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Race Riots - The Real Cause

With every outbreak of violence comes the clamor from officialdom to “find the cause” of riots. Special investigative boards are appointed. Hundreds are interviewed, reams of words are written. But still the riots continue – with beleaguered mayors and governors saying “I don’t know what could have caused such a terrible mess!” It’s time you saw the real cause of race riots, time you faced the stern truth, regardless of your race or color.

To merely repeat the bloody chronicle of riot here would be wasteful and superfluous. For weeks you’ve heard of almost nothing else.

The city of Ferguson, Missouri has been stricken with riotous incidents by hate-crazed, inflamed blacks and sympathizers for the past few weeks. In a “holiday,” almost carnival-like atmosphere of stealing, pillaging, looting and burning, roving gangs of blacks plunged into an orgy of lawlessness unparalleled in national history. Everyone wants to know why.

Obviously, there is no connection whatever between a sweating rioter staggering home under the load of a color television set and some attempt to “demonstrate” against real or imagined deprivation of civil rights.

Still obviously, the wanton ravaging of liquor stores, furniture marts, supermarkets, and firebombing of businesses and homes has no connection whatever to the civil rights movement.

You need to realize one basic truth! And that truth is: regardless of race or color, the broad majority of the “riots” you have been witnessing and reading of are pure vandalism, on a massive scale!

They are outbursts of lawlessness – anarchical defiance of all codes of human decency – by ignorant, militant, deceived, hate-filled blacks who have been fed a diet of venom against whites for so long it comes almost as “second nature” to erupt into brutal, bestial, blind, unreasoning violence!

As has repeatedly been demonstrated, the majority of blacks do not want riots. Certainly the majority of whites do not.

And the attempt of some of the “black power” hate mongers to dub these acts of wanton murder and arson a “revolution” is a ludicrous and ridiculous a claim as a communist dupe could hatch.

Still, Communists do advocate riots – and they are actively agitating for more riots in the United States.  Make no mistake! These riots are no light matter to pass over casually! Race wars are coming and the scope of race wars looms worldwide!

Race hatreds are kept at constant fever pitch in many countries, and are the biggest social and domestic concerns in many nations today. Look at the incredible bloodshed in the Congo, in East Africa, in the war between the Pakistanis and Indians, around the world, race hatreds seethe!

Race hatreds, alone, did not cause the gigantic riots in the United States. But, with all the other causes, the riots are given impetus because of race hatreds. Remember, many whites took part in the riots – were caught looting and pillaging. Hundreds of hundreds of crimes of opportunity took place and were not, in a true sense of the word “riots” – but mere crime in the wake of chaos. Race, by itself, is the caustic agent, the cohesiveness for the riots, but it is not the cause! The cause goes far deeper.

After each conflagration, wearied officials talk of “ghettos,” and “poverty-stricken” areas. Millions have assumed the concoction of poverty, ghettos, and long hot summers are the perfect formula for riots. Not so.

Millions of American immigrants of other races: Jews, Czechs, Poles, Ukrainians, Germans, Italians, Chinese and Mexican Americans have all lived in “ghettos,” oftentimes for generations, before they finally became absorbed into the nation as a whole.

But those early ghettos, unlike the present ones, were not producing riots. Another fanciful notion has been that riots occur where no civil, state, or federal programs exist to clear up some of the problems of poor housing, joblessness, lack of educational opportunity and the like. Not so.

Detroit, as a case in point, was doing more along these lines than perhaps any other city. Multiple millions of dollars have been poured into slum areas in the form of new housing, playgrounds, hospitals, schools and direct government sponsored job opportunities. (This happened three or four decades back, and look at Detroit today.)

There is no possible basis in fact for anyone to cling to the false notion that living in poverty grants one the freedom to riot! Leaders of government, and leaders of the civil rights movement, however, have made statements which have been directly interpreted in such fashion.

As one official said, in viewing a slum area, “If I had to live under conditions like that, I’d riot too!” But poor living conditions do not cause riots.

