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There is no such thing as an "ever-burning hell fire" in the bible!

I remember a conversation I was having with a gentleman sometime back. We were talking about what happens to us when we die. Of course we have been taught, particularly in our predominantly Protestant/Catholic society, that the options are heaven, hell, or purgatory. The young man was rather vociferous in his belief in an ever-burning hell fire. He stated, “I don’t want to belong to any church that doesn’t believe in “hell”. I was rather flabbergasted as to why anyone would want to believe in “hell.” Particularly, if there were other options available. I can’t think of anything worse than writhing around in unbearable pain from the unquenchable flames of hell burning the flesh off my bones, hair off my head, clothes off my back, for all eternity.

Even more incomprehensible is to try and grasp the concept of something (the human body) that very readily burns up in this lifetime, burning forever and never completely consumed and burned up. Have you ever thought about that? We all know what happens to people caught in large fires unable to escape. Nearly everyday we read of someone burned up in a tanker explosion, a house fire, or club fire. I had a friend that was cremated. She was burned up and her ashes put in a bottle. How then could we possibly burn forever in “hell?”

Is it possible that there are options other than heaven, hell, or purgatory? If I told you there are, would you think I was insane? Or, are you like the fellow who insists there has to be an ever-burning hellfire and no one is going to make him believe any differently? Would you believe it if I could show you from the pages of the Bible? What if I could show you your Bibl e actually reveals that there are THREE, that ’s right, THREE hells mentioned in the Bible? And, what is even more startling; your Bible proves that you DO NOT BURN FOREVER in “hellfire.”

Is that really in there?

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