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Difficult Scriptures

Luke 16:9 - Does this say Christ tells us to make friends of the world through unrighteous mammon?
  1. Christ was referring to the parable of the unjust steward which He had just given. Here the Lord commended the unjust steward for the worldly wisdom (shrewdness) he used in taking himself friends through money (verse 8). He went on to say the children of the world have more worldly wisdom than do Christians.

  2. Christ told His disciples to make friends through the use of unrighteous mammon. Christians should give generously in offerings to Godís Work. These offerings enable many others to hear Godís truth and become converted. They thus become our brethren Ė our friends.

  3. When Christ comes to set up His Kingdom, material wealth will not be of value to us. At that time, those who have become converted through this Work for which we sacrificed financially, and who we perhaps have never seen till then, will greet us with joy and thanksgiving in Godís Kingdom as spirit beings.
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