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Joint Pain

My latest blessing was finding a cure for the pain in my knee joints. I have tried many things and some remedies work for a while and other remedies have not helped me.

This blessing came through a friend who is also a self taught herbalist was praying, and as she was praying it came to her to tell me about dandelion leaves and roots for my knee pain. Since I know she is a believer in Jesus Christ and a prayer warrior, I believed her and went outside and started eating fresh dandelion leaves. My friend went to the health food store and bought dandelion root powder capsules. Within 3 days of eating the dandelion leaves from the yard and taking the capsules, my pain was relieved and has been for 3 months. I munch on dandelion leaves in salads and by themselves. Then a few days later, my friends and I were walking on a hiking trail and one of my friends saw comfrey, a herb growing wild and she said, you must include comfrey in your diet, so we picked some and were munching on it as we were hiking.

It now has been 3 months and I munch on dandelion or comfrey leaves every day. I work hard physical labor climbing ladders, remodeling homes; all the time my knees are abused and sometimes I am stiff. I eat more dandelion leaves and within Ĺ hour I feel better. The pain is gone.

Dandelions and comfrey are:

  1. Diuretics
  2. Cleansers------you might have more bathroom calls
  3. Taste is bitter to very bitter------If you eat young leaves before they flower they are not so bitter

If you donít have dandelion growing wild, buy some capsules or grow your own dandelion. You can grow the dandelion in pots indoors, even in winter. Of course some of your friends will think you are crazy growing dandelion in the winter, but that is part of life.

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