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When we die, we DO NOT go to Heaven or Hell!

To most people the Bible is a mystery. I know, most people THINK they know what is in the Bible, and are even willing to argue about it. But, few people ever really look into the pages of the Bible and search the scriptures until they find answers to their questions. Most of us just accepted what our parents told us, or what our pastor told us, as the “gospel.” Did you ever stop to think where your parents got it? Or, where your pastor got it? Most of our parents received their beliefs from their parents and they from their parents, and so on. What if the original source was wrong? Then, everyone who accepted these traditions would be wrong too wouldn’t they? Yes, you may say, but could everyone be wrong? Not possible? Revelation 12:9 says Satan the Devil has deceived the whole world. Sure, everyone ELSE could be wrong, but not me. That’s what I thought until I began to search the scriptures to prove for myself some of these ancient traditions my parents and grandparents told me were in the Bible.

OK, OK! Perhaps my parents and grandparents could have possibly been wrong, but surely not my pastor. I mean, he graduated from a seminary or Bible College and he could not be wrong, could he? Where did he get the knowledge he is preaching and teaching you? Why from some other man. He had a professor in school didn ’t he? Where did his professor get his information? From the Bible? You hope! But, probably not.

How can you know? Why don’t you try this? The next time you go to Church ask your pastor what happens to us when we die. If he tells you we either go to heaven or hell, ask him if we have an Immortal Soul. If he says yes, ask him to show you that in the Bible.

He will not be able to because it simply is NOT in there. And then ask him to explain Ezekiel 18:4. “The soul that sinneth, it shall die. ” He will probably respond by saying, “Is that in there?” If you would like a full, BIBLICAL, explanation of this very important subject, send for Mr. George Trent’s audio cassette tape entitled “After Death, Then What?” Why don ’t you prove this for yourself? Don’t accept what someone else tells you. Write to:

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