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I Timothy 2:9-10 - Does this say Christian women should not wear jewelry?
  1. The Bible does not condemn the proper use of material things. It teaches that the material things are not sin, but it is the improper use of them that is wrong. It is the act of abuse or misuse that is a sin or violation of God’s Law.

  2. Paul, here, is condemning the wrong use of clothes and jewelry. First Paul says that women should adorn themselves in modest apparel. This is not speaking of the cost or quality of material, but of the design. Secondly, Paul mentions braided hair. This refers to the custom among the Greeks of intertwining gold strands through the hair. Today this could apply to any outlandish hairstyle. Thirdly, Paul mentions gold, pearls and costly array. This is speaking of the addition of costly or distracting and unnaturally bulky adornments which take away the natural beauty of a woman.

  3. What Paul is getting across in this verse is that a woman should not have the emphasis on physical attire but on her character.

  4. I Peter 3:2-4 is also used to try to show the prohibition of the use of jewelry. But in verse 2, the word “conversation” refers to conduct or behavior as shown in Strong’s Concordance. As with Paul in I Timothy, Peter is here showing that a Christian woman’s conduct should be adorned with the inward adorning of a meek and quiet spirit, and not with the outward appearance of elaborate plaiting and braiding of hair. Nothing here forbids the right use of jewelry.

  5. Many other scriptures show that God does not condemn the use of jewelry per se. Exodus 3:22 shows that God instructed the Israelites to take jewels from the Egyptians and to put these jewels of silver and gold on their sons and daughters. Genesis 24:22 shows that Abraham’s servant gave earrings and bracelets to Rebekah when he came seeking a wife for Isaac. In Ezekiel 16:11-13, God says that He figuratively bedecked Israel with earrings, bracelets, a crown, and other jewelry. In the parable of the prodigal son found in Luke 15, God the Father is pictured as receiving back a repentant son. And in verse 22, we see that he has his servants place a ring on the son’s hand.
From this we see that a modest use of jewelry is not condemned in the Bible. Only such use of jewelry as detracts from a woman’s modest character is rejected. God wants us to keep our minds on the spiritual aspects of life and not physical possessions.
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