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Date Requested By Requested For Request
2017-05-23 Sathish Sathish Bless me to work joyfully for money.
2017-05-22 Hepzibah Mary Me and my best friend I had a friend and he was my dearest and best friend. There was great love and understanding between us. We were there for each other. I loved him greatly and still love him. He means a lot to me. But in January we had a small misunderstanding and since then he has stopped talking to me. I tried many times to set things right between us but he is adamant. He ignores all my messages and it has greatly affected me. He is the only friend I have. I miss him greatly. I am emotionally disturbed. I have been praying to God to give him back to me. I humbly request you to pray for me Ė for my friend to understand. He also needs emotional and physical healing. He is very sick.
2017-05-18 SON MOTHER praise the lord pastor, kindly pray for my mother neeta , she is suffering from uterus problem and tomorrow she would be going to the hospital for treatment, please pray that all reports to be normal. i believe jesus will surely give her the healing, pastor i agree with you in jesus name, that my mother reports would be ok & she will give testimony. please pray this thing to be happen. Thanks, Gaurav, New delhi
2017-05-17 Self I have a health request. I have a disorder called ďdevicís syndromeĒ a rare illness. Also most important ďasking our heavenly FatherĒ what is my purpose here on earth and my gift ď I donít want to leave this earth without fulfilling what God gave me life forĒ. I hope Iím making since.
2017-05-15 Myself Brian Dash Iím in need of Godís grace , ií hoping for a touch of his hand. Iím going through many struggles. God bless you brethren Love ❤️ you in Christ
2017-05-14 Mary Mary & fam. & friends Healing and peace
2017-05-10 d j j k My friend is paranoid and delusional. She is a trauma survivor and may be schizophrenic. She has been meddling with new age things, buddhism, the secret, and angel cards. She talks about magic and hexes. Please pray.
2017-05-08 ronnie, husband wife tammy please pray for my wife. several serious health issues, very urgent. she needs prayer now. please please pray for her.
2017-04-03 damianus aditya and me miracles for touch heart heavenly father, help me, You know my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows , I come with a broken heart, Father, You know how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I canít touch his heart but Lord you can. please bless those who hate me, donít let their hatred on I made them proud. i always try to be strong, but to be honest I was deeply hurt. i surrender my life to you. Iím putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please make this miracle happen for me
2017-03-26 keep her healthy safe and strong my eldest sister to keep her healthy,keep her strong,and safe.
2017-03-24 Pat Pat Please pray and agree with me for me to be healed now. The Dr has said I am in complete total kidney failure.My body is covered with an incurable disease on my skin and some burns. I look like a monster. I also have problems with my gallbladder. With all of this now I canít work, so please pray for an increase in my finances and marriage. Thank you so very much.
2017-03-17 Ileanna Dennis The Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen us and protect us from the evil one. Asking Christians around the world to pray that the evil started by PHFS will end. RH will drop all legal action against DG.
2017-03-16 Dwi Dwi My name Dwi. Please pray for me without ceasing. I need a lot of prayer and miracles. My parents forsake me and just thinking about themselves so that my life and future is messed up. Their cousin cheated and stole their property. Then when my life was better I usually helped my older sister financially but now she wants to take over all the properties of our parents. She stole the money that can be used for the medical and treatment of our father who was terminally ill. Even she with my younger brother instead wanted our father who was terminally ill that his life be terminated, rather than given treatment. Until finally our father passed away, my older sister never cease slandering me. I was without a job when I had to take care of our father. I am very poor after our father passed away. I need prayer in order to obtain employment and recovery from illness. I also want to have a charge to complete my studies at the university without any problems. Although Iíve been a long time donít attend study since does not have a charge.
2017-03-04 Marc A. Friend Please pray for Marina, family, friends, Sergey, Olga, Dr. G., Maria, BMSP, KS, NWC, PRM, Starbucks, AMC, Thai restaurant, and Fair Lawn, NJ, for: Salvation Baptism in the Holy Spirit Church home All needs met Healing and deliverance Godly marriages and families Godly prosperity Ephesians 3:20 blessing To endure unto the end For Marinaís grandmother to be fully healed For Marinaís sister and niece to be in perfect health For Marinaís sinuses and back to be fully healed Thank you and may God richly bless you always.
2017-03-04 Lyn & Hubert Lyn & Hubert Please pray for our marriage issues caused by a controlling son
2017-03-01 sathish sathish Let people&god judge my family.pray.
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