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End-Time News Stories - Wars and Rumors of War

This page contains news stories from sources around the world that pertain to the end-time
prophesies of the bible.

The Church of God, New World Ministries does not author or support the sources of these links
unless otherwise noted. They are simply used for reference to biblical prophesy.

Click on the link under the "SOURCE/LINK" area to read the full story.

*** Note that items with RED dates were added in the last 48 hours

Date Headline
2018-12-11 Russia mum after sending 2 nuclear-capable bombers to Venezuela Link
2018-12-11 November Yemen’s ‘deadliest month’ in two years: ACLED report Link
2018-12-10 Russian military building up along Ukrainian border Link
2018-12-09 Hezbollah deputy chief: All of Israel is in range of our rockets Link
2018-12-07 Afghan official: Taliban kill 14 troops in western province Link
2018-12-05 US warship sails in Sea of Japan waters claimed by Russia Link
2018-12-05 Somali officials report deadly US-backed raid on al-Shabab Link
2018-12-05 Israel launches military operation against ‘Hezbollah tunnels’ Link
2018-12-03 Ukraine calls up reservists amid tensions with Russia Link
2018-12-03 Senior ISIS leader involved in killing of former US Army Ranger killed in drone strike, coalition says Link
2018-12-02 Russia deploys S-400 surface-to-air missile battery in Crimea, seen in new satellite images Link
2018-11-28 Afghan official: 30 civilians die during battle with Taliban Link
2018-11-28 Syria: Hundreds of bodies exhumed from mass grave in Raqqa Link
2018-11-26 Russian military fires on Ukrainian vessels in Black Sea, Ukraine says Link
2018-11-26 Syria: Opposition denies launching poison gas attack on Aleppo Link
2018-11-25 Syrian warplanes strike rebel areas after alleged gas attack Link
2018-11-23 Cameroon’s military says it kills at least 43 separatists Link
2018-11-23 Afghan president condemns attack on army base Link
2018-11-22 Iran warns that US bases and aircraft carriers are within range of its missiles Link
2018-11-20 Yemen war: Fighting resumes at key port of Hudaydah Link
2018-11-18 US to cut troop figures in Africa by 10 percent Link
2018-11-18 Car bomb blast in Iraq’s Tikrit kills five: officials Link
2018-11-14 Cameroon military says 30 separatists killed in fighting Link
2018-11-13 Israeli air raids kill five Palestinians as Gaza tensions rise Link
2018-11-12 Top Hamas commander, Israeli soldier among dead in fresh Gaza clashes Link
2018-11-12 Explosion in Kabul targets anti-Taliban rally, killing 3 Link
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