They can stimulate a fierce determination to better those conditions. They can give rise, as they have in the hundreds of ghettos of the other races mentioned, to a concerted effort to clean up the ghettos, to become educated, and to live a decent, law-abiding, moral and respectable life!

Thousands of American families managed, somehow, to pursue such goals, in the ghettos. Thousands still do. But the public notion that poverty and hot summers create riots is pure fancy – warped reasoning and not fact!

In some new government-built housing in cleared slum areas – the hallways stink and reek with garbage, offal, and all sorts of human refuse. Stairwells, hallways, elevators are darkened, narrow chambers of horror for many residents, where murder, robbery and rape wait.

Walls are defaced and marred. Furniture is broken. Abandoned, old cars and trucks rust in the parking lots. Windows are broken, plumbing fixtures jammed.

It is becoming increasingly evident to poverty officials that you can take the people out of the slums with money, but you can’t take the slums out of the people! You can change their immediate environment, but unless a corresponding change is somehow wrought in their heart; unless orderliness replaces slovenliness, and unless garbage is placed in the cans instead of hallways, and unless lawns are carefully groomed instead of neglected, and unless property is cared for instead of ruined, then all the poverty programs on earth will not remove the ugly blemish of crime, hatred, laziness and indifference that is such a growing hallmark of our times.

Does this mean all black people? Of course not – just entirely too many! Can you, whether black or white, whether Mexican, American or Pole; whether German or Japanese, read this article without passion? Can you put down prejudice in your own heart, and receive this article as it is written – with the very love of Jesus Christ, and the pity and sadness He feels over such deplorable tragedies?

Can you look, logically, unemotionally, and objectively, at the true facts and see the real cause? If you are one who is mature enough to look at the truth regardless as to race, then read on!

Today, crime is increasing – skyrocketing – all out of proportion to the population rise. Some people who don’t know any better claim this isn’t so, they try to say, “Why, we have better reporting today!” Let’s not awaken them!

Leading magazines, books, and periodical studies by the FBI prove it is in far excess to the increase in population. And the situation is worsening. In 1962, magazine articles proved crime was rising four times the rate of population growth. Then, the crime increase rose to five times the population. That was over fifty years ago!

Today, crime is rising at six or seven times the growth of population! And law enforcement officers report that many crimes are not reported.

Some misinformed sociologists claim that poverty, lack of education and other such factors cause crime. But crime in wealthy, educated suburbia is growing twice as fast as in the huge cities.

 There are more murders in Houston, Texas than in all of England. Cities such as New York and Chicago outstrip most European countries in their homicide totals

 During 2013, law enforcement made an estimated 11,302,102 arrests (including 480,360 for violent crimes and 1,559,284 for property crimes). The highest number of arrests were for drug abuse violations (estimated at 1, 501,043), larceny-theft (estimated at 1,231,560), and driving under the influence (estimated at 1,166,324). There were an estimated 14,196 murders last year. During 2013, an estimated 699,594 motor vehicles were reported stolen, and 73.9% of those were cars. (Other types of stolen vehicles included trucks, suvs, buses, motorcycles, motor scooters, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles)

Crime is costing the United States around 1.7 trillion dollars annually. And in a shocking survey, some 91% of those interviewed admitted that they had committed one or more offenses for which they would have a jail or prison sentence.

Crime has become a national curse. Not only blacks, but most American citizens are guilty of one or more serious crimes. But why? What has gone wrong with our society? What is the real cause for crime and racial violence?

First – digest these facts, and, as you do keep yourself free from racial prejudice! There are approximately 77.4 million blacks in the United States – or 18.4% of the total population. But these 77.4 million comprise more than 20% of the “inner cities” in the United States, the sprawling urban areas of the same big cities.

Within the past few years, additional millions – including several hundred thousands of southern blacks, mostly comparatively uneducated have moved into the heart of the same cities.

Washington D.C., has a population of 646,449 and 50.1% are black. But more than 90% of the crime is black. Is this prejudicial? No – just plain, cold, serious fact! And the story is very much the same in many of the cities with similar large black populations.

Newark, New Jersey, Baltimore, Maryland. St. Louis, Ferguson, Chicago and Philadelphia have a black population of more than 30 percent each.

