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End-Time News Stories - Miscellaneous

This page contains news stories from sources around the world that pertain to the end-time
prophesies of the bible.

The Church of God, New World Ministries does not author or support the sources of these links
unless otherwise noted. They are simply used for reference to biblical prophesy.

Click on the link under the "SOURCE/LINK" area to read the full story.

*** Note that items with RED dates were added in the last 48 hours

Date Headline
2018-02-18 Russia church shooting leaves 5 dead after gunman opens fire on people leaving service Link
2018-02-16 Iran president slams US recognition of Jerusalem as capital Link
2018-02-15 Ultra-processed foods ‘linked to cancer’ Link
2018-02-14 ‘One person shot’ outside NSA headquarters Link
2018-02-13 Minister: Britain plans to sail warship in South China Sea Link
2018-02-13 Police call for PM Netanyahu to be indicted Link
2018-02-13 Malaysian newspaper’s ‘how to spot gay person’ list sparks anger Link
2018-02-12 Rouhani: U.S.-Israel plots to create ‘chaos’ have failed Link
2018-02-12 Austria trains collide in deadly accident Link
2018-02-09 Explosion at mosque in Libya’s Benghazi kills 2, injures 75 Link
2018-02-07 Religious soldier jailed after refusing to participate in mixed-gender activity Link
2018-02-05 Doctors given approval for UK’s first ‘three-person babies’ Link
2018-02-04 Amtrak, CSX train collision in South Carolina leaves 2 dead, over 100 injured, Link
2018-02-02 South Sudan: US bans arms sales and urges others to follow Link
2018-02-02 Migrant crisis: Scores feared drowned off Libyan coast Link
2018-02-01 South Carolina bill would require schools to display ‘In God We Trust’ posters Link
2018-02-01 Puerto Rico reports 78 killings in one of deadliest months Link
2018-02-01 O Canada: Senate backs gender-neutral changes to national anthem Link
2018-01-31 Israel vows to retain West Bank control in any peace deal Link
2018-01-29 Netanyahu to Putin: Time to stand up against murderous regimes Link
2018-01-28 Pennsylvania car wash shooting leaves 5 dead, police say Link
2018-01-26 Trump Davos speech: ‘America First policy is not America alone’ Link
2018-01-25 Iran has fired 23 ballistic missiles since start of 2015 nuclear deal, explosive report shows Link
2018-01-25 Milan train derailment leaves at least 3 dead, many injured Link
2018-01-25 $50,000 Torah scrolls stolen from Hawaiian synagogue Link
2018-01-24 John Kerry to Abbas: Don’t give in to Trump’s demands Link
2018-01-24 In Davos, Netanyahu urges world leaders to act on Iran nuclear deal Link
2018-01-23 Dead Sea Scrolls discovery: Obscure fragments deciphered Link
2018-01-22 VP Pence recites Hebrew prayer thanking G-d for Jerusalem visit Link
2018-01-22 Mysterious Dead Sea Scroll deciphered in Israel Link
2018-01-21 ‘No peace talks without the US’ Link
2018-01-21 Kabul Intercontinental Hotel siege leaves more than 40 dead, Afghanistan official says Link
2018-01-21 7 die at Ethiopia’s Epiphany in clashes with security forces Link
2018-01-19 6.3-magnitude earthquake shakes Mexico’s Gulf of California Link
2018-01-19 Turkey extends state of emergency for the sixth time Link
2018-01-19 Trump administration plans to move US embassy to Jerusalem by 2019 Link
2018-01-17 At least 30 bodies said found in clandestine Mexico graves Link
2018-01-16 Four cops shot in South Carolina, suspect in custody Link
2018-01-15 China warship sails near Japan-controlled islands Link
2018-01-14 Iranian official: We’ll continue our missile program Link
2018-01-14 Turkey vows to attack Kurdish enclave in Syria within ‘days’ Link
2018-01-14 Hawaii missile false alarm triggers shock, blame and apologies Link
2018-01-12 3 Chile churches firebombed days before Pope Francis visit Link
2018-01-12 Venezuela: 16 survive migrant boat crash; death toll now 5 Link
2018-01-12 Is economic struggle driving North Korea to negotiating table? Link
2018-01-11 Abbas appealing to EU to sideline Trump in Mideast Link
2018-01-11 Palestinians say two protesters killed in clashes with IDF Link
2018-01-10 200 arrested, dozens hurt in fresh Tunisia unrest Link
2018-01-10 Trump deserves credit for Korea talks, says President Moon Link
2018-01-09 Erekat: No peace talks until US revokes Jerusalem recognition Link
2018-01-08 Armed clashes kill 11 in Mexico’s troubled Guerrero state Link
2018-01-08 Saudi Arabia working with Israel against Iran Link
2018-01-07 Iranian tanker collides with freighter off China’s coast, leaving 32 missing Link
2018-01-05 Russia: US demand for UN meeting on Iran is ‘destructive’ Link
2018-01-03 PM: ‘Iran is trying to create terror cells within the State’ Link
2018-01-02 Netanyahu looking to align with Trump by backing Iran protests — source Link
2018-01-02 North Korea shows off icy replica of Hwasong-15 missile Link
2018-01-01 Costa Rica plane crash victims include New York family, reports say Link
2017-12-31 Colorado deputy killed, 4 others shot responding to domestic disturbance outside Denver Link
2017-12-31 Iran protests turn deadly as 2 killed amid warnings from the regime Link
2017-12-28 Unicef says scale of attacks on children in conflicts is shocking Link
2017-12-27 ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory -- mostly since Trump took office, officials say Link
2017-12-26 Egypt hangs 15 over attacks on security forces in Sinai Peninsula Link
2017-12-26 Coal mine collapse kills 5 in Afghanistan Link
2017-12-26 Abbas using Jerusalem declaration as excuse to skip peace talks? Link
2017-12-25 Egyptian police kill 9 suspected terrorists Link
2017-12-22 Jerusalem: Palestinian leader Abbas spurns US peace plan Link
2017-12-21 Netanyahu Slams UN as ‘House of Lies’ Ahead of Thursday’s Vote Against Trump’s Jerusalem Recognition Link
2017-12-19 Palestinian teen and mother held in custody over goading of IDF soldiers Link
2017-12-19 Canadian synagogues receive death threats Link
2017-12-18 U.S. Vetoes UN Resolution Rejecting Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration; 14 States Back Motion Link
2017-12-18 Amtrak train derails in Washington state onto Interstate 5; ‘multiple fatalities’ reported Link
2017-12-18 Egypt says police kill 5 militants near Cairo Link
2017-12-17 Suicide bombers attack Pakistan church, killing at least 9, officials say Link
2017-12-17 Turkey vows to open ‘Palestinian embassy’ in Jerusalem Link
2017-12-15 10 killed as police clash with illegal miners in Nigeria Link
2017-12-14 Hungary: Officials compare Germany’s Martin Schulz to Hitler Link
2017-12-14 PM: Time for Palestinians to accept reality Link
2017-12-13 California Thomas Fire: No end in sight for week-long wildfire Link
2017-12-12 Putin, meeting Assad in Syria, orders partial withdrawal of Russian troops Link
2017-12-12 The ‘Palestinians’ are lobbying the UN to condemn Trump’s Jerusalem declaration Link
2017-12-11 Netanyahu slams Turkey’s Erdogan for claiming Israel is ‘terrorist state’ that ‘kills children’ Link
2017-12-11 Attempted suicide bombing on Manhattan subway Link
2017-12-11 Netanyahu to Macron – Read the Bible, Jerusalem is our capital! Link
2017-12-08 Pope Francis wants to change line of ‘Our Father’ Link
2017-12-08 Jerusalem has been the home of the Jews for 3,000 years – to deny it is Israel’s capital is Fake History Link
2017-12-07 Arabs riot in eastern Jerusalem Link
2017-12-07 Boat carrying pilgrims capsizes off Pakistan, 14 dead Link
2017-12-06 Egypt warns of regional violence over Jerusalem move Link
2017-12-06 Hamas plans ‘day of rage’ in response to Trump’s Jerusalem decision Link
2017-12-06 Islamic terror plot to assassinate British PM Theresa May thwarted, report says Link
2017-12-05 EU to Trump: Serious repercussions if US recognizes Jerusalem Link
2017-12-04 Ancient forbidden Christian text of Jesus’ ‘secret teachings’ to his ‘brother’ found Link
2017-12-03 South Korean fishing boat capsizes, leaving 13 dead, 2 missing Link
2017-11-30 Russia negotiates deal for its warplanes to use Egypt bases Link
2017-11-28 Russian jet buzzes US Navy spy plane over Black Sea Link
2017-11-28 Turkish security forces seize 700-year-old Torah manuscript Link
2017-11-27 Mount Agung: Bali volcano alert raised to highest level Link
2017-11-24 Beijing criticises Australia over South China Sea policy Link
2017-11-23 Sudan’s president visits Russia, asks for protection from US Link
2017-11-23 Outrage after India minister terms cancer ‘divine justice’ Link
2017-11-22 North Korean troops crossed into South while chasing defector, UN says Link
2017-11-21 Nigeria suicide bombing kills 50 in Adamawa state Link
2017-11-17 Italy buries 26 Nigerian women _ most without a name Link
2017-11-17 Museum of the Bible, built by Hobby Lobby owner, opens in DC Link
2017-11-16 US ‘deeply concerned’ about political situation in Zimbabwe Link
2017-11-15 2 SS guards charged with mass murder of hundreds of prisoners Link
2017-11-15 Trump should be ‘sentenced to death’ for insulting Kim Jong Un, North Korea says Link
2017-11-14 India boat capsize: Rescuers find bodies of 16 pilgrims Link
2017-11-12 Israel says US-Russia ceasefire deal in Syria does not meet demands Link
2017-11-10 Car deliberately rams into crowd of students in France, injuring three, police say Link
2017-11-09 Trump, Xi say they will blunt ‘menace’ North Korea ‘together’ Link
2017-11-09 ‘Israel will not give up Jerusalem’ Link
2017-11-08 Colombia mudslide: Four missing as Corinto inundated Link
2017-11-08 In recording, John Kerry says Israeli government doesn’t want peace Link
2017-11-07 US sets final date for Nicaraguan immigrants’ protected status Link
2017-11-06 Texas church shooting victims include pastor’s daughter, young children Link
2017-11-05 Red Cross apologise for losing $5m of Ebola funds to fraud Link
2017-11-02 Khamenei: We must cooperate with Russia to isolate U.S. Link
2017-11-01 Navy faults US warships in summer Pacific collisions that killed 17 sailors, officials say Link
2017-11-01 New York truck attack: Trump calls for end of green card lottery Link
2017-10-30 Tennessee counter-protesters play ‘La Bamba’ to silence white supremacists Link
2017-10-29 11 killed north of Damascus, say activists Link
2017-10-27 House approves new sanctions on Iran Link
2017-10-26 Supreme Court confirms Shabbat desecration in Tel Aviv Link
2017-10-26 Jews Speak Up For Christians Link
2017-10-25 Egypt arrests 12 suspected jihadists Link
2017-10-25 Saudi Arabia: We support Trump on Iran Link
2017-10-23 Egypt’s parliament extends state of emergency Link
2017-10-23 Ku Klux Klan leaves recruitment fliers outside North Carolina high school football game Link
2017-10-22 11 killed in continued violence in Ethiopia’s restive region Link
2017-10-19 ‘We won’t negotiate with terrorists in disguise’ Link
2017-10-19 Iran: We will intensify our missile program because of Trump Link
2017-10-16 IAF hits Syria after missile attack on Israeli aircraft Link
2017-10-16 Kenya boarding school attack leaves six dead Link
2017-10-15 America Considers Buying Israeli Weapons Link
2017-10-03 Las Vegas shooting: Trump dubs killer ‘sick and demented’ Link
2017-10-03 Abbas Admits Palestinian State Won’t Happen Any Time Soon Link
2017-10-01 Vanuatu volcano erupts; 11,000 prepare to evacuate Link
2017-09-28 Israel Celebrates 50 Years of Resettling the Biblical Heartland Link
2017-09-28 Arabs throw rocks, Jews barred from site Link
2017-09-27 2 IDF Soldiers Killed, 4 Wounded in Artillery Tragedy in Golan Heights Link
2017-09-25 Deadly Tennessee church shooting: Sudanese immigrant arrested, FBI launches civil rights investigation Link
