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Difficult Scriptures

Matthew 19:23 - Does this say Jesus said a rich man would never enter the Kingdom of God?
  1. He did not say that. He said it was very difficult for a rich man to enter Godís Kingdom.

  2. Christ was referring to the example He had just given (verses 16-22) where a rich young man turned down a calling to help preach the Gospel because he did not want to give up his wealth.

In the parallel account (Mark 10:24) Christ emphasized that it was trusting in riches that would keep a rich man out of the Kingdom.

  1. Paul showed that love of money could keep a man from entering the Kingdom of God (I Tim. 6:10). Those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare (verse 9). They become lustful. The more they get the more they want. Soon they are more intent on getting riches than striving to enter the Kingdom of God. It becomes their god (Col. 3:5).

Christians are to flee the lust of wealth and concentrate on living a godly life and striving to lay hold on eternal life. A Christian canít serve God and mammon Ė a Greek word meaning wealth or riches(Matt. 6:24).

Jesus said where your treasure is, there will your heart be also(Matt. 6:21). A man will either direct his efforts to increasing and maintaining his material wealth or to serving God.

  1. God is not opposed to wealth. His desire is that we prosper(III John 21). Many of Godís servants were wealthy. Joseph was a prosperous man (Gen. 39:2) Job was the greatest man in the East (Job 1:3). Abram was rich in cattle, silver and gold (Gen. 13:2).

These men were wealthy, but they did not put their trust in riches, nor seek their own blessings. They obeyed God and were blessed materially by Him, and they will be in Godís Kingdom.

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