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Q. I have just finished reading a book “Life After Life” by Dr. Raymond A. Moody Jr. In it was the testimony of people who had “died” and been brought back. They told of some fascinating experiences, including being out of their bodies, and seeing a “being of light” who talked to them and flashed their lives in front of them. What are your comments?
A. Though many of these happenings are understandably astounding and seem to contradict what the Bible says about death, the whole idea of such a “life-after-life” experience is based on the premise that these people actually died. According to the medical profession, these individuals were clinically dead. However, medical science has not yet agreed on what constitutes actual death in a human being, and the fact that these people are here to tell of their experiences can be put forth as evidence that they weren’t really dead, after all.

Real permanent death, according to the Bible, is total and complete unconsciousness without memory, feeling, knowledge or perception (Eccl. 9:5; Ps. 6:5). These biblical statements remain as our authority on the subject. (For a complete understanding as to what happens after death visit our website,, and type “DEATH” in the search window. There are many articles thoroughly explaining the subject).
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