2017-09-19 Netanyahu praises Trump’s ‘bold and courageous’ speech Link
2017-09-18 China and India water ‘dispute’ after border stand-off Link
2017-09-17 4 American tourists attacked with acid in Marseille’s train station, prosecutor says Link
2017-09-15 22 injured in London train bombing Link
2017-09-13 5 dead, over 100 evacuated from Florida nursing home due to intense heat, loss of power after Irma Link
2017-09-11 Trump presides over 9/11 ceremonies, vows ‘America does not bend’ Link
2017-09-07 Hurricane watch issued for South Florida ahead of Irma, governor says fuel shortages ‘top priority’ Link
2017-09-07 ISIS plots to poison food in US, UK supermarkets Link
2017-09-06 Netanyahu to Red Cross head ’Our citizens are being brutally held by Hamas’ Link
2017-09-06 Kalashnikov unveils mobile riot control ‘Shield’ truck Link
2017-09-05 Hurricane Irma now powerful Category 5 storm, Florida declares state of emergency Link
2017-09-04 Burundi committed crimes against humanity - UN Link
2017-09-04 Caribbean islands brace for Hurricane Irma Link
2017-08-31 Supreme Court: Same-sex marriage is not a right Link
2017-08-30 Tropical Storm Harvey takes aim at New Orleans 12 years after Hurricane Katrina Link
2017-08-25 India guru rape case: 23 die in unrest as Ram Rahim Singh convicted Link
2017-08-25 ‘US-Israel alliance stronger than ever’ Link
2017-08-24 It’s not Ramallah, it’s the USA Link
2017-08-23 US Navy dismisses 7th Fleet commander after deadly mishaps Link
2017-08-22 Jordan and Turkey call for ‘serious and effective’ peace talks Link
2017-08-22 UK lawyer: ‘Zionists should all be shot, Jewish refugees bombed’ Link
2017-08-22 Dozens injured in train crash in suburban Philadelphia, officials say Link
2017-08-21 US-South Korea hold military drills amid tension Link
2017-08-21 Leo Varadkar and Justin Trudeau take part in Montreal Pride Parade Link
2017-08-18 Spanish police kill suspects in second attack after 13 die in Barcelona Link
2017-08-18 Barcelona terrorist ranted against Israel, ‘Jewish conspiracies’ Link
2017-08-18 Jason Kessler, Charlottesville rally organizer, says he’s in hiding Link
2017-08-16 Dozens of rioting Arabs arrested in Jerusalem Link
2017-08-15 Trump rips Obama over report he learned of Kremlin threat in 2014 Link
2017-08-14 At least 17 killed in attack on popular tourist restaurant in Western Africa Link
2017-08-14 India hospital: 60 children die in Uttar Pradesh Link
2017-08-13 Charlottesville white nationalist rally blamed for 3 deaths, dozens of injuries Link
2017-08-10 At solidarity rally, Netanyahu accuses left and media of trying to overthrow him Link
2017-08-09 6 Red Cross volunteers killed in Central African Republic Link
2017-08-09 Trump: US nuclear arsenal ‘stronger than ever’ Link
2017-08-08 Pope Francis attacks conservative Catholics -- and Trump? Link
2017-08-07 Eleven dead in Nigeria church gun attack Link
2017-08-07 Missouri police officer killed during traffic stop Link
2017-08-03 Trump: New sanctions on Russia are ‘dangerous’ Link
2017-08-02 Tillerson to North Korea: We’re not your enemy Link
2017-08-01 Mass Nigerian arrests for ‘homosexual acts’ in Lagos State Link
2017-07-31 Dozen Alabama jailbirds make escape, several still on the run Link
2017-07-31 Van plows into crowd in Los Angeles; at least 9 hurt Link
2017-07-31 Putin to expel hundreds of American diplomats Link
2017-07-30 Lightning kills at least 11 during monsoon season in eastern India Link
2017-07-30 Trump says he will sign new Iran sanctions into law Link
2017-07-28 Iran rocket suffered ‘catastrophic failure,’ likely blew up, US official says Link
2017-07-28 Hamburg supermarket attack leaves one dead Link
2017-07-27 Netanyahu Vows to Shut Al Jazeera in Israel Over Temple Mount Coverage Link
2017-07-27 India building collapse death toll rises to 17 Link
2017-07-26 Iran poised to launch rocket into space, as North Korea readies another missile test, US officials say Link
2017-07-26 Hamas declares Temple Mount ‘victory,’ calls new ‘day of rage’ Link
2017-07-24 2 Chinese fighter jets buzz US Navy spy plane in East China Sea Link
2017-07-21 US to ban travel to North Korea, reports say Link
2017-07-17 Tanzania worshippers swept away in river baptism Link
2017-07-16 Israel reopens Jerusalem holy site after deadly assault Link
2017-07-16 White House: Zero tolerance for terrorism, we applaud Israel Link
2017-07-14 Cameroon forces ‘kill 97 Nigerian fishermen’ in Bakassi Link
2017-07-13 Lapid: We’ll never surrender the Golan Heights Link
2017-07-13 Fearing attacks, Egypt’s churches suspend pilgrimages, trips Link
2017-07-13 US seeks to renegotiate South Korea trade deal Link
2017-07-12 Djibouti: Chinese troops depart for first overseas military base Link
2017-07-11 Military plane crash kills at least 16 in Mississippi Link
2017-07-10 Thousands flee raging wildfires in western US, Canada Link
2017-07-10 Islamist ‘Morality Police’ Using Violence, Intimidation to Enforce Shariah Law in Germany Link
2017-07-09 Kashmir: Clashes as protesters mark militant’s death Link
2017-07-07 Women’s March’ leader calls for ‘Jihad’ against Trump Link
2017-07-06 US missile defense may not protect against nukes Link
2017-07-06 Malawi football stadium stampede kills eight Link
2017-07-06 Montana earthquake: 5.8 magnitude quake strongest in 20 years Link
2017-07-05 North Korea Could Take Out Entire U.S. Electrical Power Grid Link
2017-07-05 India and Israel pledge to combat terrorism Link
2017-07-03 Eight Injured After ‘Masked Gunmen’ Open Fire on Crowd Outside French Mosque Link
2017-07-03 Germany bus crash: 18 people believed to be dead in fiery wreck, police say Link
2017-06-29 Jewish Groups Condemn Dyke March’s LGBT Jewish Flag Ban Link
2017-06-26 Colombia tourist boat sinking: at least 6 dead and 15 missing Link
2017-06-26 Supreme Court Reinstates Trump Travel Ban from Muslim-Majority Countries Link
2017-06-25 Pakistan oil tanker explodes, killing 153 Link
2017-06-25 Ramadan Rage 2017: Deaths Reach 1,627, Marking One of the Bloodiest Islamic Holy Months in Recent Memory Link
2017-06-22 Taliban release video purportedly showing American, Australian captives Link
2017-06-21 Israel starts work on first new West Bank settlement in 20 years Link
2017-06-19 Van mows down worshipers near London mosque, killing 1 Link
2017-06-15 Niger floods: Nine children killed as homes collapse Link
2017-06-15 China nursery blast: ‘Seven dead’ in Jiangsu explosion Link
2017-06-15 Baltimore Nearing 160 Homicides Less Than Halfway Through 2017 Link
2017-06-14 Congressman, four others shot near Washington DC Link
2017-06-13 Three EU countries say ‘no’ to Muslims Link
2017-06-12 London Terrorist: ‘This Is for Allah! Stop Living This Life!’ as They Cut Woman’s Throat Link
2017-06-07 Burmese military plane vanishes over Andaman Sea Link
2017-06-05 India passenger bus crash kills 22 Link
2017-06-05 London terror attack: May calls assault attack on free world, threat level remains severe Link
2017-06-05 Orlando shooting leaves multiple people dead, officials say Link
2017-06-01 Bennett: Delaying embassy move will bring war, not peace Link
2017-06-01 Trump delays moving US embassy to Jerusalem Link
2017-05-30 Iran to Resume Financial Support to Hamas, Report Says Link
2017-05-30 Cyclone Mora: Bangladesh tries to evacuate one million Link
2017-05-29 Trump furious with Abbas: You lied to me Link
2017-05-29 ‘Netanyahu no longer supports two-state solution’ Link
2017-05-28 Mississippi shooting: 8 dead, including deputy sheriff; suspect in custody Link
2017-05-28 Egypt Coptic Christians: IS claims attack Link
2017-05-28 Abbas rejects Trump’s peace proposal Link
2017-05-26 Hezbollah calls Trump ‘most racist president towards Muslims’ Link
2017-05-24 India bus plunge leaves 21 pilgrims dead Link
2017-05-24 UK terror threat level raised to ‘critical’ Link
2017-05-23 Trump ‘to do everything’ for Middle East peace Link
2017-05-23 Islamic State claims Manchester concert bombing Link
2017-05-22 Trump makes history as first serving US president to visit Western Wall Link
2017-05-21 Trump: Israeli-Palestinian peace possible if three major faiths can cooperate Link
2017-05-21 PM Netanyahu: Israel welcomes Trump with open arms Link
2017-05-18 India police kill 16 Maoist rebels in Chhattisgarh state Link
2017-05-17 Israel says ties with US unaffected after Trump-Lavrov accusations Link
2017-05-17 Trump: I will strengthen our alliance with the Jewish state Link
2017-05-17 Indonesia’s Aceh: Two gay men sentenced to 85 lashes Link
2017-05-15 UN agency helps North Korea with patent application for banned nerve gas chemical Link
2017-05-14 PM: Embassy move will help peace by ‘shattering Palestinian fantasy’ Link
2017-05-14 White House: North Korea has been ‘flagrant menace for far too long’ Link
2017-05-14 Four dead in shooting at US nursing home Link
2017-05-12 Russian fighter jet flies close to US Navy aircraft, USS Carl Vinson, official says Link
2017-05-12 Friedman to Trump: Not much chance for Israel-PA peace deal Link
2017-05-12 Abbas, in meeting with Putin, says Moscow must be part of peace process Link
2017-05-11 Copenhagen imam accused of calling for killing of Jews Link
2017-05-11 Arkansas police shooting: Suspect surrounded in home after killing officer Link
2017-05-10 South Korea’s Moon Jae-in sworn in vowing to address North Link
2017-05-10 Police Intercept 37 Million Painkillers Headed for ISIS Terrorists Who Fight While High Link
2017-05-09 Hanford Nuclear Reservation tunnel collapse triggers alert Link
2017-05-08 Iran test fires torpedo in the Strait of Hormuz Link
2017-05-07 Nigeria schoolgirls: 82 Chibok girls were swapped for 5 Boko Haram commanders Link
2017-05-07 Syria government ‘producing chemical weapons at research facilities’ Link
2017-05-07 North Korea detains another American over alleged hostile acts Link
2017-05-05 Cargo plane crash-lands in West Virginia, 2 dead Link
2017-05-04 Russian bombers, fighter jets fly near Alaska, prompting Air Force escort Link
2017-05-04 Iran miners killed trying to save trapped colleagues Link
2017-05-04 Netanyahu: Abbas lied to Trump Link
2017-05-01 Memorializing terror victims, Netanyahu urges Abbas to stop funding terrorists Link
2017-04-30 Texas severe weather: At least 4 killed, dozens injured after tornadoes rip through state Link
2017-04-28 6 Palestinians said injured in violent clashes with IDF Link
2017-04-27 Delaware standoff over: Trooper’s killer shot dead after barricading himself in home Link
2017-04-25 Netanyahu carries out ultimatum to German Foreign Minister Link
2017-04-24 Trump discusses North Korea tensions with Asian leaders Link
2017-04-24 Bennett with Torah scroll saved from Holocaust Link
2017-04-24 10,000 youths mark Holocaust Remembrance Day at Auschwitz Link
2017-04-23 Mortar shells explode in the Golan Link
2017-04-21 Al Qaeda operative has US citizenship revoked Link
2017-04-21 3 killed in shooting at Russian intelligence agency’s office Link
2017-04-21 Meeting Mattis, PM hails ‘welcome change’ of US leadership Link
2017-04-20 Experts excited by brain ‘wonder-drug’ Link
2017-04-19 US: Man screams ‘Allahu akbar!’ and kills three civilians Link
2017-04-19 Obama to Netanyahu, 2014: Don’t go into Gaza Link
2017-04-19 Bus crash in India’s Himachal Pradesh kills at least 44 Link
2017-04-18 Allies knew of Holocaust in 1942, 2 years before previously assumed, UN documents prove Link
2017-04-16 Police arrest at least 20 as protesters clash at pro-Trump rally in Berkeley Link
2017-04-13 North Korea to conduct nuclear test? Link
