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Q. “I used to be a very zealous and dedicated Christian. I attended church regularly, and I never smoked, drank or caroused around. I did my best to serve God.

“One evening while I was away from home, my house caught on fire. My five-year-old child suffered first degree burns. She died hours later in excruciating agony. The God I trusted in for protection and deliverance didn’t come through when I needed Him.

“Right now I feel the kindest thing I can say about this ‘God’ is that I don’t believe He exists. If he does exist, He is a cold, merciless being, unreliable and unfit to be called ‘God.’ You may think I’m bitter and blasphemous, but how else can you explain these things? No one has been able to give me a satisfactory answer, Maybe you can.”
A. What? You were away from home? And left your five-year-old child by herself? What kind of irresponsible parent are you?

And you called yourself a “Christian”? And blame the God of Heaven for failing to perform what are your responsibilities as a parent!

You label the Creator “unreliable and unfit to be called ‘God’? It is you who are unreliable and unfit to be called a parent!

Think this through. You are responsible for your child’s welfare and protection. You are going to be judged for leaving your child unattended, unguided. Judged by the very God you deny exists! If you hadn’t been utterly careless and thoughtless, your child wouldn’t have perished in that fire. You don’t disserve to be a parent until you learn what the responsibilities of parenthood are.

The kind of Christianity you were reared in apparently knows nothing of child rearing. It certainly didn’t teach you responsibility. It probably taught faith without works just trust God and do nothing, shirk your duties. That kind of faith is dead (James 2:20). “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone” (James 2:17).

It takes living faith faith with obedience. Every one of our readers needs to understand this vital point. The reason many have needlessly suffered tragedy is that they have neglected their part. God, consequently, seems unreal. What you need is living faith. Read our articles Where is God When little Children Suffer? And Faith to Meet Life’s Problems.

God gave you and each human being responsibilities for the development of character. To shirk these responsibilities is to sin. Sin brings automatic penalties suffering, sorrow, disease, death. These penalties are to teach us to repent, to avoid ever making the same mistakes again.

All the heartaches, misery, sickness, and death you see in the world today is the result of sin, of carelessness of willful neglect. It’s time human beings quit sinning, quit breaking God’s laws which were designed to yield peace, health, happiness, safety, and ultimately eternal life.

That’s where your little five-year-old daughter comes in. The true God has promised He will restore your daughter to life to resurrect her (Rev. 20:12). Her life is not through forever.

She will be resurrected to live her physical life in a world of peace and happiness under God’s; not man’s rule. Then, if she surrenders her self-will and yields herself to her Maker in faith, she will be born of God, given eternal life in God’s Kingdom, His very family. How few know this grand purpose God has ordained for man!

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