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The Bible clearly shows the demise of the United States!

As we go about our daily lives, events are taking place right now, around the world that are going to shake the very foundation of this EARTH! Events that are seemingly insignificant to most people, are actually pieces of a puzzle that will soon come together to bring the powerful nations of this world to ARMAGEDDON!

Occasionally we hear short blurbs on CNN or one of the major networks-- ABC, CBS, or NBC-- of events taking place in the European Union. These events are usually found ensconced somewhere between the second and back page of our newspapers. The European Union consists of twenty-five nations throughout Europe that are presently forming a constitution, military force, and a common currency called the Euro.

While the whole world is focused on America and the European Union, who are vying for super power status, Russian Premier Putin is building a SUPER-POWER coalition with India, China, Russia and Brazil. Add to that Venezuela, which supplies America with substantial crude oil, and you have the scenario for confrontation.

How much longer do you think the Arab countries are going to placidly stand back and permit the United Nations, predominantly the United States, to invade their countries and threaten them with war? How much longer do you think the Arab countries, which are rich in oil, will continue to permit foreigners to interfere in their political processes? The only way to confront the present SUPER POWERS is for them to UNITE.

The United States has been on a moral decline for the past fifty years. Newspaper headlines cover subjects from abortion, gay marriage, and the removal of God from the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Supreme Court decisions prohibiting prayer in schools and public forums, and the posting of the Ten Commandments in public places. Add to these daily headlines the increase in crime, violence, corruption in government, catastrophic natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, forest fires, and the pollution of our air, water, and land, it is evident the United States is in a precarious position for a calamity to take place.

How will all these pieces of the puzzle come together? Believe it or not, your BIBLE reveals the answer. If you would like to know how these events will bring the major nations of the World to Armageddon send for our FREE DVD entitled “The Great Tribulation—When?”

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