2017-04-13 Syria chemical attack ‘fabricated’ - Assad Link
2017-04-12 China’s Xi tells Trump he wants peaceful solution to North Korea Link
2017-04-12 US accuses Russia of covering up Syria chemical attack Link
2017-04-10 Egypt declares state of emergency after deadly church attacks Link
2017-04-10 Israel shuts Egypt border after terror warning Passover eve Link
2017-04-07 ‘Missile strikes in Syria a serious blow to US-Russia relations’ Link
2017-04-07 Stockholm terror attack: At least 3 killed after truck plows into Swedish shopping center Link
2017-04-06 Putin slams Netanyahu over ‘unfounded accusations’ on Syria Link
2017-04-04 At least 100 dead in suspected chemical attack in Syria, hospital reportedly hit Link
2017-04-04 World War III nightmare scenario brewing in the East China Sea Link
2017-04-04 Arkansas prepares to execute 8 men in 11 days: Justice, or an ‘assembly line of death’? Link
2017-04-03 St. Petersburg subway blast: At least 10 killed, security camera could hold clues Link
2017-04-03 Catholic Church must reform confession, abuse survivor says Link
2017-04-02 Israel launches new anti-rocket system Link
2017-04-02 Toll from deadly Colombia mudslide hovers at 200 Link
2017-04-02 Pakistan shrine custodian kills 20 for custodianship, officials say Link
2017-03-30 EU, Russia tensions rise after Putin agrees to sell fighter jets to Serbia Link
2017-03-30 Five people killed in Snowdonia helicopter crash Link
2017-03-30 How does Trump intend to square the Israeli-Palestinian circle? Link
2017-03-29 Jordan king tells Arab summit no peace in region without Palestinian state Link
2017-03-28 Egypt’s Coptic Christians making pilgrimages to Jerusalem in record numbers Link
2017-03-28 Source: Man near White House claimed to have bomb, Secret Service investigating bag Link
2017-03-27 PM: Israel ‘committed’ to working with Trump on peace process Link
2017-03-27 Cyclone Debbie: Thousands flee as Australia braces for ‘monster’ storm Link
2017-03-26 Cincinnati nightclub shooting: At least 1 dead, 15 people shot at venue Link
2017-03-26 ‘The embassy will be moved to Jerusalem - quietly’ Link
2017-03-24 Mass escape: 29 suspected cartel members break out of Mexico prison through 120-foot tunnel Link
2017-03-23 Flight ban on laptops ‘sparked by IS threat’ Link
2017-03-22 Shots fired at UK Parliament; more than a dozen injured Link
2017-03-22 Oklahoma state senator ‘to quit’ over motel child sex charge Link
2017-03-21 Sweden preparing nuclear fallout bunkers across the country amid fear of Russian war Link
2017-03-20 Syria conflict: Aircraft pound rebel-held eastern Damascus Link
2017-03-20 ‘There’ll be attempts to carry out terror attacks on Passover’ Link
2017-03-16 Europe headed for ‘religion wars’ despite Wilders’ stumble, Turkish minister says Link
2017-03-15 6 killed in Nigeria as teenage girls detonate explosives Link
2017-03-15 Sign warns Londoners to ‘beware of Jews’ Link
2017-03-14 Latin America’s largest synagogue welcomes first female rabbi Link
2017-03-13 EU warns Erdogan as Turkey-Netherlands crisis deepens Link
2017-03-12 Assad calls U.S. forces ‘invaders’, but still hopeful on Trump Link
2017-03-12 Jordan releases soldier who killed 7 Israeli girls in 1997 Link
2017-03-10 Poll: Netanyahu easily wins additional term as PM Link
2017-03-09 Earthquake on the beach: Scientists think a 7.4 temblor could reach from L.A. to San Diego Link
2017-03-09 British Foreign Minister moralizes: Two states - or apartheid Link
2017-03-08 Lithuania: Take a stick and beat the Jew-thing Link
2017-03-08 ISIS honcho al-Baghdadi may have escaped Mosul and gone into hiding, officials say Link
2017-03-07 Syrian children in state of ‘toxic stress’, Save the Children says Link
2017-03-07 Hollywood savant demands: Divide Jerusalem, end ‘occupation’ Link
2017-03-05 Jordan executes 15 prisoners, 10 convicted of terror charges Link
2017-03-05 Pope says carry and read bible as if it were a mobile phone Link
2017-03-02 US launches first military action in Yemen since Navy SEAL Ryan Owens killed Link
2017-02-28 14 shot in Chicago over weekend as violence continues to outpace last year Link
2017-02-28 Mississippi Governor to Churches: Follow ‘Man’s Law’ and Stop Harboring Illegal Immigrants Link
2017-02-26 28 injured after truck plows into New Orleans parade crowd; suspect in custody Link
2017-02-23 Pakistan blast: At least eight dead in Lahore Link
2017-02-22 Planes, tanks, ships: Russian military gets massive upgrade Link
2017-02-22 South China Sea: US carrier group begins ‘routine’ patrols Link
2017-02-20 Air Force fighter jets again scrambled to enforce no-fly zone around President Trump’s Palm Beach home Link
2017-02-19 Pope Francis: ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’ Link
2017-02-17 Netanyahu: US, Israel have ‘grand mission’ to confront Iran threat Link
2017-02-17 Bennett to Netanyahu: You have to keep your promises Link
2017-02-15 China warns U.S. against fresh naval patrols in South China Sea Link
2017-02-15 Do Trump and Netanyahu see eye to eye? Link
2017-02-15 We have a friend in the White House Link
2017-02-14 Russian spy ship off East Coast of US, officials say Link
2017-02-14 Trump breaks ice with China in letter to Xi Link
2017-02-13 Lahore protest blast: 11 killed at Pakistan city rally Link
2017-02-13 At least 4 killed, rescue hopes dim after avalanche near French Alps ski resort Link
2017-02-12 Angola stadium stampede in Uige kills 17 Link
2017-02-12 Aftershocks rattle survivors after Philippine quake kills 8 Link
2017-02-10 Hundreds of thousands rally in Iran against Trump, chant ‘Death to America’: TV Link
2017-02-10 ‘Why doesn’t Trudeau condemn anti-Semitic incitement in Canada?’ Link
2017-02-10 New Dead Sea Scrolls cave discovered Link
2017-02-08 Incredibly high radiation levels discovered at crippled Fukushima plant Link
2017-02-07 Navy successfully tests new missile-defense system in Hawaii Link
2017-02-07 Israel passes controversial law on West Bank settlements Link
2017-02-03 After Trump says Iran ‘playing with fire,’ White House imposes fresh sanctions Link
2017-02-03 UN condemns ‘devastating’ Rohingya abuse in Myanmar Link
2017-02-03 The very real, very dangerous threat of the Iranian regime Link
2017-02-01 Air Force base: 1 killed, 1 injured in New Mexico training Link
2017-02-01 Delaware prisons on lockdown over hostage situation, officials say Link
2017-01-31 Yemen conflict: Rebels in deadly attack on Saudi warship Link
2017-01-31 Watch: Netanyahu says Iran’s aggression must not go unanswered Link
2017-01-31 Fatah: How dare UN Chief speak of Jewish Temple in J’lem? Link
2017-01-30 Yemen al-Qaeda: US commandos raid stronghold Link
2017-01-30 Suspect charged with murder in Quebec mosque terror attack Link
2017-01-29 Netanyahu: US Embassy needs to be in Jerusalem Link
2017-01-26 UN condemns Israel’s West Bank settlement plans Link
2017-01-26 Austrian police arrest 8 over alleged ISIS links Link
2017-01-25 Death toll jumps to 28 in al-Shabab hotel siege, car bombing Link
2017-01-25 Prince among seven prisoners executed by Kuwait Link
2017-01-24 Suicide bombers are using babies to avoid detection Link
2017-01-24 Japan launches first military communications satellite Link
2017-01-24 Israel approves plans for 2,500 new settlement homes in West Bank Link
2017-01-23 Pro-Trump rally in Nigeria reportedly leads to 65 arrests Link
2017-01-23 Iran Caught Importing Missile Technology Link
2017-01-19 B-2 bombers kill nearly 100 ISIS terrorists in Libya Link
2017-01-19 50 killed in Tehran building collapse Link
2017-01-19 Al-Qaeda affiliate claims Mali car bomb attack in Gao Link
2017-01-18 Syria conflict: Russia and Turkey ‘in first joint air strikes on IS’ Link
2017-01-18 Trump pick for UN envoy supports moving US embassy to Jerusalem Link
2017-01-18 New Bomb Threats Against Jewish Community Centers Across US Raise Alarms Link
2017-01-17 Yemen conflict: At least 10,000 killed, says UN Link
2017-01-17 10 Killed, 29 Wounded In MLK Day Weekend Shootings Link
2017-01-17 Putin: Those who leaked Trump dossier ‘worse than prostitutes’ Link
2017-01-16 China media: Trump ‘playing with fire’ on Taiwan Link
2017-01-16 Majority of Israelis want Netanyahu to remain Prime Minister Link
2017-01-13 Abbas asks Putin to stop Trump from moving the embassy Link
2017-01-13 Obama signs order to ease sanctions against Sudan Link
2017-01-12 China launches new electronic intelligence naval ship Link
2017-01-11 China aircraft carrier crosses Taiwan Strait amid tension Link
2017-01-11 Gunman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ opens fire in Spanish supermarket Link
2017-01-10 Twin bombings in Afghanistan’s capital kill 38 Link
2017-01-10 Public Safety Secretary: Inmates In Shirley Prison Riot Were ‘Getting Ready For War’ Link
2017-01-09 Manhunt launched for murder suspect accused of killing Orlando officer Link
2017-01-09 ISIS in the heart of Jerusalem Link
2017-01-09 Egypt police station suicide attack kills eight in Sinai Link
2017-01-08 IS conflict: Iraq car bomb kills 11 in Baghdad Link
2017-01-08 4 killed as terrorist plows truck into troops in Jerusalem Link
2017-01-06 Multiple dead, at least 6 injured in shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport Link
2017-01-06 Netanyahu thanks US Congress for opposition to UN resolution Link
2017-01-05 Syria conflict: Car bomb kills 11 in government-held town Link
2017-01-05 J Street thanks Obama and Kerry for speech blasting Israel Link
2017-01-05 Suspect on the run after car bomb kills 2 outside courthouse in Turkey Link
2017-01-04 WAR GAMES US sends special forces to RUSSIAN BORDER as Nato is poised to strike back against Vladimir Putin’s ‘aggression’ Link
2017-01-03 Ukrainian marchers in Kiev chant ‘Jews out’ Link
2017-01-03 Turkey seeks to extend state of emergency Link
2017-01-02 60 killed in Brazil prison riot, 300 inmates may have escaped Link
2017-01-02 IS conflict: Baghdad suicide car bomb blast kills 35 Link
2017-01-01 DR Congo floods leave 50 dead in Boma Link
2017-01-01 Turkey hunts for attacker who killed 39 in nightclub shooting Link
2017-01-01 3 dead after two small planes collide mid-air in Texas Link
2016-12-28 Trump urges Israel to ‘stay strong’ till January 20 Link
2016-12-28 Philippine blast wounds at least 23 people at boxing match Link
2016-12-28 Chinese police kill four after Xinjiang attack Link
2016-12-27 Mosul battle: Last bridge ‘disabled by air strike’ Link
2016-12-27 Israel suggests US should consider cutting funds to UN after Security Council vote Link
2016-12-27 Defying U.N., Israel Prepares to Build More Settlements Link
2016-12-26 43 Shot, 11 Fatally, In Christmas Weekend Shootings In Chicago Link
2016-12-26 India Tests Long-Range, Ballistic Nuclear-Capable Missile Link
2016-12-26 Russia plane crash: Huge search for bodies in Black Sea Link
2016-12-25 US issues Jordan travel warning after deadly attacks Link
2016-12-25 Military aircraft over NYC were part of training exercise Link
2016-12-23 Speaker Ryan: Obama abstention ‘absolutely shameful’ Link
2016-12-21 Jordan shootings: Police killed in fresh clashes near Karak Link
2016-12-21 Obama bars future oil leases in swaths of Atlantic, Arctic oceans Link
2016-12-20 4 Jordanian police killed in clash with gunmen during raid Link
2016-12-19 Russian ambassador to Turkey shot in Ankara Link
2016-12-19 UK-made cluster bombs used in Yemen, Michael Fallon confirms Link
2016-12-18 Jordan attack: Canadian among 10 dead in Karak shooting Link
2016-12-18 3-year-old boy dies in road rage shooting during shopping trip with grandmother in Arkansas Link
