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The constitution and by-laws of the Church of God New World Ministries contain the statements that govern the church under the laws of the government of man. This document attempts to help put forth a framework for the leadership and the people of the church in matching what can be matched to God’s laws contained within the Bible, but never supercedes the laws of God.

Christ established His church on this earth, and gave it order under which to operate. He also instructed the spies sent from the Pharisees to trap Him that they were to “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caeser’s, and unto God the things which are God’s.” (Mat 22:21, Mar 12:17, Luk 20:25) We are therefore obligated to live by the laws of the land, and respect those laws as long as they do not conflict with God’s laws.

The document listed under the “details” button below is our constitution and by-laws.


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