What has been the real effect of this massive migration into the North? Think about it! As a statistical fact, the broad majority of these arrivals have not been educated sufficiently to compete in job opportunities with their northern cousins.

To blame all such lack of education on discrimination is a simple untruth. To deny there has been discrimination would be an equal untruth. But many causal factors apply. Lack of desire for education, and an underlying apathy are equal factors along with a lack of opportunity. It is also a fact that many black schools and integrated schools in the South provide superior educational opportunities to northern, big city schools. (While many articles could be written about the horrible conditions in many schools in the heart of suburbia, where attacks on teachers, use of dope, open fornication, vandalism, uniformed police in the hallways are the growing scene!)

As a result of all these factors, and many more you will soon see mentioned, the majority of these new arrivals sink into worse conditions than they left behind. Resentment sets in. Frustrated at not finding a job – able to afford only the most wretched apartments or tenement houses,--these same hundreds of thousands find release in acts of all descriptions.

 Mounting crime, spiraling venereal disease, rising use of drugs, increasing destruction of the home and family are a few of the worst symptoms.

 Less than 50% of all living blacks up to age 18 have ever lived with both parents! Think about that fact! That means less than half of the whole youthful black population of the United States has known what it means to live in a two parent home! And you would be staggered if you knew the conditions that prevail in large percentages of the homes where there have been both parents present, and you would be further staggered if you knew the few, the precious few black youngsters who have been reared in homes that are truly stable – where love and respect, and where discipline and character abound!

After all, such homes re precious few among whites – and even rarer, believe it or not, among blacks!

According to Reuters, 56% of black families are single family homes, 72% of black births are out of wedlock – while 6% of whites are without fathers; 29% of white babies are born out of wedlock – 63% of youths who commit suicide are from fatherless homes, 85% have behavioral disorders in homes without a father, 71% of youths drop out of high school in fatherless homes.

The fact is that the black family is crumbling! The fabric of family life in the black community is simply coming apart – and you are witnessing the direct result.

Most of the bomb throwers, the bottle and brick throwers, the militant police cursers and the store looters are youngsters in their teens! Why are there far more crimes among blacks? Why is illegitimacy out of all proportion to the white community?

Is it discrimination? It is the lack of education? Is it poverty? Is it a lack of opportunity? Or is it something else – something much deeper and broader?

During the 1967 riots in Detroit, Michigan, a news reporter interviewed an unidentified man who took part in the riots. What sort of man was he? What kind of home, background, and education did he have? What are his real grievances? Had he really been deprived of opportunities to better himself – to escape the “ghetto”?

These are his own words: “When the thing broke out, me and my main man (best friend) were out there helping. We threw some cocktails. But after a while we got tired of that, so we decided to go home and get our pieces (guns).”

“We had them (obscenity) cops so scared that first night they were shooting at one another. I know I got one or two of them. But I don’t think I killed them, I wish I had, the dirty . . . . “

 The young black man continued: “Man they killed Malcolm X just like that. So I’m going to take a few of them with me. They may get me later on but somebody else will take my place, just like that.” (Three blacks, two of the avowed Black Muslims, were found guilty of the murder of black nationalist leader Malcolm X in 1963 and sentenced to life imprisonment.)

Asked about his background, this is what the reporter found:

“He said that his mother had died years ago, leaving him and his sister, with whom he lived for several months in a dilapidated apartment on Dexter Avenue.” The young black man told the reporter: “Man, that place was so bad that I hated to come home at night. My sister became a hustler (prostitute) for a guy I grew up with.  “He added that he had heard that she had been shot while looting a store”.

“That (obscenity) makes me mad. Why they have to shoot somebody for takin’ something out of a store during a riot”. Suddenly, he began talking about his early life.

“I went to school just like you did. I believed in all that oakiedoak and then I woke up one day and said that stuff would mess up my mind. I hustled and did a little bit of everything to stay alive. I got a couple of kids by some sister (black woman) on the other side of town but I never see them. What can I say to them?”

