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I Corinthians 10:27 - Does this say if someone invites you to dinner and serves pork, you should eat it and not ask questions about it, so you donít offend him?
  1. The context has nothing to do with clean or unclean meats, but with meat offered to idols (verse 19 and 28).

  2. You donít have to ask whether or not what you are eating is pork, you can readily discern that.  The question here is whether or not that which you are served has been offered to idols.

  3. If you want to take this verse out of context, then if your host puts cyanide, razor blades, or a bowl of acid in front of you, you should eat it, lest you offend him.  This is, of course, ridiculous!

  4. The true meaning is if they went to an unconverted personís house for a meal, they didnít have to ask him if the meat he served them had been offered to an idol.  Idols are nothing to true Christians, and whether or not the meat had been offered to an idol is of no importance.

  5. However, if the host or someone else brought up the subject and told them the meat is offered in sacrifice to an idol, they should refuse it, not because it harmed them, but because of the conscience of the other person, lest he feel idol worship was all right or lest he think they were hypocrites for claiming to be Christians and appearing to worship the idol by eating meat sacrificed to it (verse28).

  6. The whole crux of the matter is setting the right example before the unconverted or weak brethren, not clean and unclean meats.
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