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The Bible - Superstition Or True Science?

Is the Bible a record of science or a relic of ancient mythology? Is the Bible relevant to the Space Age, or obsolete folklore? Here is proof the Bible is the most astounding scientific chronicle of history!

For centuries, skeptics and scoffers have called the Bible a collection of ancient primitive myths, fables, stories, and superstition. One religious leader calmly claimed, “We know now that every idea in the Bible started from primitive and childlike origins.” Dr. Edgar J. Goodspeed, who translated the Bible into English, declared that the book of Joshua “is the legendary story of the conquest of Canaan” and the book of Ruth “belongs to Israel’s fiction, rather than to its history, and should be among its tales and stories.”

Why have so many men of high education, scholars, and scientists, rejected the Bible as historical truth and reliable science? Is the Bible unscientific? It is time that this modern world knew the incredible truth!

We live in a modern pushbutton, scientific world. Science is adulated, placed on a lofty pedestal, and virtually worshipped as the new ‘messiah,” the new savior of the world. However, science has also bequeathed to the world lethal modern weapons of war, the H. bomb, poisonous gases, deadly chemicals, a murderous host of technologically amazing devices to destroy!

Science has been described as an angel of mercy, and also as a devil of destruction. But unknown to millions, the Bible has a great deal to say about True Science. And it also has much to say about the wrong kind of science! Although the Bible is not a text book of science, it does give many foundational principles of science, basic principles of biology, physics, chemistry, meteorology, astronomy, geology, and oceanography!

Those who have lightly discarded the Bible and relegated it to the limbo of outer darkness, as myth and fable, missed out on the solid foundation of science in the Bible! They have jumped to conclusions without getting all the facts.

For some reason, the world of scholars and scientists has rejected the Bible as the provable Word of the living God, without examining all the evidence!

Very few know it, but the Bible has far more to say about science than many suppose. Scientific facts, not understood by the world until the last few hundred years, with the advent of the ‘scientific explosion,’ are plainly and directly mentioned in the Bible! Think what this means. While pagans worshipped sticks and stones, the sun, moon, and stars; while entire nations were bowing under a cloud of magic and superstition, ignorant of the truth, at that very same time, a Book of books was being inspired which contained many fantastic scientific secrets unknown to the rest of the world!

Notice how amazingly scientific the Bible really is!

Many people have erroneously believed that the Bible teaches the earth is flat. The Medieval Catholic Church held to the notion the earth is flat and is the center of the universe. When Galileo presented scientific evidence to the contrary, his facts and theories were branded as “absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical, because expressly contrary to Holy Scripture.” But nowhere does the Bible teach the flat earth theory, or that the earth is a stationary object at the center of the universe.

Galileo’s theories were declared heretical in the 17th century. But, amazingly enough, 600 years before Christ, the prophet Isaiah was inspired by Almighty God to write and speak of the spherical shape of he earth! Notice it! In Isaiah 40:22 we read of God, “It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth.” Moffatt translates this verse more clearly, “He sits over the round earth.” The Critical and Experimental Commentary states this expression is “applicable to the globular form of the earth.” The original Hebrew is chung and means a “compass, circle, or sphere.”

But how did Isaiah, an ancient Hebrew prophet, know that the earth is round? Here is proof that the ancient Hebrews were far more knowledgeable and scientific than they are given credit for being! How much did the ancient writers of the Bible really know about the earth? Did they believe the notions of the Gentile contemporaries who believed the earth was carried about on the back of a great tortoise?

Three amazing truths were known about the earth itself which the rest of the world didn’t understand for another two or three thousand years! Sound incredible! It should!

First, the fact that the earth revolves around the sun once every year was not generally understood until the days of Copernicus and came to be known as the Copernican Theory. This was in the 16th century, just a little more than 400 year ago. He taught that the sun is the center of the solar system.

However, thousands of years before his time, in the days of the patriarch Moses, the Bible uses the precise expression to indicate the revolution of the earth around the sun once a year was known to ancient Biblical astronomers! In Exodus 34:22 we read, in the King James Version, the innocent phrase, “And thou shalt observe the feasts of weeks, of the firstfruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of ingathering at the year’s end.” According to the original Hebrew, however, this should be translated “at the revolution of the year.” The original Hebrew word is tequwphah and means “to move in a circle,” “circuit,” “to go round,” “orbit of the sun.” “revolution of time.”

The Goodspeed translation has “at the turn of the year.” In the days of the prophet Samuel, the expression “in revolution of days” was used to denote the time from conception to birth of a child ( I Sam. 1:20, margin). Goodspeed translates this, “when the time came around.”

Notice also II Chron. 24:23 where the “end of the year” is called, in the original Hebrew, “in the revolution of the year.” Don’t these verses clearly suggest the fact that the ancient Hebrews knew the earth revolves around the sun, and completes one revolution, one turning, each year?

But this is not all. Notice Job 38:12-14: “Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place; that it might take hold of the ends of the earth. It is turned as clay to the seal.” What does this mean? God is talking to Job about the morning, the rising of the sun. How is it that the sun appears to rise in the morning? This verse contains the scientific truth, the true explanation! The earth itself turns, or “rotates,” from west to east, causing the sun to rise in the morning, in the eastern sky.

