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Difficult Scriptures

Matthew 16:28 - Does this say Christ said He would return during the lifetime of some of His disciples?
  1. The next two verses tell when this occurred. Remember, men have placed these chapter divisions. They do not reflect the original Greek.

  2. He was referring to His transfiguration which was soon to occur. Six days after Christ made the statement in Matthew 16:28, He took Peter, James and John up into a high mountain. They saw Christ transfigured before their eyes in all His power and glory (Matt. 17:1-2). He was manifested the way He is now (Rev. 1:14-16) and the way He will appear at His second coming to set up the Kingdom of God on this earth.

  3. Moses and Elijah appeared with Christ. They will be co-rulers with Him in God’s Kingdom. Peter knew when this would be fulfilled – at the time represented by the Feast of Tabernacles. He wanted to make tabernacles or “booths” for the three of them.

  4. This was a vision (verse 9). Christ was not literally glorified before their eyes. Exodus 33:20-23 shows that no man can look upon God and live.

These disciples did not see Christ come to this earth to set up the Kingdom of God. But, they did see Him “come in His Kingdom” in vision – in the vision of His transfiguration.

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