2016-12-15 1000 Muslims block London streets chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Islamic caliphate Link
2016-12-15 Islamic State member ordered France train attack Link
2016-12-15 Babies made from three people approved in UK Link
2016-12-12 Palmyra: IS retakes ancient Syrian city Link
2016-12-11 Cairo bombing: Cairo Coptic Christian complex hit Link
2016-12-11 Netanyahu: I want Trump to help us reach a two-state solution Link
2016-12-08 Magnitude-6.5 earthquake reported off Northern California Link
2016-12-08 Tsunami warning: Solomons 7.7 quake prompts alert Link
2016-12-08 PM: Push for Britain to apologize for Balfour shows why no peace Link
2016-12-07 Manhunt under way after 1 Georgia cop killed, 1 seriously injured in shooting Link
2016-12-07 Pakistan airline chairman: Pilot lost control of engine, made ‘mayday call’ before crash Link
2016-12-06 Merkel’s call for burqa ban in Germany draws backlash Link
2016-12-06 Egypt arrests ‘organ trafficking ring’ Link
2016-12-06 Stained glass window smashed in attack on Philadelphia Synagogue Link
2016-12-05 China flew nuclear-capable bombers around Taiwan before Trump call with Taiwanese president Link
2016-12-05 Kerry’s parting conclusion on peace deadlock: It’s Netanyahu’s fault Link
2016-12-04 IS group to step up attacks on Europe - Europol Link
2016-12-01 Security Minister: Half of fires were arson Link
2016-11-30 China says it wants smooth military ties with Trump Link
2016-11-28 Israeli aircraft target IS position in Syrian Golan Heights Link
2016-11-28 Syria conflict: Rebels lose third of east Aleppo territory Link
2016-11-28 One suspect dead, 9 injured after attack at Ohio State University involving car, butcher knife Link
2016-11-25 As Israel burns, many on Arabic social media cheer Link
2016-11-25 Tokyo has November snow for first time in 54 years Link
2016-11-24 60,000 flee massive fires raging across Haifa; arson suspected Link
2016-11-24 Magnitude 7.0 offshore quake rattles Central America; Nicaragua declares state of emergency Link
2016-11-23 CNN apologizes for banner questioning ‘whether Jews are people’ Link
2016-11-23 Stephen Port: Serial killer guilty of murdering four men Link
2016-11-22 In Biblical times I would have been executed for what I did Link
2016-11-22 China 56-car pile-up on icy motorway kills 17 Link
2016-11-22 Tennessee bus driver charged in crash that left 6 dead, including 5 children Link
2016-11-21 Pope Francis extends Catholic priests’ power to forgive abortion Link
2016-11-21 Bennett: Submarine purchase essential to Israel’s security Link
2016-11-21 4 cops shot in 3 states during bloody Sunday for police nationwide Link
2016-11-20 Complaints filed to police over Jerusalem chief rabbi’s anti-LGBT remarks Link
2016-11-20 Children among hundreds killed in latest Aleppo attacks Link
2016-11-20 Mozambique fuel tanker blast kills dozens Link
2016-11-17 World’s oldest Ten Commandments sold for $850,000 Link
2016-11-15 Kashmir clash: Pakistan says India killed seven troops Link
2016-11-15 FBI: Criminal hate crimes against Jews rose by 9 percent in 2015 Link
2016-11-14 Six IS suicide bombers in deadly attack south of Baghdad Link
2016-11-14 Russian fighter jet crashes near its aircraft carrier in Mediterranean, US officials say Link
2016-11-14 Global Shabbat breaks all records Link
2016-11-13 At least 2 dead in powerful New Zealand earthquake, PM says Link
2016-11-13 Mysterious 6,000-year-old star mural sees first daylight in Jerusalem Link
2016-11-10 Trump adviser: New president won’t force Israeli-Palestinian peace Link
2016-11-10 Tianjin chemical blast: China jails 49 for disaster Link
2016-11-10 Iran violates limit established in nuclear deal, UN finds Link
2016-11-09 Croydon tram: Seven dead and 50 injured after derailment Link
2016-11-09 Netanyahu congratulates Trump Link
2016-11-07 20 Islamists found to have infiltrated German army Link
2016-11-06 Jordan shooting: Three US military trainers killed at al-Jafr air base Link
2016-11-06 Netanyahu warns cabinet: Don’t discuss US election Link
2016-11-04 3 US servicemembers killed in shootout at air base in Jordan, source says Link
2016-11-04 Migrant crisis: ‘Hundreds dead’ in shipwrecks off Libya Link
2016-11-04 Chinese mine confirms 33 dead after Jinshangou blast Link
2016-11-03 Netanyahu: Abbas won’t recognize Jewish state ‘in any borders’ Link
2016-11-03 Iran commander says US in ‘strong decline’ Link
2016-11-02 Iran claims it’s sending elite fighters to infiltrate US, Europe Link
2016-11-02 Police capture suspect in separate ambush-style attacks that killed 2 Iowa officers Link
2016-11-02 GERMANY AT BOILING POINT: Furious mob takes to streets hunting and attacking migrants Link
2016-11-01 North Korea preparing for another ballistic missile launch, sources say Link
2016-11-01 Palestinian cop wounds 3 IDF soldiers in a shooting attack Link
2016-10-31 German hostel: No Israelis allowed Link
2016-10-31 ‘Original limestone bed’ on which Jesus was buried said uncovered Link
2016-10-30 Italy rocked by strongest earthquake to strike the country in 36 years Link
2016-10-30 US site: Clinton will bring World War Three Link
2016-10-30 Jesus’s tomb opened for first time in centuries Link
2016-10-28 Russian, US jets had near miss over Syria: US officials Link
2016-10-27 ‘Ascending the Temple Mount is a Torah command’ Link
2016-10-26 Oldest Hebrew mention of Jerusalem found on rare papyrus from 7th century BCE Link
2016-10-25 Explosion at Turkish Mediterranean resort injures at least 10 Link
2016-10-13 Poll: 92% of Israeli businesses don’t want to open on Shabbat Link
2016-10-11 Israel prepares for Yom Kippur Link
2016-10-11 Israeli rabbinical group to host thousands of unaffiliated Jews for Yom Kippur services Link
2016-10-11 Israeli medical services brace for busy Yom Kippur Link
2016-10-10 Gorbachev warns of ‘dangerous point’ as US-Russia ties sour Link
2016-10-09 Matthew leaves 16 dead in US; 7 killed in North Carolina amid severe flooding Link
2016-10-09 Terrorist opens fire in Jerusalem, killing two Link
2016-10-09 Suspect arrested in killing of two Southern California police officers Link
2016-10-07 ‘Honour killings’: Pakistan closes loophole allowing killers to go free Link
2016-10-06 For 2nd straight day, Gaza Palestinians fire at Israel Link
2016-10-06 Hurricane Matthew picks up speed as millions in US are urged to evacuate Link
2016-10-05 Florida, South Carolina on high alert as Hurricane Matthew tears through Caribbean Link
2016-10-04 IS suicide bomber kills 30 at Kurdish wedding in Syria Link
2016-10-04 Duterte tells Obama ‘you can go to hell,’ warns of breakup Link
2016-10-04 Shaked: Abbas is inciting violence and hatred Link
2016-10-02 Syria conflict: Besieged areas of Aleppo a ‘living hell’ Link
2016-10-02 The New York Times Paid No Taxes in 2014 Link
2016-10-02 Caribbean braces for hit from fierce Hurricane Matthew Link
2016-09-30 US protecting Syria jihadist group - Russia’s Lavrov Link
2016-09-30 Shimon Peres funeral: Leaders hail legacy of former Israeli leader Link
2016-09-29 Israelis queue to pay tribute to Shimon Peres Link
2016-09-29 At least 1 dead, more than 100 hurt after train crash at Hoboken, NJ station Link
2016-09-28 World leaders to attend funeral for Israel’s Shimon Peres Link
2016-09-28 First Temple-era discovery at Tel Lachish Link
2016-09-27 IS claims blasts that killed at least 17 in Baghdad Link
2016-09-27 Russia looking to strong-arm US Link
2016-09-27 German mosque, congress center attacked in 2 explosions; no injuries reported Link
2016-09-26 Japan to keep close tabs on China after Chinese warplanes buzz East China Sea Link
2016-09-26 India and France sign Rafale fighter jet deal Link
2016-09-25 Syria conflict: US accuses Russia of ‘barbarism’ in Aleppo Link
2016-09-25 Trump campaign asked for closed-door Netanyahu meeting Link
2016-09-25 Mall shooting suspect was ‘zombie-like’ when arrested, officials say Link
2016-09-23 Heil Donald? Students instructed to compare Hitler to Trump Link
2016-09-23 Attempted terror attack near Hevron Link
2016-09-22 Governor calls out National Guard as Charlotte police shooting protests continue Link
2016-09-22 One person critically injured during protest of Charlotte police shooting Link
2016-09-21 Egypt migrant boat capsize: At least 42 people killed Link
2016-09-21 Accept Palestine or face ‘sea of hatred,’ Jordanian king warns Israel Link
2016-09-21 In meet with Netanyahu, Obama will raise, but not force, two-state issue Link
2016-09-20 Bombing suspect’s father says he called FBI on his violent son 2 years ago Link
2016-09-20 ‘70% of European Jews won’t go to shul on High Holy Days despite heightened security’ Link
2016-09-20 Botswana to deport anti-gay US pastor Steven Anderson Link
2016-09-19 Twenty killed in Central African Republic rebel violence Link
2016-09-19 NY, NJ bombings: Suspect wounded, arrested after shootout; 2 officers hit Link
2016-09-19 ‘Number of individuals’ in custody after authorities stop ‘vehicle of interest’ in Chelsea bombing Link
2016-09-18 Air strikes hit rebel-held areas of Aleppo, monitors say Link
2016-09-18 ISIS Supporters Rush To Celebrate NYC Explosion Link
2016-09-18 Explosion in New York City believed to be ‘intentional,’ mayor says; 29 injured Link
2016-09-16 2 Palestinians ram truck into West Bank bus stop, one of them killed Link
2016-09-15 DHS accused of sitting on damning border report as immigration issue drives presidential race Link
2016-09-15 Muslim arrested for hate crime murder in Toronto Link
2016-09-14 US approves record $38bn Israel military aid deal Link
2016-09-13 Germany probes arrested ‘IS cell’ Syrians for links to Paris attacks Link
2016-09-12 Syria war: Cessation of hostilities comes into effect Link
2016-09-12 Fire at Fort Pierce mosque where Pulse nightclub killer prayed ‘intentionally set,’ investigators say Link
2016-09-11 On eve of 9/11 anniversary, Al Qaeda threatens more attacks Link
2016-09-09 World condemns North Korea’s ‘biggest’ nuclear test Link
2016-09-08 Sources: US forces mounted unsuccessful mission to rescue American U. hostages in Afghanistan Link
2016-09-07 Russian SU-27 Jet Intercepts US Navy Spy Plane Over Black Sea Link
2016-09-07 US payment of $1.7 billion to Iran made entirely in cash Link
2016-09-06 ‘Extremist Islamic terror is spreading throughout Europe’ Link
2016-09-06 Radical preacher Anjem Choudary jailed for five years Link
2016-09-05 2 dead, 17 wounded in Tel Aviv parking garage collapse Link
2016-09-05 Obama cabinet member speaks at Islamist conference Link
2016-09-04 Pope proclaims ‘dispenser of mercy’ Mother Teresa a saint Link
2016-09-01 Magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes off New Zealand Link
2016-09-01 Israel ‘approves 464 settlement homes in West Bank’ Link
2016-09-01 3.7-billion-year-old fossils may be the oldest signs of life on Earth Link
2016-08-30 As 2 hurricanes approach, meteorologists predict impacts worse than Iselle Link
2016-08-29 10,000: Administration About to Hit Syria Refugee Target; Fewer Than 0.5% Are Christians Link
2016-08-29 Will Netanyahu meet Obama in September? Link
2016-08-26 13 worshippers arrested inside Arab village Link
2016-08-23 Pentagon warns Syria: Don’t fly near coalition troops Link
2016-08-23 IS conflict: UN warns of ‘huge impact’ of Mosul assault Link
2016-08-23 Worldwide concern over ‘too many immigrants’: study Link
2016-08-22 Israel strikes Syria Link
2016-08-22 Iran releases images of new missile defense system Link
2016-08-20 At least 22 dead, 94 injured in Turkey wedding bombing Link
2016-08-19 DEATH DRONES China building cruise missiles powered by killer artificial intelligence Link
