. Millions today believe that God imputes Jesus’ righteousness to us, counting us as righteous when we are not!

There couldn’t be a more soul-damning delusion of the devil!

No, Jesus Christ did not live a good life for you, in your stead! You are not excused from keeping God’s commandments, living a righteous holy life, overcoming, growing in spiritual character, and enduring in spite of all opposition, persecution, trial and test unto the very end. You and I must actually do these things in order to be saved!

Here is the great mystery! Since we must do these things to be saved, yet are utterly unable to do them, it is natural to conclude either that God sent Jesus to do it for us and excuse us from accomplishing it, or else to become discouraged and be tempted to quit trying.

The true answer is the “key” to salvation! We can’t save ourselves God will save us! But how?

Not by saving us in our sins, not by deceiving ourselves into counting us righteous by imputing Jesus’ righteousness to us while we remain unrighteous, but by saving us from our sins, by giving us His very own Spirit, His Power to overcome these cantankerous selves, His Love to actually fulfill His Law, His Peace to avoid strife with enemies and resentment and bitterness at their injustices, His Patience to endure!

We can’t save ourselves, God must save us! He does it by changing us, thru His indwelling divine supernatural power, from what we have been into the holy, righteous character He wills to make of us! He does it not only by forgiving past sins, but by cleansing us from sinning now and in the future!

God does not look upon our hopeless plight, our evil natures, our weaknesses and inabilities, and say, “Poor, helpless humans!” Since they are unable to master and overcome their evil natures, to keep my Law, to endure trial and test and temptation, and to grow into holy character; “I’ll be merciful and have my Son do it for them, and save them just as they are in all their sins.”

Instead, God who knows our every weakness, and who Himself, is responsible for this human nature in every one of us, sent His Son into the world to proclaim His Message to us that we must yield to God ’s government over our lives, that we must repent and turn from our filth of the flesh and pride of mind and heart; He sent His Son into the world to be tempted in all points as we are, human as we are, to prove that a human can, with the help of the Spirit of God, live without sin, to “set an example for us that we should follow His steps and live also without sinning!” He sent His Son into the world to die for us, not living a good life in our stead, but paying the penalty of our past sins in our stead, that we might be reconciled to God, so that we might receive His Spirit, begetting us as His sons, so that God thru the power of His Spirit may change us from mortal sinners into immortal Holy sons of God!

The favorite “invitation” or “altar-call” hymn sung by the popular denominations in revival or evangelistic services is “JUST AS I AM.”

But be not deceived, God won’t receive you just as you are! You can’t sit down at His immaculate holy table with your wrinkled, soiled clothes and dirty hands, which symbolically represent the human sinning conditions. No, you must first “WASH” in the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. And, before Jesus as your Saviour and Mediator with God can wash you of the filth of your sins, you must first repent of transgressing God’s Holy Law, which means to be sorry and that you forsake your ways and the world’s ways, and turn to a life of obedience to God’s Law and HIS ways!

Of course you’ll have to come as you are to Christ for cleansing from the filth of your past life confessing your filthy, sinful condition, asking Him to cleanse you and wash you in His blood, because you can’t cleanse yourself, so that He may present you chaste and pure and spiritually clean to His Father, that you may then receive the indwelling power of God which will enable you to overcome, and keep God’s law, and live as His sons ought to live!

Jesus Christ showed by his life that we can, if we rely upon God in faith for the power to do, live the way of God’s will as expressed in His Spiritual Law! Of Himself, even Jesus said He could not do it, “the Father that dwelleth in me,” He said, “He doeth the works.” Now notice what else Christ said: “The works that I do shall ye do also.” God won’t let you fall! He may punish you, to chasten and teach; you and make you righteous, but He won’t let you fall. God will impute His very own righteousness by implanting it into our life until, thru His power energizing us, we are really living it, “ETERNALLY!” And that comforting and definite assurance of the final result, based on God ’s own unbreakable promises, should just warm your heart and make you feel good about yourself.

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