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Date Requested By Requested For Request
2017-12-09 Kenneth McBeth for me and my family Please please please pray for me. I am in a desperate situation and I need GODíS HELP. Please pray and intercede for us. We are in a bad way. I need GOD TO MAKE A WAY FOR ME AND MY WIFE AND our lives. Please please please pray for us. Thank you and God bless you
2017-12-08 Barbara Meadows (wife) and Family Gene Meadows Prayer, has been in hospital for increasing dementia, is home for now. We do not know how much longer he will be able to at home.
2017-11-12 Brethern Mr. Arden Taylor Much needed prayers for Mr. Taylor who has been in a terrible auto accident.
2017-11-11 Judy Lasyone Judy Lasyone Need prayer for healing and to be reunited with my son and guidance with my future and more knowledge and understanding
2017-11-03 ray williams katie dooley to help her with her troubles with friends and her fears
2017-11-01 Mark Mark Please heal loud never ending screeching in my head of tinnitus, itís really loud today... my life is being destroyed and I donít know what to do to make it better. I continue to pray that it goes away, please God have mercy.
2017-10-25 Mary Mary & fam. & friends Healings for many loved ones and self
2017-10-18 Brethern Mr. & Mrs Trent That God will intervene and help Mrs Trent to make a complete recovery . Mrs Trent had a stroke during the Feast .
2017-10-18 Jim Jim GODíS full protection for my body, soul, thought life and mind towards curses imposed by spiritual enemies, forever.
2017-10-16 Lisa Lisa I made a mistake at work that could cost me my job and everything please please pray that I donít get into trouble or get fired Iím so scared and sorry please forgive me
2017-10-14 Patrica Smith John R. Smith Dad has colon cancer and wishes for either complete healing or a peaceful passing. He has colon cancer and has been told he has just a short time left on this earth. He wants to be prayed for by members of Godís True Church.
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