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Difficult Scriptures

Acts 20:20 - Does this say we should preach the gospel from house to house?
  1. This verse is not talking about preaching the Gospel to uninterested, unconverted people from house to house.  Notice that Paul is talking to the elders of the Ephesus Church (Acts 20:17-18).  Paul taught these men from house to house (Acts 20:20).

  2. In Matthew 7:6 Christ gives the principle of “not casting your pearls before the swine.”  The precious truth of God is not to be carelessly given to the unconverted who will treat it with disrespect.  If an individual’s mind hasn’t been opened by God, trying to cram the truth down his throat will only make him angry at you.  For this reason we visit only those who specifically request a visit.  Otherwise we let our website and publications witness to those who have no desire to be visited.

  3. In Luke 10:7, Christ instructed his disciples, “go not from house to house.”

  4. Throughout the book of Acts we see that Paul’s practice was to enter into the synagogue and preach publicly to the Jews assembled there (Acts 13:14; 14:1; 17:10).  Nowhere does it mention that Paul preached the Gospel to the unconverted, from house to house!

Yet, in Acts 20:20 we see that Paul, when speaking privately to the elders of the Church, did teach them in their homes!

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