2016-08-16 Guantanamo Bay: US in largest detainee transfer under Obama Link
2016-08-15 U.S. accepts more Syrian refugees than all of EU: 8,000 vs. 6,000 Link
2016-08-15 At Least 2 Dead in Louisiana Flooding; Evacuations and Rescues Ongoing as Rivers Rise Toward Record Crests Link
2016-08-14 Rio Games honoring Israel’s athletes massacred at 1972 Olympics Link
2016-08-12 Thailand bomb blasts target Phuket and Hua Hin tourist spots Link
2016-08-12 Syria conflict: Aleppo ‘chlorine gas attack’ investigated Link
2016-08-10 South Sudan rejects increased UN peacekeeping force Link
2016-08-08 63 dead in Pakistan hospital bombing Link
2016-08-07 India market attack: Suspected rebels kill 13 in Assam Link
2016-08-07 ‘Several killed’ in Ethiopia protests Link
2016-08-05 Australia senator Malcolm Roberts calls climate change a UN conspiracy Link
2016-08-05 Syria war: Stranded refugees get first aid in weeks Link
2016-08-04 Foreign tourists attacked in Afghanistan Link
2016-08-04 European who left ISIS claims they wanted him to attack Germany Link
2016-08-04 Charity funds diverted to arm Hamas terrorists Link
2016-08-03 Egypt’s top cleric says he opposes harming gays Link
2016-07-31 Multiple victims in Texas shootings Link
2016-07-31 ‘We’ve prevented many terror attacks around the world’ Link
2016-07-29 San Diego cops surround house in hunt for officer’s killer Link
2016-07-29 India child labour bill amendments criticised by UN Link
2016-07-28 Over 100 dead in South Asia monsoon flooding Link
2016-07-28 Netanyahu: Any Hamas attack will bring ‘devastation’ on Gaza Link
2016-07-28 Rabbi to Pope: Remove church from Auschwitz Link
2016-07-27 In Netanyahu’s new illustrated world, Israel has just five enemies Link
2016-07-26 Church attacker was a terror suspect, 19, under house arrest Link
2016-07-26 Ansbach explosion: Bomber pledged allegiance to IS Link
2016-07-25 In Israel, ex-Saudi general says Palestinian state would curb Iran aggression Link
2016-07-22 Many believed dead in Munich ‘shooting rampage’ Link
2016-07-22 Iraq sweats in near-record heatwave Link
2016-07-22 Nigeria Boko Haram: Children starving, warns Unicef Link
2016-07-20 After rabbi’s anti-gay comments, Ya’alon warns of national religious ‘radicalization’ Link
2016-07-19 North Korea ‘fires three ballistic missiles into sea’ Link
2016-07-19 Nice attack was ‘premeditated, prepared and planned’ Link
2016-07-19 85 Turkish generals, admirals charged in coup attempt Link
2016-07-18 Erdogan’s appeal to Islamists in wake of failed coup spurs fears for Turkey’s future Link
2016-07-18 Kazakhstan attack: Four in Almaty killed ‘by Islamist’ Link
2016-07-17 Israel shoots at drone over Golan Heights Link
2016-07-17 3 law enforcement officers killed, 3 others injured in Baton Rouge shooting Link
2016-07-17 FGM is child abuse, says UN Population Fund chief Link
2016-07-15 Breaking News : Coup underway in Turkey amid reports of gunfire, explosions in major cities, police deaths Link
2016-07-15 Chaos reigns in Turkey as military launches coup Link
2016-07-15 Bangladesh mosques urged to give sermon against extremism Link
2016-07-14 Year after Iran deal, US says world safer, skeptics proven wrong Link
2016-07-14 South China Sea: China ‘has right to set up air defence zone’ Link
2016-07-14 Scientists find evidence of new Stone Age farming population Link
2016-07-13 Incoming British PM Theresa May seen as warm supporter of Israel Link
2016-07-12 Reform rabbis demand prayer space at Western Wall Link
2016-07-12 Netanyahu asks Egyptian FM to help free Israelis held in Gaza Link
2016-07-11 Kashmir clashes over militant Burhan Wani leave 30 dead Link
2016-07-11 On rare Israel visit, Egypt FM pushes for renewed peace talks Link
2016-07-08 At least 26 killed, 52 wounded in terror attack on Iraqi Shiite holy site Link
2016-07-08 Police in standoff with suspected sniper after five Dallas officers killed during protest; three others in custody Link
2016-06-30 US military lifts ban on transgenders serving openly Link
2016-06-30 Two wounded in Netanya stabbing attack Link
2016-06-29 Islamic State likely planning to attack US, CIA chief warns Link
2016-06-28 US official wants to defeat ISIS within 14 months Link
2016-06-27 Abbas aide: ‘Wherever you see an Israeli, slit his throat’ Link
2016-06-27 Glick: ‘We haven’t given up on the Gaza Strip’ Link
2016-06-23 UN Ambassador: ‘Abbas revealed his true colors Link
2016-06-23 Israel accuses Abbas of peddling lies, promoting blood libels Link
2016-06-22 Cameron: We must stay in EU to influence Europe’s approach to Israel Link
2016-06-21 Libya conflict: At least 25 dead in weapons store explosion Link
2016-06-21 Three arrested outside NYC after weapons cache, ballistic vests found in vehicle Link
2016-06-15 Iran the greatest threat to Israeli security Link
2016-06-15 Netanyahu slams ‘misleading’ reports of US aid cut Link
2016-06-15 Syria conflict: Report says UN has lost impartiality Link
2016-06-14 Trump: Sometimes Obama supports Muslims more than Israel Link
2016-06-14 ISIS head killed in bombing Link
2016-06-14 Muslim terrorist kills French cop, wife while livestreaming on Facebook Link
2016-06-13 Trump seems to suggest Obama sympathizes with terrorists Link
2016-06-09 EgyptAir jet lands in Uzbekistan after hoax bomb threat Link
2016-06-03 US State Department report names Iran as top sponsor of global terror Link
2016-06-03 Hotovely: Jerusalem will remain united forever Link
2016-06-03 Fort Hood: Texas flood accident kills five US soldiers Link
2016-06-01 Air strikes in north Syria kill at least 42 civilians Link
2016-06-01 Death toll from car bomb attack in Somali capital rises to 10 Link
2016-05-31 US State Department issues Europe-wide travel warning Link
2016-05-31 Bernie Sanders: Israel has a right to US protection Link
2016-05-30 European migrant crisis: Shipwrecks ‘kill up to 700 migrants’ Link
2016-05-30 Four civilians killed, 19 people wounded by blast in SE Turkey Link
2016-05-27 Arab MK promises Hamas he will defy Netanyahu Link
2016-05-27 Uganda 2010 bombing: Five given life in jail Link
2016-05-26 Indonesia approves castrating child rapists Link
2016-05-26 China and US clash over cheap steel imports Link
2016-05-23 Texas city hatches real estate deal with church to cross out atheists’ lawsuit Link
2016-05-23 18 girls killed in fire at school dorm in Thailand Link
2016-05-22 Death toll from weeklong storms in Sri Lanka rises to 92 Link
2016-05-22 Tanzania mosque attack kills three Link
2016-05-19 EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo was likely brought down by terror attack, officials say Link
2016-05-19 Chinese jets intercept US spy plane over South China Sea, Pentagon says Link
2016-05-19 American B-52 bomber crashes in Guam Link
2016-05-18 Watch: IDF successfully tests ‘Iron Dome of the Sea Link
2016-05-17 Will Kerry go? French Mideast summit postponed as US dithers Link
2016-05-17 Decades after war, churches near Jesus’ baptism site to be cleared of mines Link
2016-05-16 Congressman: Classified details of Iran’s treatment of US sailors will shock nation Link
2016-05-16 Lightning strikes kill 65 people in four days in Bangladesh Link
2016-05-16 Justin Trudeau to push for transgender rights in Canada Link
2016-05-12 US activates missile shield base in Romania Link
2016-05-12 Elkana Friedman wins International Bible Contest Link
2016-05-10 One dead, 3 hurt after stabbing spree at Germany train station Link
2016-05-10 ‘Life is horrible’: Syria’s Christians fear total genocide Link
2016-05-10 Motiur Rahman Nizami: Bangladeshi Islamist leader executed Link
2016-05-08 Afghanistan fuel tanker crash kills 73 in Ghazni province Link
2016-04-28 North Korea fails second major missile test in 2 weeks Link
2016-04-28 Italy nabs four suspected in ISIS plot to attack Israeli embassy, Vatican          Link
2016-04-26 Eleven bodies found at Cape Verde barracks Link
2016-04-25 Iran threatens US with ICJ over payment to families of terror victims Link
2016-04-25 ISIS-loyal Filipino jihadists behead Canadian hostage Link
2016-04-25 India landslide in Arunachal Pradesh kills 15 workers Link
2016-04-24 ‘Meddling Obama owes Netanyahu an apology’ Link
2016-04-22 At least 7 people, mostly children, reportedly shot to death in Ohio Link
2016-04-22 7 held for attempting Passover goat sacrifice in J’lem Link
2016-04-22 India landslide in Arunachal Pradesh kills 15 workers Link
2016-04-15 US Defence Secretary visits aircraft carrier in South China Sea Link
2016-04-14 John Kasich links Jesus’ blood to Passover at matzah bakery Link
2016-04-12 Boko Haram crisis: ‘Huge rise’ in child suicide bombers Link
2016-04-12 ‘Historic’ secret Jewish wedding performed on Temple Mount Link
2016-04-12 New look at ancient shards suggests Bible even older than thought Link
2016-04-11 President Obama: Libya aftermath ‘worst mistake’ of presidency Link
2016-04-11 Puttingal temple: Five detained over India fireworks blast Link
2016-04-11 Bible makes list of books most challenged at libraries, public schools Link
2016-04-08 Israel tells its nationals in Turkey: Get out now Link
2016-04-08 Hot weather kills 80 in south India Link
2016-04-06 Netanyahu looks to Africa for new allies Link
2016-04-04 Netanyahu dares Abbas to meet: ‘I’ve cleared my schedule for the week’ Link
2016-04-04 At least 22 Islamic radicals linked to the Paris and Brussels attacks could still be at large Link
2016-04-03 Trump: US in danger of ‘very massive recession’ Link
2016-04-03 2 dead after Amtrak train strikes backhoe on tracks near Philadelphia Link
2016-03-31 Rescue crews frantically searching for 150 believed trapped after deadly overpass collapse in India Link
2016-03-31 Iran ‘certain’ UN won’t punish it for missile tests Link
2016-03-31 Paris Climate Treaty: ‘Significant step’ as US and China agree to sign Link
2016-03-30 Trump: Ban abortions, ‘punish’ women who get them Link
2016-03-29 US orders families out of southern Turkey over security Link
2016-03-28 US Capitol on lockdown after reports of shots fired Link
2016-03-28 UN expert says Palmyra likely beyond repair after IS carnage Link
2016-03-25 At least 2 Americans killed in Brussels attacks, US official says Link
2016-03-25 IS senior leader ‘killed in US raid in Syria’ Link
2016-03-25 Brussels anti-terror police nab 3, including man ‘with explosives’ Link
2016-03-23 Belgian intelligence had advance warning about attack Link
2016-03-23 Tomb of Jesus set for restoration work after Easter Link
2016-03-22 ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport, Metro station Link
2016-03-22 At least 34 said killed as terror attacks rock Brussels airport, metro Link
2016-03-17 Kerry declares ISIS committing genocide against Christians, others Link
2016-03-15 Three Chicago police officers shot during drug investigation, gunman killed Link
2016-03-15 Israeli rocket technology will help explorer ease onto Mars Link
2016-03-14 Thailand chemical accident in Bangkok bank kills eight Link
2016-03-14 American ISIS fighter captured by Kurds in Iraq Link
2016-03-14 Hiker finds 2,000-year-old gold coin in northern Israel Link
2016-03-11 White House under pressure to respond to Iran’s missile tests Link
2016-03-10 At least 5 killed in shooting outside Pittsburgh; police searching for 2 gunmen Link
2016-03-10 Iran insists missile tests do not violate nuclear deal Link
2016-03-09 Biden: Israel cannot defeat terror with military force Link
2016-03-09 Biden criticises failure to denounce Palestinian attacks Link
2016-03-08 Iran ‘conducts new ballistic missile tests’ Link
