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Q. How can we be certain that the days mentioned in Genesis 1 are 24 hours in length? Some authorities claim these days are actually one thousand years or more in length.
A. Theistic evolutionists, even some theologians, make the claim to which you refer. Yet a look at the account and a simple knowledge of nature clearly shows that each day was 24 hours in length—not an epoch of time!

Consider the plants which were created on the third day of this week of re-creation. The sun did not appear until the next day. If these “days” were one thousand years long, then the plants could not have survived, for they were without sunshine. Those who believe the days to have been long ages are faced with this impossible situation!

Also notice that the plants were made the third day, insects on the sixth. How did certain specialized plants continue to exist for ages without their insect partners? The Encyclopedia Britannica states that two groups of insects which include bees and wasps, butterflies and moths could not have existed without the honey—or nectar-bearing plants. Nor could these plants have existed without the insects. Those who claim creation days were one thousand or more years in length are faced with the conclusion that most plants would have had to live this period of time without producing seed—an impossibility!

The scripture plainly states: “In six days God made heaven and earth.” Each day of creation is not some long epoch but exactly what the scripture says, a day and night of twenty-four hours. Each day is an evening and morning—that is, nighttime and daytime.
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