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Q. I was wondering how COGNWM views groups like Jehovahs' Witnesses and The Restored Church of God?
A. The Church of God New World Ministries adheres to Christís teaching that He would build His church (Mat. 16:18). That means that there would only be one churchóthe one that He builds. Having said that, one must ask the question, how can one identify Godís True Church?

Godís True Church should be adhering to Christís teachings as He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He changes not.

The Church of God New World Ministries recognizes and acknowledges any Church that adheres to Christís teachingsóall of His teachings, i.e. seventh day Sabbath, seven annual Holy Days, Kingdom of God on earth, three resurrections, repentance and baptism

Any Church that deviates from those teachings in any way is not a part of Godís True Church. As we are not familiar with doctrines of the two groups you mentioned we will not comment.

I suggest you visit our website,, and type in the search window, ďGodís True ChurchĒ. A great number of articles and videos will be brought up. Review those articles and videos and then compare the teachings of Christ with the teachings of these two organizations. You will be able to see for yourself if they are a part of Godís True Church or not.
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