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Mainstream world religions worship a false Christ!

Millions were mesmerized, shocked, even traumatized by Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of Christ." At the conclusion of the movie, theatres were like morgues, the silence was deafening. The only sound heard was the weeping and sobbing of movie goers who had heard of the movie's tremendous impact on people's lives, but just had to see for themselves. They were not prepared for what they saw and heard.

For years Christians around the world have worshipped the "little Lord Jesus" alleged to have been born on December 25th. They grew up with pictures, of what they believed to be Christ, hanging on a wall behind the pulpit in churches around the world. The picture displayed a longhaired, blue-eyed, handsome man who usually has his hands clasped in a prayerful position and feasting his eyes upward. Christ's death has been portrayed on canvas as a half-naked man bound to a cross with a crown of thorns placed on his head. A trickle of blood oozes from the thorn prick on his head, and another trickle is evident from the nail holes in his hands. Some artists have even inserted a heart with a crack running through the center, depicting Christ having died of a "broken heart." Finally, millions gather early on "Easter" morning in worship services to commemorate the resurrection of Christ just at daybreak, depicted by the rising sun.

Is it any wonder that the movie shocked some to the point of death? They simply were not prepared for what they saw and heard. Why not? The scriptures are readily available describing an even more horrible death than Mr. Gibson's movie portrayed. “Is that really in there?” Read on. In Psalms 22, Isaiah 52 and 53 we read of a man whose joints were pulled out of their sockets, whose flesh was torn by scourging, revealing the bones of his body, who was attacked by vicious men who laughed him to scorn, and who cast lots for his garments. Isaiah said, “his visage was so marred more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men." No man has ever suffered as Christ did. No man was ever beaten as badly or wounded as was the Son of God. This world has been taught a false Christ-- a Christ who has been engaged in a cataclysmic struggle with Satan the Devil to win peoples souls for heaven. If this is true, Christ is certainly losing the battle.

Why did the one who claims to be the Creator, who claims to be the very Son of God, who claims to be the Prince of Peace and the savior of the world have to die? Did he die so men could believe on Him and be saved? Did he die so men could go to heaven? Did he die to do away with the law? Did he die so children could hide Easter eggs on the front lawn on Sunday morning? Very few know the real reason for Christ's death. Do you? Would you like to know? You need to send for our FREE audiotape, recorded before a live audience, explaining in detail exactly why the Son of God had to die. Learn the TRUTH about “the Passion of Christ.”

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