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Q. Why do you wear a suit and tie when you preach? Does it make you a better man?
A. No! A suit and tie DOES NOT make me, or anyone else, a better man. Remember what Christ said about what comes out of a man that defiles him? The same principle applies here. A suit and tie does not make anyone a better person. However, I wear a suit and tie when I preach on the Holy Sabbath Day, whenever I come to worship God, or, whenever I represent the Church of God. When I appear before God, I want to appear before him in the best clothes I have. A suit and tie is the accepted norm for our society as being “dressed up”. When appearing before a King or Royalty, we should wear our best. God is King of the Universe. Should we show him less respect than we would an earthly king or queen?

There are people who attend our services who DO NOT wear a suit and tie. They are certainly welcome. We do not require the wearing of suit and tie as a criteria to attend our services, though we would hope one would for the reasons listed above.

I agree with you that there were many Worldwide Church of God ministers who should NOT have been in the ministry. Remember, however, it was the ministers who made stringent rules for people to follow, not the “Church.” God is more interested in us learning to love him and our fellow man than he is interested in us following a lot of physical rules set down by some man or group of men. That is why we, the Church of God, New World Ministries do not try and dictate how you should live your life. That is between you and God. Read your Bible, and try to do what it says.
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