2016-03-08 IDF seals off two terrorists’ West Bank villages after attacks Link
2016-03-08 Report: Obama to use UN to divide Jerusalem Link
2016-03-07 Australian navy says it seized weapons headed for Somalia Link
2016-03-06 Netanyahu rebuffs claims of rift with US ahead of Biden visit Link
2016-03-06 Yemen conflict: Pope Francis condemns ‘diabolical’ killing of nuns Link
2016-03-04 Mumbai: Indian man ‘kills 14 members of family’ Link
2016-03-04 IS ‘on the rise’ among Arab Israelis, with 34 indicted to date Link
2016-03-03 North Korea ‘fires missiles’ into sea hours after UN vote Link
2016-03-01 8 arrested as Ethiopian-Israelis protest alleged police abuse Link
2016-02-26 Germany says it doesn’t know the whereabouts of 130,000 refugees Link
2016-02-26 Trump to Israeli paper: I’m your biggest friend Link
2016-02-24 Nepal passenger plane crash kills all 23 on board Link
2016-02-24 Iran pledges thousands of dollars for Palestinian terrorists Link
2016-02-24 DARK DAY’: Sheriff’s deputy killed, 2 deputies injured in Colorado shootout Link
2016-02-23 Netanyahu voices support for gay rights on Knesset LGBT Day Link
2016-02-21 Michigan police say 6 dead in random shooting spree, suspect arrested Link
2016-02-19 France aims for peace parley in April, direct talks in July Link
2016-02-19 Canadian parliament set to pass motion rejecting BDS Link
2016-02-17 At least 5 killed, 10 injured as huge blast rocks Ankara Link
2016-02-17 Turkey vows to keep up strikes on Kurds in northern Syria Link
2016-02-17 Israeli outrage over US Judea-Samaria labeling ‘deception’ Link
2016-02-16 Iraq: Three American citizens released after month in captivity Link
2016-02-16 Bill Clinton tells Florida Jews Hillary will prioritize Israel ties Link
2016-02-16 China to protect migrant workers’ ‘left-behind’ children Link
2016-02-15 Syria crisis: Strikes on hospitals and schools kill ‘up to 50’ Link
2016-02-15 Nuclear arms race under way in Middle East, Israeli official warns Link
2016-02-15 Bahrain arrests four US journalists on uprising anniversary Link
2016-02-11 At least 52 inmates dead after riot, fire at Mexico prison Link
2016-02-11 Saudi Arabia shooting: Attacker ‘kills six’ at Jazan education office Link
2016-02-10 Netanyahu: Terrorists want to destroy our state, not build their own Link
2016-02-09 Obama sends Congress record $4.1T budget plan Link
2016-02-09 Netanyahu unveils plan to ‘surround entire state with a fence’ Link
2016-02-08 Bomb threats made to Jewish schools in UK Link
2016-02-07 US, South Korea to discuss deployment of missile defense system Link
2016-02-07 PM: Israel will bring to justice those who burned Torah scrolls Link
2016-02-07 Police say makeshift West Bank synagogue torched by arsonists Link
2016-02-05 Russia ramping up military drills to Cold War levels, NATO says Link
2016-02-04 Sweden vs Russia - A new Cold War front? Link
2016-02-03 Karachi protest: Pakistan clashes at airport ‘kill two’ Link
2016-02-03 2 policewomen badly hurt in attack in Jerusalem’s Old City Link
2016-02-02 ‘Kill 500 Israelis,’ mourners demand at funeral of PA gunman Link
2016-02-02 North Korea is ‘days away’ from launching ballistic missile, official says Link
2016-02-01 Russia accused of creating ‘new Hitler’ in Syria Link
2016-02-01 Iran: $100 billion in assets ‘fully released’ under nuclear deal Link
2016-01-31 Netanyahu: Israel ready to talk but no pre-conditions Link
2016-01-29 In huge Israeli intel breach, US, UK have spied on air force for 18 years Link
2016-01-29 Indian women march to temple, demanding ‘right to pray’ Link
2016-01-29 Ancient Babylonians ‘first to use geometry’ Link
2016-01-28 Yemen conflict: Suicide bombing near Aden palace kills seven Link
2016-01-28 Obama at Holocaust event: We are all Jews; we must all fight anti-Semitism, evil Link
2016-01-28 Canada’s PM forgets Jews in statement on Holocaust Link
2016-01-26 Afghan police officer drugs and kills 10 colleagues Link
2016-01-26 IDF warns Hamas: We will close Gaza crossings Link
2016-01-26 Rouhani asks pope to pray for him in first visit to Rome Link
2016-01-24 Khamenei: God delivered US sailors into our hands Link
2016-01-22 Egypt: Cairo bomb blast kills nine during police raid Link
2016-01-22 Kerry: Some Iran sanctions relief likely to go to terrorists Link
2016-01-22 US indicates Abbas lied about peace talks Link
2016-01-21 West ignoring grave threat from IS in Libya, Israeli terror experts warn Link
2016-01-20 Two gunmen killed in attack on Pakistan university Link
2016-01-20 Two explosions heard inside Pakistan university under attack Link
2016-01-18 Iran condemns new US sanctions over missile test Link
2016-01-18 British PM says migrants who don’t learn English may face deportation Link
2016-01-17 Syria conflict: ‘Hundreds’ abducted in IS attack on Deir al-Zour Link
2016-01-17 Plane carrying freed Americans leaves Iran Link
2016-01-15 Temple Mount crackdown on Jews ‘fuels terror wave’ Link
2016-01-15 US Episcopal Church punished by global body for accepting gay marriage Link
2016-01-14 Madaya: Second aid convoy ‘enters besieged Syrian town’ Link
2016-01-14 Hurricane Alex forms, first January hurricane in decades Link
2016-01-12 Obama vows to veto bill to restrict Iran sanctions relief Link
2016-01-12 Madaya Syria: ‘400 residents must leave’ for medical treatment Link
2016-01-11 China hospital demolished ‘with people inside’ Link
2016-01-10 Netanyahu ‘fighting Obama’s plan to be UN Sec-Gen’ Link
2016-01-10 Arab League ministers back Saudi Arabia and condemn Iran Link
2016-01-10 Israel busts Hamas cell planning highway shooting attack Link
2016-01-07 All 17 workers rescued from New York salt mine after trapped for hours Link
2016-01-07 Israel busts Hamas cell that planned kidnappings, murders Link
2016-01-06 Outrage, skepticism greet North Korea’s claim of hydrogen bomb test Link
2016-01-06 North Korea nuclear test: UN vows new measures Link
2016-01-05 US says weighs sanctions against Iran for ballistic missile test Link
2016-01-04 Libyan oil port of Sidra attacked by Islamic State Link
2016-01-04 US under pressure to assure Mideast allies amid Iran-Saudi dispute Link
2016-01-03 EU warns new Mideast tension risks Syria peace effort Reuters Link
2016-01-01 2 killed, 7 wounded in Tel Aviv shooting; gunman is Israeli Arab Link
2015-12-31 Terror attack thwarted in tourist hotspot Eilat Link
2015-12-27 Netanyahu: Duma attackers don’t represent religious Zionism Link
2015-12-27 Chinese mine owner kills himself as 17 miners remain trapped Link
2015-12-25 Arizona man allegedly planned to blow up Super Bowl stadium, mall Link
2015-12-25 Security forces: Terror wave likely to last ‘months’ Link
2015-12-24 US storms: At least 10 dead in trail of destruction Link
2015-12-23 Three wounded in Jerusalem Old City stabbing attack Link
2015-12-23 18 arrested at protests over alleged torture of Duma suspects Link
2015-12-22 Head of extremist Jewish group calls Christians ‘blood-sucking vampires’ Link
2015-12-21 6 US troops killed in Afghanistan suicide bombing, official says Link
2015-12-21 Canada vows to double Syrian refugee intake Link
2015-12-21 Magic Wand missile defense system passes final tests Link
2015-12-20 Samir Kuntar had planned major attack against Israel Link
2015-12-18 Hamas seeking to orchestrate suicide bombings, PA says Link
2015-12-18 McCain flabbergasted that Kerry supports Russia’s bombing Link
2015-12-16 US to sell arms to Taiwan despite Chinese opposition Link
2015-12-16 UN watchdog closes probe into Iran nukes, drawing Israeli ire Link
2015-12-16 2 IS-backing Palestinians charged in bomb plot on Israeli Embassy in Berlin Link
2015-12-15 Hezbollah has lost 1/3 of its fighters in Syria Link
2015-12-15 Threat that closed LA schools appears to have been a hoax, House Intel lawmaker says Link
2015-12-14 Baby among 14 injured in terror attack at entrance to Jerusalem Link
2015-12-13 Syria crisis: Damascus hit by deadly clashes Link
2015-12-13 ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood share ‘same ideology with different actions Link
2015-12-13 69 German police officers injured in clash with left-wing protesters Link
2015-12-11 Catholics should not try to convert Jews, Vatican says in landmark document Link
2015-12-10 Huckabee ‘ashamed’ of US response to Protective Edge Link
2015-12-10 Trump cancels Israel trip, will meet PM ‘after I become president’ Link
2015-12-09 US fumes at Iran’s reported ballistic missile test Link
2015-12-08 Trump demands ‘complete shutdown’ on Muslims entering US Link
2015-12-06 US shocked by Ya’alon’s criticism of its response to ISIS Link
2015-12-06 San Bernardino shooter’s dad: He was ‘obsessed’ with Israel Link
2015-12-04 Syria conflict: German MPs vote for anti-IS military mission Link
2015-12-04 California attacker Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to IS Link
2015-12-04 Ted Cruz says he fears California shooting may be Islamic terrorism Link
2015-12-03 Netanyahu: We could destroy Al-Aqsa, but we don’t want to Link
2015-12-03 Syria air strikes: David Cameron warns of long campaign Link
2015-12-03 FBI says California shooting ‘possible terrorism’ Link
2015-12-02 Jerusalem: Incredible archaeological find brings Bible to life Link
2015-12-02 Syria conflict: Russia accuses Erdogan of trading oil with IS Link
2015-12-02 France closes 3 mosques in operation against extremism Link
2015-12-01 Expert: ISIS Paris attacks to change EU-Israel relations Link
2015-12-01 In Paris, Netanyahu and Abbas shake hands for first time in 5 years Link
2015-11-30 IS blamed for mass Yazidi grave found near Sinjar, Iraq Link
2015-11-30 Netanyahu orders: ‘Break contact’ with European Union Link
2015-11-30 NI abortion law ‘breaches human rights’ Link
2015-11-29 Ya’alon: Wave of Palestinian terror won’t end soon Link
2015-11-29 Canadian synagogue opens doors to Muslims after mosque arson Link
2015-11-27 Saudi Arabia ‘to execute more than 50 convicted of terrorism’ Link
2015-11-27 Erdogan warns Putin ‘not to play with fire’ Link
2015-11-27 Six soldiers hurt in car-ramming during West Bank protest Link
2015-11-26 Russia deploys S-400 missile battery in Syria, state media says Link
2015-11-26 Canada’s new PM supports Israel at UN Link
2015-11-26 Iran didn’t sign the nuclear deal - and it isn’t legally binding Link
2015-11-25 ‘Turkey gave no warning’ - downed Russian pilot Link
2015-11-25 Kerry: Israeli-Palestinian conflict may ‘spin out of control’ Link
2015-11-24 Turkey downing of Russia jet ‘stab in the back’ - Putin Link
2015-11-24 Kerry in Jerusalem: Israel has right, obligation to defend itself Link
2015-11-24 Turkey shoots down Russian warplane near Syria Link
2015-11-23 Israeli soldier killed, 2 hurt in stabbing at West Bank gas station Link
2015-11-23 New Israeli system protects planes from missile attack Link
2015-11-22 Obama says US ‘will not relent’ in fight against Islamic State Link
2015-11-22 Israeli woman killed in West Bank stabbing Link
2015-11-22 Israel stabbings: Four injured in Kiryat Gat attacks Link
2015-11-20 Palestinian attacks in Israel and West Bank kill five Link
2015-11-20 170 hostages in Mali luxury hotel Link
2015-11-19 Three Israelis killed in Tel Aviv and West Bank attacks Link
2015-11-19 Suspected mastermind of Paris massacre killed in terror raid Link
2015-11-18 Air strikes on IS stronghold of Raqqa ‘kill 33 militants’ Link
2015-11-18 2 dead, 7 arrested in Paris police raid targeting attack mastermind Link
2015-11-17 IDF responds to earlier rocket fire by hitting two terrorist targets in Gaza Link
2015-11-17 Republicans rush to shut borders to Syrian refugees Link
