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Q. Why is Satan the devil named Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12?
A. The name Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12 comes from the Latin. It is a translation of the Hebrew word Helel. This was the original Hebrew name of Lucifer, the cherub or mighty archangel who later became “Satan.”

Helel means “light-bringer.” Lucifer also, in Latin, means “light bringer.” When the Bible was translated into Latin many centuries ago, the translators inserted the Latin, instead of the Hebrew from the term “light-bringer.” Hence, Lucifer, the Latin form of the name, has been perpetuated in most English translations of the Bible and the original Hebrew name of Satan, before his fall, has all but been forgotten.

It is the meaning, not the sound, of the name that is important, Lucifer Helel-- was created as a light-bringer. His function was to administer God’s holy, just government which brought peace and light to those under his authority.

But Helel or Lucifer rebelled against God’s perfect way of life. He attempted to scale the heavens and seize God’s throne. He failed and fell to the earth in total defeat. Lucifer’s name now became Satan, which means “adversary,” to fit his changed and corrupted character.
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