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Q. When do you expect Christ to Return?
A. There has been much speculation about the precise time of Jesus’ return to this earth.  World conditions would seem to indicate that we are living near the close of an age.  Many of man’s global problems seem to have reached the point of no return.  Environmental destruction, the capacity for total war, rapid and continuing economic breakdown, and the moral and social problems of modern society amount to strong evidence that Christ must soon intervene to save man from himself (Matt. 24:22, Moffat).

But we cannot know just when Christ will return.  No man knows the day or the hour of that momentous event (Matt. 24:36).  We cannot set dates for the fulfillment of major prophetic events, since such dates are not revealed in biblical chronology.  And there is even a great deal of disagreement among scholars and experts as to the exact dates for key past events such as the creation and Noah’s flood.
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