The original Hebrew in this verse says, of the earth, “it turns itself.” What could be a more apt expression? The allusion of the clay and the seal refers to the rolling cylinder seal, one to three inches long, such as was used in ancient Babylon, which left its plastic impression on the clay as it turned about or rolled around. What more apt figure of speech could be used to represent the rotation of the earth itself, causing day and night?

Thirdly, the laws of gravity were not explained and understood until Sir Isaac Newton discovered them in the 18th century. The laws of motion were discovered by the same genius. However, strange as it may seem, thousands of years ago the Bible alluded to the laws of centrifugal force, centripetal force, gravity, and motion! How else do you explain the enigmatic statement in the book of Job, speaking of the earth, “He hangeth the earth upon nothing”? (Job 26:7).

It may be hard to believe, but the pagans believed a tortoise carried the earth about; but God revealed to His people the truth, that the earth hangs suspended in space by powerful laws of force and motion! But God asked Job, “Where was thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Whereupon are the foundations {sockets} thereof fastened {made to sink}?” (Job 38:4-6). It is interesting that science has discovered that the earth’s axis is generally pointed toward the North Pole Star, and the north and south poles are the points where the earth’s axis of rotation meets the surface of the earth. God is the One who planned it all out; set the earth to spinning on its axis; and pointed the north pole toward the star Polaris!

The science of weather and understanding the earth’s atmosphere is of relatively recent origin. It, too, has developed greatly during the last two hundred years. Chemistry and physics play a vital role in this science. Before the nature of matter and air were understood, weather science was in total chaos.

Here again, however, the Bible “scooped” science by more than two thousand years!

The key to understanding weather is the hydrological cycle. Today it is well known that water evaporates from the surface of the oceans, rivers, lakes and all bodies of water; that it rises into the atmosphere; and that later it returns to the earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail. The evaporation-condensation-precipitation cycle was not generally known, however, before the nature of water, water vapor, and the chemistry of matter was understood.

The Bible reveals this basic cycle was understood however, thousands of years ago! Once again, the Bible is proved to be scientific! Notice Jeremiah 10:13: “When he uttereth his voice, there is a multitude of waters in the heavens, and he causeth the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth.”

Tell me, how could Jeremiah, a prophet of God, have possibly known about the evaporation of water into water vapor, condensation of water vapor as rain droplets, and the precipitation cycle? Was he an inspired scientist?

Jeremiah was not the only Biblical meteorologist. Solomon was also an expert in understanding the weather cycle. Wrote Solomon about one thousand years before Christ, “The wind goes to the south, and circles about continually, and on its circlings the wind returns again. All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full; unto the place from which the rivers come, to there and from there they return again” (Ecc. 1:6-7).

Solomon understood the circuits of the wind, and of water. How did he know? Was he merely guessing? Or was he not truly one of the most gifted, wisest men of all history? If we give Benjamin Franklin credit for being a gifted genius, how much more should we recognize the genius of Solomon who was the most famous naturalists, writer, poet, composer, and scientist of his time? ( I Kings 4:29-34).

Consider, for a moment, how amazing Solomon’s knowledge was. It was not until the 1800’s that William Ferrell, an American meteorologist, formulated “Ferrell’s Law” which explains the prevailing direction of the winds over the earth, based on the earth’s rotation.

Said Matthew Fontaine Maury, an American hydrographer who lived in the late 1800’s, “The direction in which a wind blows is so constantly changing that we often speak of the winds as fickle, inconstant, and uncertain. There is however, order in the movements of the atmosphere. The fickle winds are obedient to laws.”

In Job 38:16, God asked, “Have you explored the springs of the sea? Or have you walked in the recesses of the deep?” How could the writer of the book of Job have known that beneath the oceans of the world are springs or fountains of fresh water? Or, did you even know that? About 4,000 years ago, God asked Job if he knew about the springs in the sea! Incredible!

What about the “recesses of the deep”? Tell me, how could Job have known there are deep trenches of the oceans, such as the Mariana Trench in the Pacific, 36, 198 feet deep, discovered in September, 1959 by the Soviet ship Vityaz, except by divine revelation? The same ship discovered a depth of 35, 702 feet in the Tonga Trench; there are four other deep trenches in the North Pacific. The greatest depth in the Atlantic Ocean is north of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Trench, 27,498 feet deep.

The sea floor is called the abyssal plains. At their edge are sometimes found tremendous chasms or trenches, averaging 20 miles wide at the top and hundreds of miles long.

Thousands of years ago, God asked Job what he knew about these “recesses” or trenches deep under the ocean! In the original Hebrew, the word for “explore” is chegev and means to search out, examine; secret, inmost part. The word for deep is tehown and means “confusion,” or the abyss the great deep.

How could such words have been written, unless they had been divinely inspired?