Here was a young man that had no home. His mother died early. He never mentioned his father. His sister also was a complete failure – turning to prostitution. He called his schooling, “all that oakiedoak” – and simply quit. But where was his father when this tender-aged boy decided to quit learning English language; to quit learning history, geography, mathematics, music, literature, and government? Where was his father? Wasn’t there some authority in his life to make him go to school because he desperately needed an education?

He turned to a life of a street urchin. Stealing, lying, hating – he let his frustrations feed on race!  Listening to the street talk around him – growing up amidst pimps, prostitutes, dope pushers, petty thieves and gangsters, he learned in a far different school from the one he left.

The confessed father of two illegitimate children, he could only dignify their mother by the title “some sister.” Full of apathy, laziness, deliberately refusing to take opportunity to educate himself – he sunk into the mire of ghetto life.

Now, this black victim of other youthful blacks who gave him life, is passing on the same problems to his children – also fatherless, as he probably was. So the vicious circle of broken homes, huge venereal disease rate, and fatherless children continues to widen. The ghetto is not the problem, it’s the effect. Poverty is not the problem, it’s the effect. When will we learn this?

Did you ever wonder how a riot starts? It’s very simple. Take several hundred or thousands of individuals like the black man interviewed above. Most of them don’t know their parents. If they had a family, there was constant bickering, fighting and quarreling at home.

Most of these individuals were school “dropouts.” They have little education and no skills. They’re a socially, mentally inferior lot. The world, a few blocks from their ghetto, might as well be a foreign country. If they must venture into it for a time, they rush to get back to the safety of “their block.” They have no jobs; no responsibilities; no place to play; no hobbies; no interests – simply, nothing to do!

These same misfits of society hang around drugstores, bars, and on the street corners. They want something exciting to do. Being the hate-filled and covetous human beings that they are, they want to destroy and get. These, many if not mostly illegitimate children, have stolen cars, fought with teachers, vandalized property since they were twelve! They’ve committed fornication; girls may be pregnant at fourteen or fifteen.

There they are, groups of them, ages fifteen to twenty-five, on the street corners. It’s a hot, sultry late afternoon. One of them drawls out, “Tonight’s the night, baby.” The other answers, “Yeah, were going to get some scratch.”

They hang around a corner shop. It’s getting dark now. The shopkeeper gets nervous. He calls the police. A crowd gathers. The squad car pulls up, radios in for more help in case of trouble. The police yell to the crowd, “Disperse. Go home!”

The crowd doesn’t disperse. They curse the police. Someone throws a bottle at them. The police rush to get the individual. The crowd attacks the police. Perhaps the police shoots someone to escape being killed. Or else, the police flee the scene until help comes.

Meanwhile, the shopkeeper is beaten and his store is robbed. Some of the rioters set it afire in retaliation. Suddenly, others see an opportunity to replace the television set that’s getting old since they got it in a riot several years ago.

Another store is smashed and burned, perhaps a liquor store goes next – and then a gun shop! This spreads from block to block. Perhaps Communist agitators (this happened in Ferguson) exploit the situation. They send in agents to fan the fire. Suddenly a full scale war is in action.

 But why? Is poverty the cause of the racial hatreds seething in men’s hearts today? Or is racial hatred oftentimes the cause of poverty! Is the lack of education the cause of race riots? Or are race riots the cause of joblessness in many cases (several businesses, shops, stores, were destroyed in Ferguson – and blacks were employed in many of them, or served by them).

It’s time you knew, once and for all, the real cause of race riots! It’s just plain old human nature!  Human nature is criminal! Human nature is contrary to law! Human nature is a collection of vanity, jealousy, lust and greed!

And no one needs to guess about human nature! The Bible is the book about human nature! It tells why it is, what it is, what makes humans act the way they do!

Without the revealed knowledge of Almighty God of what human beings are, why they are, and what is the purpose of human life, no one can truly understand what causes a race riot!

Your Bible describes human nature thoroughly. Jeremiah was inspired to write: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it” (Jere. 17:9)? The Apostle Paul said, “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be” (Rom. 8:7).

God is the Great Lawgiver! Since human nature is deceitful, likes to “kid itself” and is, in its basic elements, hostile towards law, government, order, and authority – human nature is generally suspicious of and hostile toward anyone who is a symbol of law and order!