2015-11-17 Israel bans Islamist group, saying it’s inciting violence Link
2015-11-16 Bennett: It’s either Israel or ISIS in the West Bank Link
2015-11-16 Dozens of French Jews immigrate to Israel after Paris attacks Link
2015-11-13 Iran threatens to end nuclear deal Link
2015-11-13 Israeli father and son shot dead in West Bank terror attack Link
2015-11-12 Official: US won’t recognize Israeli rule over Golan Heights Link
2015-11-11 Syria conflict: Russia ‘peace plan’ revealed ahead of key summit Link
2015-11-11 Netanyahu: Israel, US must work together on Iran Link
2015-11-11 9 reportedly killed after plane crashes in residential area of Ohio Link
2015-11-09 Jordanian police officer kills two Americans and a South African Link
2015-11-09 Palestinian woman brandishing knife is shot dead at checkpoint Link
2015-11-09 1 reported dead, 2 wounded in subway shooting near NYC’s Penn Station Link
2015-11-08 Third attack in six hours: Stabbing in Samaria, one injured Link
2015-11-08 Four Israelis hurt in West Bank car-ramming, 2 seriously Link
2015-11-06 Obama to ask Netanyahu to avoid ‘one-state solution’ Link
2015-11-05 South China Sea: US defence chief Ash Carter wades into row Link
2015-11-04 Dozens dead after Russian cargo plane crashes along Nile River in South Sudan Link
2015-11-04 4 students stabbed, suspect killed on California university campus Link
2015-11-04 57% of US Jews eat pork, and 9 other findings from new Pew study Link
2015-11-03 Jordanian combat pilots flew with Israel counterparts in recent US exercise Link
2015-11-03 ‘A great revival of Israel’: Joseph’s Tomb restored Link
2015-11-02 Al-Qaeda leader praises stabbing attacks in Israel Link
2015-10-30 Israel hosts its largest-ever international air force exercise Link
2015-10-29 When Obama hosts Netanyahu, it won’t be pleasant, but it might be productive Link
2015-10-29 Why Netanyahu won’t approve a Palestinian state Link
2015-10-28 China media denounce US warship in South China Sea Link
2015-10-28 Abbas urges UN for ‘special regime’ to ‘protect Palestinians’ Link
2015-10-27 China says US warship’s Spratly islands passage ‘illegal’ Link
2015-10-26 PM plans east Jerusalem tour, may take away Arab residents’ IDs Link
2015-10-26 Jerusalem mufti: Temple Mount never housed Jewish Temple Link
2015-10-22 2 dead in sword attack at Swedish school, police make ‘interesting’ find at assailant’s home Link
2015-10-22 Kerry, Netanyahu begin talks; UN reviews ‘observer force’ doc Link
2015-10-21 Netanyahu blames Jerusalem mufti for Holocaust, is accused of ‘absolving Hitler’ Link
2015-10-21 Indian protests after Dalit children burnt alive in caste attack Link
2015-10-21 Desperate’ police describe suspect sought in road rage shooting that killed 4-year-old Link
2015-10-20 Israeli Murdered in Rock Ambush Identified: Avraham Hasno Link
2015-10-20 Not an uprising against occupation. An uprising against Israel Link
2015-10-19 Hamas Orders Suicide Bombings in Jerusalem Link
2015-10-19 Report: PA Police Beat Jewish Worshipers at Joseph’s Tomb Link
2015-10-19 Hundreds rally for peace in Jerusalem, Beersheba Link
2015-10-16 Palestinian rioters set fire to Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus Link
2015-10-16 Netanyahu to Visit Germany, After Cancelling Earlier This Month Link
2015-10-15 Kerry heading to region, looking to convene Netanyahu, Abbas summit Link
2015-10-15 Stabbing Attack at Jerusalem Central Bus Station Link
2015-10-14 Germany Warns of Risk of US-Russia Conflict Over Syria Link
2015-10-14 China hits back at US over islands Link
2015-10-13 Israel orders army to help police keep order in cities in face of terror wave Link
2015-10-13 Ukraine calls for criminal investigation after report finds Russian missile downed MH17 Link
2015-10-09 Netanyahu’s message to Israelis: Trust me, and we’ll beat this terror war, too Link
2015-10-09 At least 5 dead, hundreds injured as violence spikes in Israel, West Bank Link
2015-10-07 US Denies Reports it Threatened Israel Link
2015-09-29 China anger at Clinton feminists tweet Link
2015-09-27 Netanyahu hails Egyptian president’s call for Arab-Israeli peace Link
2015-09-24 Scores killed in Saudi Hajj stampede Link
2015-09-24 Minor violence as sweltering Yom Kippur comes to an end Link
2015-09-22 A Yom Kippur battle through the lens of the US Civil War Link
2015-09-22 Heatwave, bikes and Jerusalem tensions: A wary Israel marks Yom Kippur Link
2015-09-21 Arab MKs Tell Abdullah II: Block Jews from Temple Mount Link
2015-09-21 PM: Putin and I have understanding on Syria military activity Link
2015-09-21 Boosted by nuke deal, Iran ups funding to Hezbollah, Hamas Link
2015-09-20 At least 5 killed in suicide bomb attack in northern Cameroon Link
2015-09-20 3 people hurt in Alabama church shooting; suspect arrested Link
2015-09-20 MKs ask Jordan to pressure Israel into banning Jews from Temple Mount Link
2015-09-17 Abbas to ‘Drop a Bombshell’ at End of UN Speech Link
2015-09-16 Australia launches first air strikes inside Syria Link
2015-09-16 Netanyahu declares ‘war’ on stone throwers after deadly attack Link
2015-09-16 Abbas: We Won’t Let Israel ‘Desecrate’ Jerusalem’s Holy Sites Link
2015-09-11 Obama declares victory as Senate Democrats block vote on Iran resolution Link
2015-09-11 Abbas: Palestinians now want flag ‘over occupied Jerusalem’ Link
2015-09-09 Netanyahu: Iran Leaves ‘No Room for Illusion’ Over Deal Link
2015-09-09 Cheney: Iran deal endangers future of the Jewish people Link
2015-09-09 Khamenei: Israel won’t survive next 25 years Link
2015-09-08 Kerry Speaks to Netanyahu, Reaffirms Commitment to Israel Link
2015-09-08 IDF: Duma attack was definitely ‘Jewish terrorism’ Link
2015-09-08 Jury Recommends Death Penalty for White Supremacist Who Killed Three at Kansas Jewish Sites Link
2015-09-07 Manchester teen beaten unconscious in suspected anti-Semitic attack Link
2015-09-06 US warns Russia against additional aid to Assad amid new violence Link
2015-09-03 Iran supreme leader: Sanctions must be lifted, not suspended Link
2015-09-03 5 American tourists attacked by firebombs in Hebron Link
2015-09-02 Obama clinches support needed to approve Iran deal Link
2015-09-01 PM Says He is ‘Ready’ to Meet with Abbas for Negotiations Link
2015-08-31 6 Palestinians said killed, Israeli policeman wounded in Jenin gunfight Link
2015-08-31 Turkey: Two British Reporters Charged with Working for ISIS Link
2015-08-30 Iran jails 2 people for 10 years for spying for US, Israel Link
2015-08-28 Obama to US Jews: Iran deal lifts existential threat to Israel Link
2015-08-28 Migrant crisis: Libya boats search for more bodies Link
2015-08-27 Activists want US to do more to help Christians fleeing ISIS Link
2015-08-27 Cruz and Trump to Team Up on Iran Deal Link
2015-08-26 Suspected gunman shoots self after journalists killed on air, official says Link
2015-08-25 Obama left Israel in the cold when he revived ties with Cuba Link
2015-08-20 NYC Rally to Demand Senator Reverse Iran Deal Vote Link
2015-08-19 Israel, Republicans fume at secret deal that lets Iran inspect its own suspect nuke site Link
2015-08-18 Menendez: I will vote against Iran deal, support veto override Link
2015-08-18 Yom Kippur to once again coincide with Muslim holiday Link
2015-08-17 At least 18 dead in Bangkok bomb blast Link
2015-08-13 IRGC officer: We laugh at Obama’s ‘ridiculous’ military threats Link
2015-08-12 At least 7 killed as huge explosion rocks Chinese city Link
2015-08-12 Arab, Jewish protesters clash outside Ashkelon hospital Link
2015-08-10 At Least 31 Dead in Two Separate Bombings in Iraq Link
2015-08-10 Turkey ‘protecting IS’ - PKK chief Link
2015-08-10 American man tries to form army for Islamic State Link
2015-08-06 Rivlin ‘worried’ Netanyahu-Obama rift ‘has placed Israel in isolation’ Link
2015-08-05 Obama: Everyone but Israel supports Iran deal Link
2015-08-04 Netanyahu: Iran deal will bring war, ‘nightmare’ atomic arms race Link
2015-08-04 Republicans push bill rejecting Iran nuclear deal Link
2015-08-03 Senior American official: If Iran attacks Israel, US will protect it Link
2015-08-03 Obama to speak to Jewish leaders in first post-Iran deal meeting Link
2015-07-31 Israel braces for violence, Hamas rockets, after Palestinian baby killed in firebombing Link
2015-07-31 Crowds flock to Mali’s ‘religious wall sign’ Link
2015-07-30 Netanyahu: Nuke deal gives Iran months to cover up illicit activity Link
2015-07-30 6 stabbed in Jerusalem gay pride parade Link
2015-07-30 Australian senators go head-to head on gay marriage Link
2015-07-29 McCain: ‘Astonishing’ that US hasn’t seen Iran-IAEA deals Link
2015-07-29 Canada Buys Own Iron Dome Link
2015-07-29 Argentina’s foreign minister asks American secretary of state to clarify deal with Iran Link
2015-07-28 Officials: Iran may take own samples at alleged nuclear site Link
2015-07-28 Jonathan Pollard, convicted spy for Israel, to be paroled November 20 Link
2015-07-27 Israeli, Palestinian peace negotiators meet in secret in Jordan Link
2015-07-27 Turkish opposition press fears new civil war Link
2015-07-27 Huckabee hits back at Obama for ignoring Iran’s ‘Big Holocaust’ threat Link
2015-07-22 Israel to end freeze with hundreds of new settlement housing units Link
2015-07-22 Carter says Saudis accept Iran deal, with reservations Link
2015-07-21 PM: Iran Deal Severely Threatens Israel and Entire World Link
2015-07-21 Kerry: Khamenei’s anti-American remarks ‘disturbing’ Link
2015-07-20 UN Security Council endorses Iran nuclear deal Link
2015-07-17 Poll: 47 percent of Israelis back Iran strike following nuke deal Link
2015-07-17 Egypt: Six killed in clashes amid Brotherhood protest Link
2015-07-17 Five dead, including gunman, in Tennessee military facilities shootings Link
2015-07-16 Israelis overwhelmingly certain Iran still wants nukes Link
2015-07-16 FAA investigating reports of lasers pointed at 11 commercial flights near Newark-Liberty Airport Link
2015-07-15 Live: President Barack Obama Justifies Iran Deal Link
2015-07-15 Netanyahu on Iran deal: The more you read it, the worse it gets Link
2015-07-14 Netanyahu: Israel ‘not bound’ by Iran deal, will defend itself Link
2015-07-14 Republicans React to Nuclear Deal; ‘Shame on Obama’ Link
2015-07-13 Netanyahu Warns: Deal Or No Deal, We Won’t Let Iran Go Nuclear Link
2015-07-13 Iran nuclear deal ‘near completion’ Link
2015-07-13 Iran negotiator: No promises of nuke deal by Tuesday Link
2015-07-12 Diplomats say Iran nuclear deal expected Sunday Link
2015-07-12 Prisoner Swaps? ‘Israel Must Change the Rules of the Game’ Link
2015-07-10 Chanting ‘Death to America, Israel,’ millions march in Iran on al-Quds Day Link
2015-07-10 Kerry threatens to quit Iran nuke talks after more delays Link
2015-07-10 Ash spewing from volcano in Indonesia sparks travel chaos Link
2015-07-09 Netanyahu Vows to Return Citizens Abducted by Hamas Link
2015-07-09 Obama: Chances of Iran deal less than 50-50 Link
2015-07-08 Toronto’s Jewish community braces for al-Quds day protest Link
2015-07-07 Iran Nuclear Deadline Postponed, Giving Congress an Edge Link
2015-07-06 Iran nuclear talks: John Kerry says ‘hard choices’ needed Link
2015-07-06 Israeli teachers indicted for backing IS, pushing jihad in class Link
2015-07-05 Netanyahu: Western powers ‘collapsed’ in nuclear talks Link
2015-07-03 Palestinian shot, killed in attack on IDF Colonel’s vehicle Link
2015-07-02 Fresh push in Iran nuclear talks in Tehran, Vienna Link
2015-06-30 Israel says Syria’s Assad may be left with rump state Link
2015-06-26 Vatican signs first treaty with ‘State of Palestine’ Link
2015-06-24 Iran nuclear talks: Khamenei rejects key US demands Link
