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Q. For many years I have known that we should not eat blood; but in the book of Leviticus 7:23 the children of Israel were told to eat no manner of fat. In practically all cuts of meats today some fat is mingled with the lean. This is especially true in marbled steaks and ground beef. How do we avoid the eating of some fats in our meats?
A. The Bible clearly shows us that it is not wrong to eat meat that is tender and well-marbled. In Christ’s parable of the prodigal son, the father killed a “fated calf” to celebrate his son’s return (Luke 15:23). The kind of fat which is to be avoided is the type that can be easily cut off before or after cooking. Most doctors today recognized that this form of saturated fat probably contributes to circulatory diseases and other health problems. The better grades of ground beef in particular do not contain a significant amount of fat if cooked and drained, only as much as one would get from eating a well-marbled cut of meat.
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