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Q. Could you straighten me out on this point? Since there is only one true Church set up by Jesus during His ministry, what is the meaning of Revelation 1:20?
A. The essential meaning of Revelation 1:20 is, first of all, a biblical definition of the symbolic seven stars and seven golden candlesticks (meaning angels and churches respectively). The fact that seven churches (plural) are mentioned in no way means that Godís Church is divided.  “There is one body [the Church, Eph. 1:22-23] . . . one faith . . .”(Eph. 4:4-5).

Revelation was originally written to be circulated among seven local congregations (plural in number Ė churches) of the Church of God in Asia Minor (Rev. 1:4).  Although separated geographically, these seven churches were all groups of the one true Church which Jesus founded (Matt. 16:18).
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