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I Corinthians 16:1-2 - Does this say we should all gather for Sunday services and take up a collection?
  1. This scripture does not say that Sunday is the Sabbath.
  2. Notice this is a collection for the saints (verse 1). Tithes and offerings went to the Levites the ministers (Num. 18:24; Heb. 7:5) not to the saints.
  3. This is a gathering that each was to do individually (lay by him in store) not a collection taken up during Church services.
  4. This is a collection of fruit and produce to help relieve the saints in Judea suffering from famine just as the one described inRomans 15:25-28).
  5. Several men were required to carry the fruit to Jerusalem (verse 3). If this collection involved money, Paul could have carried it to Jerusalem.
  6. A gathering of this kind involved a lot of work. This work was done during the first part of the week after the Sabbath was past.
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