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Matthew 16:18 - Does this say Christ Built the Church on Peter?
This scripture does not say that Christ made Peter the head of His Church. What does it say?

The key to understanding this scripture lies in the correct translation of the Greek words here rendered Peter and rock.

  1. The Greek word translated Peter is “petros” meaning pebble or small stone.

  2. The Greek word translated rock is “petra” meaning a big rock or huge boulder.

Christ said He would build His Church on the rock, not Peter thepebble.Christ is the Rock (I Cor. 10:4). He is also the Chief Cornerstone, upon which the Church is built (Eph. 2:20).

Peter was not even the chief apostle at Jerusalem. Read and study Acts 15:1-19. Here was a Ministerial Conference (verse 6). Peter rose up to make his point (verse 7). But it was James, the physical brother of Jesus Christ, who made the final decision (verses 13-19). James was the chief apostle, not Peter.

Peter was not infallible. Read Matthew 16:21-23. Jesus had to severely rebuke Peter for a wrong attitude immediately
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