Matthew Fontaine Maury, when reading the Bible, was struck by the words of Psalm 8:8: “The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas.” Maury, became the foremost hydrographer of his day (1806-1873). He discovered the ocean routes which would make best use of prevailing ocean currents and winds. The Bible was his source of inspiration!

But how did King David, who lived about one thousand years before Christ, know about these paths of the seas and the great currents in the oceans? Could it be this knowledge was much more general and widespread in ancient times than modern scientists like to give credit for? Once again the Bible is proved to be scientific!

You are probably familiar with the fact that air has weight. At sea level air pressure is 14:7 pounds per square inch. As you go up in altitude air pressure is less and less.

When did science discover that air has weight? Any text book on physics reveals that the laws of pressure, temperature and volume of gases were not discovered until the last few hundred years. It was not known, previously, that the invisible air actually had weight.

Way for the Thunderbolt

In Job 28:26 we read, “When he (God) made a decree for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder.”

How are lightning bolts formed? The story is fascinating. Inside enormous thunderclouds are so-called chimney currents, a column of air rising upward with gale force. Within this turbulence near the top small hailstones become positively charged, while raindrops in the lower portion are charged negatively. Below on the earth there is another positive charge buildup, following the drifting cloud. Tremendous differences of electric potential are created between the top and bottom of the thundercloud, and the earth’s surface.

At this point, a gaseous arc reaches down from the cloud for perhaps 50 ft., hanging there, building up, growing. Mean while, positive particles on the earth below streak upward as high as 50 ft., called “St. Elmo’s fire.” When one of these earth “streamers” meet one of the cloud’s dangling gaseous arcs, called “leaders,” suddenly a path is formed between the thundercloud and the earth!

This is where the darting, flickering bolt of lightning hurtles through the air, starting at the point of contact between negative and positive charges of electricity, ripping up the cloud along the gaseous arc path already formed. The lightning actually travels upward, and the fact that it appears to travel downward is an optical illusion.

But this is beside the point. The point of this story is, how did Job know? Yes, how could he have ever known that there is a way for the lightning and the thunder?

Science did not discover the secret of this phenomenon until very recent times. But God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, revealed it to Job and inspired him to write of it over 3, 700 years ago! Imagine that!

What about the earth science of geology? Does the Bible have anything to say about it? It sure does!

Again, the book of Job contains the answers. We read of the process of erosion in Job 14:19: “The waters wear the stones: thou washest away the things which grow out of the dust of the earth.” Notice, also Job 28:10: “he cutteth out rivers among the rocks.” Ever stop and notice the majesty of the Grand Canyon? Geologists say that enormous canyon was formed by cutting action of the Colorado River, gouging out a pathway through the rock.

Stop and think, for a moment. The pagans worshipped the heavenly bodies. Christians worship the Almighty One who put them there!

Pagans believed in astrology and worshipped the sun, moon and stars. But, in the pages of the Bible, God expressly condemns such worship. He tells us the purpose of the creation of the heavenly bodies: “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years” (Gen. 1:14).

Did you know that time is based on the motion of the heavenly bodies? The earth rotates at a constant speed, giving us day and night; it revolves around the sun at a constant speed, taking one year per revolution. The moon revolves around the earth, giving us the lunar month. Every watch and clock is kept accurate by timing them with the most precise Clock ever invented, the solar system and the stars!

Time is kept accurate by basing time calculations and computations on the precise movements of the stars and the positions of the fixed stars. The master Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C. By measuring time by the stars, the Naval Observatory keeps track of time to the tiniest fraction of a second. Knowing the exact movements of the heavenly bodies, solar and lunar eclipses can be predicted thousands of years in advance!

God inspired David to write, “He made the moon for fixed times; the sun knows its time of setting” (Ps. 104:19) Or, as the Amplified has it, “the sun knows the exact time of its setting.”

Take a look at your watch, a manmade instrument for telling time. You know that a watchmaker made your watch. It didn’t just somehow decide to put itself together! Great painstaking workmanship went into it, most likely, and its delicate parts were made with great precision. The more money you paid for your watch, the better it probably is. But you know that if you don’t wind it up regularly, or replace the battery it will soon run down, and stop. From time to time, it needs repair. But you know that your watch did not just evolve!

The universe is a Great Master Clock. It has been running smoothly, accurately, for millions, if not billions of years, It is still accurate, in fine working order. Its parts still move with age-old, timeless precision!

You admit that your watch did not evolve. What about the Great Master Clock in the skies, so much more perfect than your watch, so much grander in its execution and operation. Do you think it evolved?

You keep your watch running by winding or replacing the battery. Who keeps the Great Clock of the universe operating? Who sustains it?

True science admits the existence of the original “Clock Maker,” Almighty God. True science admits God made the heavens and the earth. True science also reveals God as the sustainer of the universe!

But evolutionary science, God-rejecting science is not true science. It is “science falsely so-called” ( I Tim. 6:20). True science harmonizes with the Bible. False science has put itself in the place of God, virtually claims to be God, and has become a false savior of mankind, a false messiah!

Will you put your hopes in the words of false science which rejects God? Or will you depend on the scientifically accurate Word of the Living God for salvation?


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