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Date Requested By Requested For Request
2019-10-04 His mother, Etta Spencer Zavada Spencer I need prayers for my son who has (doctors say) permanent brain damage from long term drug use...but I believe he has a demon problem - a multiple demon least three of them. If this problem canít be resolved Iím going to be forced to have him put away - he often goes along behind me and undoes all the work I do, Iím seldom allowed to talk on the phone, he takes my bible and wonít let me read it, he turns off the sermons most of the time and is becoming aggressive toward me. Please pass this prayer request to other groups and church members, if you will, I donít have time to send other requests, I am at my nieces now and I must get back home. Thank you all for your prayers and may God bless and be with each and every one of you.
2019-09-21 me myself Please pray for my husband that he wins his court case on Friday and obtains his title deeds so that we can keep our home.
2019-09-16 ashley stacey prayer for stacey strongholds broken ungodly ties shes on a carnival cruise this week labourers to come across her path. for ashley he sold house for no hindrances or complications in closing for james and loretta buyers to honour the deal
2019-09-10 Teresa Collins William Dawson For him to get better and leave all the extra alone
2019-09-02 myself terri Terri Deann Jones I would like a prayer request for myself. I lost my 8month old baby boy 2 years ago on valintines day. I started doing drugs to cover the pain. Now im in more pain. This addiction is killing me. I have to spend 30 days in jail beginning september 5. I donít know if it will go well. I have never been locked up before. I hope it helps me come off these drugs.. and help me get myself back together. Im so far away from God. I just want to be closer. I just canít get this anger i have toward him for taking my baby. Please church pray for me . Im so lost and alone. Im tired and wore out. I just want my normal life back. My smile back. my Laugh Back my everything back. Please pray for these demons to go away and for me to get stronger to fight them off . Pray for me to get closer to the Lord. Love you all. Thank you so much and please donít forget to pray for me.
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