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Q. I would like to know what Jesus meant when He said He would turn father against son and son against father, mother and daughter
A. The passage you are referring to is found in Matthew 10:33-39.

In verse 34 Christ said he would send a sword and not peace. The sword is a type (a thing or person that represents perfectly or in the best way a class or category) of God’s Word (Rev. 20:15; Heb. 4:12).

In John 6:44 Christ said “No man can come to me except the Father which hath sent me draw him:..” The Bible says that the Father must draw or call you before you can understand God’s Word (Mat. 13:11-16). Once he calls you and you respond to his calling you must obey his commandments (Mat. 19:17). When you start obeying God and keeping the commandments, such as the Sabbath, your family members and your friends may not agree with you and in many cases they will turn against you. That is what He meant in Matthew 10:33-39.

Once you accept God’s calling and decide to obey His Word it is a lifetime commitment. It isn’t easy but we must be willing to give up everything familiar to serve God (Mat. 10:38-39). That is why so few are willing.
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