Think about it. Without regard to your color – without regard to your nation - you were born knowing absolutely nothing! From your parents you first learned about members of other races. In your own community, among your own kind, you began hearing from other children your own age, about members of other races.

Was everything you “learned” truly accurate? Was any of it prejudicial? In talking to black friends I find they freely admit little black children are taught to be suspicious of, fearful of, or made to feel inferior around whites.

As they grow older, they begin to resent whites – begin to hear statements from others which fan the resentment. The same is true in the white community; and among races all over the world.

Whites are taught, from the time of little childhood, in all too many cases, to look down on the blacks. They are taught words like “nigger” they don’t just automatically begin to use them! And all such biased and prejudiced teaching is wrong! What about you?

Were you taught, from the time of childhood, that each person must be evaluated as a person, according to his own individual character, honesty, and integrity? Probably not. Precious few are!

What were your earliest feelings toward members of another racial group? About people who spoke with a different accent than you, who wear different-appearing clothes? What about those who were not in the same social status as you, or those who “came from the other side of the tracks”?

Every human being, regardless of his race, color, language or religion – becomes aware in his early formative years of distinct differences between himself and many other human beings.

Every human being is born, remember, with human nature. And unless the very elements of human nature are skillfully trained, shaped, formed and conquered by proper training, it becomes natural to hate other human beings!

As you developed, and became aware of other people who were different from yourself, you also came to certain conclusions regarding those differences.

Sociologists have proved the parents of nearly all racial, cultural or national groups are the first teachers to influence their children’s minds concerning other people.

If you are black, do you remember the first time you asked your parents why another person’s skin was white and yours black? What did your parents tell you? Did they tell you that there are many different races on the earth, just as there are different heights, statures, languages and social groups? Did they explain how these races came to be?

Did they explain how it was God who first dispersed the races? Did they explain that each race has its special proclivities, its abilities and strengths as well as its inherent weaknesses and other characteristics? Were you, in short, given some overall direction and guidance in your attitude toward members of another race? Hardly.

Rather, you were given a completely prejudicial statement which tended to make you feel inferior – but which was aimed at helping you ride over that inferiority, by looking down on members of another race.

This is true whether you were white, asking your parents about the first black person you saw, or whether black, asking your parents about the first white person of whom you became aware.

Well, let’s face it. Human nature being what it is, and adding to it the social pressures, the constant teaching of parents, schools, social and economic differences, class distinctions, educational lack and languages barriers, then you have a potentially explosive situation between the members of all races.

What really sparked the explosion between the Pakistanis and the Indians? Those people hate each other! The very fact of the existence of an East Pakistan and a West Pakistan, a very unnatural and illogical arrangement for any nation or cultural groups, centers around religion as well as race.

And what were you first told about “your” religion? Were you told that yours is right and theirs is wrong? Or were you told you have a perfect right to your ideas and they theirs?

Racial tensions in the United States are being aggravated during these modern times, not quieted. Bigotry and bias are increasing, not decreasing. Meanwhile, a far-reaching, significant change is occurring among the black communities in the United States.

To comprehend the recent riots in depth, what really happened – you need to comprehend these significant developments.

In some news magazines, it has been reported that black life in the United States is deteriorating, rather than getting better; that the black family structure is approaching complete breakdown, and crime in the black community is mounting at an appalling rate.

The United States Department of Labor conducted extensive tests into the home life of the black population of the United States. Here are a few of the shocking facts.

As far back as 1963, for example, 3.07% of babies born to the total white population were illegitimate, 23.59% of the babies born to the non-white community were illegitimate. The U.S. Labor Department statistics further show that in predominantly black communities the percentages were much higher.

For example, in Central Harlem, the black section of New York, the rate of illegitimate births in 1963 were 43.41% of the total births for that year.

A report by New York City’s Department of Health revealed one-third of the babies born in the city last year were illegitimate (79.9% in Harlem) is a powerful indictment of a society and a welfare system that has failed, of a system that has created a self-perpetuating cycle of misery by encouraging a dependency on government handouts and by subsidizing poverty.

