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Should You Take Vitamin B?

Some people who have an inadequate diet are afraid to take Vitamin B supplements because they fear they will become overweight due to an increased appetite. Nutritionists tell us that while B vitamins will restore an appetite to normal, any amount above the body’s requirement will not create an excessive appetite. On the contrary, an inadequate diet often is the reason why people crave something more.

Adelle Davis in her book Let’s Have Healthy Children, page 260, states: “A craving for sweets almost invariably indicates a deficiency of protein or of the B vitamins. When these nutrients are supplied, the desire for sweets diminishes or disappears.”

However, this holds true only for concentrated vitamins you may obtain in a natural form as in wheat germ, brewer’s yeast and rice polishing because these contain other necessary factors besides the vitamins for which they are taken. Some of these factors are iodine, calcium, protein and various enzymes. Form laboratory experiments it has been learned that these other constituents are necessary to enable the body to use the vitamins that are known to be present.

Therefore, vitamin tablets which contain only certain pure vitamins without these other factors, do not produce as satisfactory results as natural supplements.

Blackstrap molasses is a good source of all the B vitamins except one, thiamin or B1, which is destroyed by heat.

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