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Refined Sugar And Disease

Published studies now point to refined sugar (white sugar, and all the varieties of sugar commonly used in candy bars, cakes, cookies, pies and many other commercial products) as a major contributing factor in many of today’s degenerative diseases.

John Yadkin, Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Queen College of the University of London, Dr. E. Cheraskin and Dr. W.M. Ringsdorf at the University of Alabama Medical Center, say refined sugar is a major factor in causing heart disease!

Dr. Denis P. Burkitt of Britain states that highly refined foods like sugar may be in part responsible for many of our civilization’s diseases, among them heart disease, diabetes, appendicitis and cancer of the digestive tract.

According to Dr. Cheraskin and Dr. Ringsdorf, our bodies were not built for consuming large quantities of refined sugar. Sugar in its natural state is packaged with the necessary elements needed for the body to properly metabolize it. Refining strips them away. What is left is the so-called “pure” white sugar minus the necessary elements needed by the body. This sugar is empty of nutrition. In fact, refined sugar actually robs the body of needed nutrition and is hight in fattening calories.

Refined sugar is especially dangerous for “carbohydrates-sensitive” people. Though everybody’s metabolic system turns some sugar into fat, “carbohydrate-sensitive” people turn so; much sugar into fact so fast that the blood very rapidly becomes overloaded with it.

Britons and Americans particularly should take note of these warnings about refined sugar. They lead the world in sugar consumption. It is estimated that the average Briton and American consumes from 100 to 170 pounds of sugar per year. For your health’s sake, don’t take these warnings lightly. Take this advice and reduce the amount of sugar in your diet.

Eliminate or reduce the amount of refined sugar you and your family consume. Cut down or cut out sugary snacks like candy bars, chocolates, hard candies, ice cream, and soft drinks. Keep in mind that a small six ounce bottle of soft drink contains 31/2 teaspoons of sugar, an average serving of ice cream contains 7 teaspoons of sugar, and 4 ounces of candy contains 20 teaspoons of sugar. Instead of using refined sugar for everything, why not try natural honey, sorghum or ribbon cane molasses or genuine maple syrup? These are available in most areas and can be pleasant substitute for sugar.

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