To compound the problem, the birth rate among blacks is proportionately higher than among whites. Remember, all these figures are proportionate; that is, they relate percentagewise to the total population, rather than to the number of cases alone.

The plain truth of the matter is that the family is breaking down and disintegrating among all racial communities, around the world!

And remember, too, that Almighty God seriously indicts His people Israel, more than any others for this breakdown in the family. He said, through Isaiah, “As for My people (and he was referring to the House of Israel—America, Britain, Australia, South Africa), children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (Isa. 3:12).

But nowhere in all the world is that breakdown of the family and the home any more rampant or shocking than among the black community in the United States. Blacks are finding that equal opportunity, equal privilege, equality before the law is not the panacea to cure all the ills of the black community.

For example, 32% of African-American couples divorce as compared to 21 % of white couples. The research found that 70% of black women’s first marriage will end in divorce as will 47% of white women’s marriages.

And what effect would this have on the morals, the character, the education, the economic status of all these children? The riots are clear examples of the effect.

Don’t deceive yourself! The shocking environment in which millions of little black children must exist would tear at your heart and bring tears to your eyes! It is a heinous crime that millions of little babies are born out of wedlock each year around this earth – to be allowed to grow up in a hostile world filled with hatred, resentment, racial bias and bigotry; with illiteracy, poverty, fears and resentments as their only lot in life.

And remember – discrimination does not cause illegitimacy. It does not cause mounting crime, or divorce, or rising venereal disease, or increased drug usage! Take a look at the percentages in crime between the black and the white community. It is a statistical fact, substantiated by government crime studies, that blacks are far outnumbered by whites in most cities.

In Chicago and Detroit, for example, three fourths of the persons arrested for such crimes as murder, nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape and aggravated assault were blacks.

Add it up. Figure it out-- It is not a crime to be poor – but being poor does not justify crime. It is not a crime to be uneducated – but being uneducated does not legalize crime.

Take a long, long look at the plain truth of the seemingly insoluble problems confronting our large meccas of asphalt and glass! It’s a saddening picture, and growing worse day by day.

Whether we like to believe it or not, your Bible prophesies we are headed for some of the bloodiest riots, mass uprisings, and rampant crime in our big cities that this world has ever seen!

The hard facts of the U.S. Labor Department survey proved that, as a group, in terms of ability to compete with white laborers, blacks are generally not equal to most groups with which they find themselves competing.

Individually, many a black American can reach an absolute pinnacle of achievement. But collectively, talking of the entire black population as a whole, blacks are among the weakest ethnic, religious, and economic groups. Don’t allow racial prejudice to make you deny these facts. Face them, because they are true!

What most people do not realize is that the conditions among the general black population of the United States has been growing much worse, not better.

In terms of dollars of income, standards of living, and the years of education received, the gap between the blacks and nearly every other group in modern American society is growing wider every year! And every one of these problems is a matter of free choice.

Of course, there are obstacles. Of course there are racial prejudices and biases! It is difficult for blacks to become employed in many places. But it is not impossible!

A young man who had escaped the life of the Harlem ghetto pointed out that many of his fellows become defeated and discouraged by the pressures they see around them, and simply give up and become almost afraid to leave the life of the “ghetto.” He wasn’t afraid, and he succeeded.

Only when each individual black family begins to live according to God’s laws, learning what it is that binds marriages together, learning the proper methods of child rearing, developing a sense of real honesty and decency, and calling out to God for the trust and courage it takes in the face of all obstacles will real progress be made in this or any other country toward solving what is growing into more and more of an insoluble problem.

You’re living in a world that is absolutely sick. It’s a world sick with hate, jealousy, prejudice, class distinction, poverty, fear, illegitimacy, immorality, licentiousness, resentment, divorce, crime, disease, riots and war!

And the only real solution is the return of Jesus Christ to establish His world-ruling government on this earth, and straighten out all peoples once and for all! Do you now understand why Christ said pray “Thy Kingdom come”? Then, and only then, will all races be equal and all share the same opportuities.

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