2015-06-24 Boston Bomber ‘Apologizes’ to Victims, Thanks Allah Link
2015-06-24 A year into fake unity with Hamas, Abbas says ‘enough’ Link
2015-06-23 US says Benghazi attack suspect killed in Iraq Link
2015-06-22 UN Gaza report: Israel, Hamas may be guilty of war crimes Link
2015-06-22 Iran parliament votes to limit inspections vital to nuclear deal, with deadline looming Link
2015-06-21 Thousands protest Galilee church ‘arson’ Link
2015-06-18 Nine killed in shooting at South Carolina church, gunman still at large Link
2015-06-18 Number displaced worldwide hits record high - UN report Link
2015-06-18 Fire heavily damages Church of Loaves and Fishes on Sea of Galilee Link
2015-06-16 Abbas: Palestinian Authority Unity Gov’t to Resign in 24 Hours Link
2015-06-14 Israel accuses world powers of yielding to Iran for nuclear deal Link
2015-06-11 New Chinese Hypersonic Nuclear Vehicle Can Defeat US Defenses? Link
2015-06-10 Deputy defense minister denies Israel spied on nuke talks Link
2015-06-07 Bennett to world: Recognize Golan Heights as Israeli territory Link
2015-06-05 Yangtze ship disaster: Chinese salvagers right Eastern Star Link
2015-06-05 ‘Female Viagra’ nears US approval after expert backing Link
2015-06-03 Three rockets shot from Gaza at southern Israel; no injuries Link
2015-06-03 Boston terror suspects plotted to behead police officers, source says Link
2015-06-02 Obama: Israel losing credibility because world doesn’t think it’s serious on peace Link
2015-06-02 China ship capsize: ‘Race against time’ in Yangtze rescue Link
2015-06-01 Obama Assures Israel: Only Deal Will Prevent Iran from Nukes Link
2015-06-01 German FM in Gaza: Israel must ease blockade, Hamas must work to end rockets Link
2015-05-29 Canada enables measures to revoke citizenship from dual-nationality terror suspects Link
2015-05-28 Christians Planning Another Holiday at David’s Tomb Link
2015-05-28 Sources: US defense aid to Israel to rise over Iran deal fears Link
2015-05-28 Palestinians happy to see Tony Blair go Link
2015-05-27 France won’t sign Iran deal without military site inspections Link
2015-05-27 Iran: Nuclear talks with powers might be extended past deadline Link
2015-05-26 PM: Nuclear Iran ‘A Thousand Times More Dangerous Than ISIS’ Link
2015-05-26 Iran denies agreement on military site inspections Link
2015-05-26 Germany Won’t Lift Iran Sanctions At Least Until Year’s End Link
2015-05-22 Obama: ‘Everybody is a child of God’ Link
2015-05-22 Netanyahu tells EU’s Mogherini he’s committed to two-state solution Link
2015-05-19 Israel: US let Iran plane deal go ahead despite sanctions Link
2015-05-19 Texas police investigate reports more biker gangs on way after deadly melee, arrests Link
2015-05-18 Europe wants central role in Middle East peace, Mogherini says Link
2015-05-18 Netanyahu, Herzog Spar Over Keeping Jerusalem United Link
2015-05-18 Asia boat migrants: UN despair over lack of rescues Link
2015-05-17 Clashes at Damascus Gate ahead of Jerusalem Day celebrations Link
2015-05-17 Report: Saudis may purchase Pakistani atomic bomb Link
2015-05-17 Pope Francis canonises two Palestinian nuns Link
2015-05-14 Vatican to recognise Palestinian state in treaty Link
2015-05-13 Pakistan gunmen kill 45 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus Link
2015-05-13 Amtrak train reportedly traveling at more than 100 mph before crash that killed 7 Link
2015-05-12 At least 4 people killed after magnitude-7.3 earthquake strikes Nepal Link
2015-05-12 US poll: Many approve Iran deal, but most don’t trust Tehran Link
2015-05-11 Major deal: Israel to purchase four patrol ships from Germany to defend gas rigs Link
2015-05-08 Obama congratulates Cameron on ‘impressive’ election win Link
2015-05-07 Ramallah blasts new Netanyahu government as ‘against peace’ Link
2015-05-06 Israeli jets said to strike near Sudanese city — report Link
2015-05-05 German police thwart Boston-style plot to bomb cycle race, source says Link
2015-05-05 Israel tests anti-missile defense system Link
2015-05-04 Israeli Ethiopian protests ‘reveal open wound’, president says Link
2015-05-04 Police searching car, apartment after shooting outside Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas Link
2015-05-03 Congressmen call for sanctions against Russia Link
2015-05-03 Samaritans hold annual Passover sacrifice ceremony on Mt. Gerizim Link
2015-04-30 Iran’s Zarif: Netanyahu is sitting on 400 nuclear warheads Link
2015-04-30 International Rescue Committee forced out of East Ukraine Link
2015-04-30 Yisrael Beytenu Again Demands Israel Finish Off Hamas Link
2015-04-29 Baltimore police enforce curfew Link
2015-04-29 Crew of ship seized by Iran is safe, company says, but motive is unclear Link
2015-04-28 Md. gov calls up National Guard after roving gangs attack police, torch patrol car and store Link
2015-04-28 Kerry: World ‘closer than ever’ to Iran nuke deal Link
2015-04-14 Putin tells Netanyahu S-300 missiles not a threat to Israel Link
2015-04-14 German foreign minister at G7 meeting: Too early to reward Iran over nuclear talks Link
2015-04-13 US concern as Russia lifts ban on Iran arms delivery Link
2015-04-13 Netanyahu: Iran emboldened by deal, will increase terror activity Link
2015-04-12 Libya violence: Shooting at S Korea embassy in Tripoli Link
2015-04-12 Hillary Clinton announces she’s running for president in 2016 Link
2015-04-09 Rouhani: No deal unless all sanctions removed ‘on the same day’ Link
2015-04-09 As Iran digs in, US says no to immediate sanctions relief Link
2015-04-09 Iran nuclear: No guarantee of final deal, Khamenei says Link
2015-04-09 Netanyahu: ‘Iran’s breakout time from start of deal will be near zero’ Link
2015-04-06 Israel sets out key changes for a better deal with Iran Link
2015-04-05 Constructive Israeli action, not lobbying, seen vital in wake of Iran deal Link
2015-04-03 Defeatist Obama’s deal with the devil Link
2015-04-03 Iran president promises nation will abide by nuclear deal Link
2015-04-02 Indiana lawmakers unveil proposed changes to religious law Link
2015-04-02 Obama: Iran nuclear framework deal ‘will make world safer’ Link
2015-04-02 Obama welcomes nuclear deal with Iran Link
2015-04-01 Boehner in Jerusalem: ‘US-Israel bond as strong as ever’ Link
2015-03-31 Netanyahu: Deal will leave Iran ‘less than a year’ from bomb Link
2015-03-31 Pence vows to ‘fix’ religious freedom law, ensure ‘no license to discriminate’ Link
2015-03-30 US sees 50/50 chance of Iran deal by Tuesday deadline Link
2015-03-30 Israel lashes out at Iran deal as sides work franticly to reach accord Link
2015-03-26 Autopilot on doomed German plane reportedly set to crash Link
2015-03-26 Is Netanyahu backing off key demand for Iran nuclear deal? Link
2015-03-25 EU plans to pressure Israel as diplomat warns of ‘collision course’ Link
2015-03-25 Netanyahu tasked to form coalition, offers ‘hand in peace’ to Palestinians Link
2015-03-23 Netanyahu apologizes to Arabs for voter turnout remark Link
2015-03-23 Germany Anchors Israel’s Relationship with Europe Link
2015-03-22 McCain slams Obama over Israel ‘temper tantrum’ Link
2015-03-22 Israeli officials in France for last-ditch bid to sway Iran talks Link
2015-03-22 India train accident kills at least 34 in Uttar Pradesh Link
2015-03-20 TV report: Obama left PM ‘with impression US will abandon Israel at UN’ Link
2015-03-18 Netanyahu win gives Obama a headache Link
2015-03-18 US Jewish groups congratulate Netanyahu after election Link
2015-03-18 US concerned by Netanyahu’s ‘divisive rhetoric’ in election Link
2015-03-17 Foreign money is toppling Likud, warns Netanyahu Link
2015-03-17 Herzog says win is in reach, as Netanyahu slams leftists and Arabs Link
2015-03-17 Israel election: An end or new era for Netanyahu? Link
2015-03-16 Israel election: Party leaders make final plea to voters Link
2015-03-16 Netanyahu, trailing in polls, promises no Palestinian state if elected Link
2015-03-15 US weighs new sanctions as Iran demands lifting of old ones Link
2015-03-15 Report: Netanyahu tried to prevent Mossad briefing for US Senators on Iran Link
2015-03-13 Netanyahu: Herzog and Livni leadership ‘dangerous’ for Israel Link
2015-03-13 Official: Talks with Iran Have Made Progress but Issues Remain Link
2015-03-13 Christians Under Siege: There’s no time to waste, we must act now Link
2015-03-13 Kerry to meet Abbas and Abdullah in Egypt Link
2015-03-11 Kerry: Congress cannot modify any Iran-US nuclear agreement Link
2015-03-11 Trailing with days to go, Likud frets over possible defeat Link
2015-03-10 Indian media: Kashmir coalition tension mounts Link
2015-03-09 Iran presidential adviser: Whole Mideast is Iranian Link
2015-03-09 Saudi man faces death for ripping up Koran, renouncing Islam Link
2015-03-08 Giuliani slams Obama’s ‘reckless’ stance on Iran Link
2015-03-08 Global flood toll to triple by 2030 Link
2015-03-06 Jewish graves desecrated on Mount of Olives Link
2015-03-05 Netanyahu’s Iran speech gains tacit support in Saudi Arabia Link
2015-03-04 Obama says Netanyahu’s Iran speech contains ‘nothing new’ Link
2015-03-04 Rouhani warns not every nuke deal will be accepted Link
2015-03-03 Netanyahu to Congress: Current deal will all but guarantee nuclear Iran Link
2015-03-03 Obama comments on nuke deal ‘unacceptable,’ Iran’s Zarif says Link
2015-03-03 Israel’s Netanyahu warns US against ‘paving way to Iran bomb’ Link
2015-03-02 Revelation of nuke talks details by Netanyahu would be ‘betrayal,’ US warns Link
2015-03-02 Obama: Netanyahu rift not permanently destructive to US-Israel ties Link
2015-03-01 Looking to calm tensions, Kerry phones Netanyahu Link
2015-03-01 Has the Israel-US Relationship Been Damaged Irreparably? Link
2015-03-01 Iran nuclear crisis: Can talks succeed? Link
2015-02-26 Identity of ISIS terrorist known as ‘Jihadi John’ reportedly revealed Link
2015-02-26 South Korean court decriminalises adultery Link
2015-02-26 Washington DC legalises marijuana possession and use Comments (162) Link
2015-02-24 Study Shows Anti-Semitism Rampant on US College Campuses Link
2015-02-23 Israeli electric company cuts power to West Bank cities over debt Link
2015-02-23 Australia to toughen citizenship laws to combat terrorism Link
2015-02-23 Palestinians threaten to end security ties with Israel Link
2015-02-19 Netanyahu to Obama: If Iran Nuclear Deal is Safe Why Hide It? Link
2015-02-19 Obama urges Muslims to fight ‘twisted interpretations of Islam’ Link
2015-02-15 After Copenhagen attack, PM urges that Jews move to Israel Link
2015-02-15 Copenhagen shootings: Police kill ‘gunman’ after two attacks Link
2015-02-12 UN Security Council moves to cut ISIS cash flow Link
2015-02-11 Last US Islamic State hostage Kayla Mueller confirmed dead Link
2015-02-11 US, UK and France announce closures, evacuations of embassies in Yemen Link
2015-02-11 3 in 4 Israelis don’t trust Obama to keep Iran from nukes Link
2015-02-06 PA Cleric on TV Calls Jews ‘Apes and Pigs, Slaves of Deities’ Link
2015-02-06 UN envoy ends tenure, warns Israel it is on dangerous path to one state Link
2015-02-04 PAYBACK: Jordan executes 2 after ISIS video shows pilot burned alive Link
2015-02-03 South Korea soldier gets death sentence for killing spree Link
2015-02-03 Canada’s foreign minister, a friend of Israel, to step down Link
2015-02-03 Georgia man accused of murdering five taken into custody, sheriff says Link
2015-02-01 Pakistan mosque blast: Mass funerals for Shia victims Link
2015-02-01 Blast in Damascus Pilgrim Bus Kills Nine Link
2015-01-26 Greek fighter jet crashes in Spain killing 10 people Link