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The doctrine of the “Trinity” does not come from the Bible!

Years ago when I was just a young boy I remember hearing my uncle, who was a protestant pastor, talking about the TRINITY. I quizzically asked him what the TRINITY was. He began by telling me that it consisted of three persons or beings. I could understand that, but then he went on. He said, “Although the TRINITY consists of three persons or beings, they are all ONE.” Now I was beginning to get confused. I said, “I don’t understand, how could you have three beings and they all be ONE?” He explained that the three beings consisted of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He said they coexisted as ONE. I was lost! I had a father. I was a son. And, according to the Bible, there is a spirit in man. (Job 32:8) But, I absolutely could not comprehend the concept of three in ONE. After all, my father and I were separate beings. How could that be? He said, “It is difficult to understand, you just have to take it on faith.”

Many years have now passed and that conversation still remains as vivid to me as when it occurred. I have since become much more acquainted with the Bible and I read it almost every single day. I have even become an ordained minister. I have researched many Biblical subjects such as: the Immortal Soul; Heaven; Hell, Death; Christmas, Easter, the Ten Commandments; the Law; the Rapture; the Great Tribulation; the Seven Seals of Revelation 6; the great Beast that rises out of the waters in Revelation 13 & 17, to name a few. I use Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to look up specific words. The Concordance lists every word found in the Bible—Old and New Testament. To tell you the TRUTH, I am still in a quandary about the TRINITY. Let me tell you why. I cannot find it in the Bible or in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.

I have found that the Bible answers every single question I have. I learned the TRUTH about Heaven & Hell. I learned the TRUTH about the Rapture. I found answers to all of my questions but simply could not find a Biblical explanation of the TRINITY. Actually, I found a substantial amount of information about the TRINITY in my research, but I found it from sources other than the Bible. If you would like to know why you can’t find the word TRINITY in the Bible and WHY it is that even the best known and most learned Evangelicals cannot explain it any better than my uncle, you need to enroll in The Church of God New World Ministries Correspondence Course. Lesson One will explain WHY you cannot find the TRINITY in the Bible.

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