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Q. My church teaches the fall of man. Did Adam and Eve “fall” or what really happened when they ate of the forbidden fruit in Genesis 3:6-7?
A. The Bible nowhere teaches that Adam and Eve “fell.” To fall implies an accident. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, it was no accident! God clearly told them what would happen if they ate from the forbidden tree. The penalty was death!

When the devil (represented by the serpent) talked to Eve, he deceived her into eating the forbidden fruit by appealing to her five senses and to her vanity. However, Adam was not deceived. He ate of the forbidden fruit knowing better. He simply went along with his wife. This single act of disobedience on Adam’s part cut him and all of his progeny off from God. His action, in essence, showed that he did not want to go God’s way to eternal life (symbolized by the tree of life). Instead, he decided to determine for himself what was right and what was wrong—apart from God. Adam’s progeny has followed in his footsteps ever since.

Adam did not “fall.” He disobeyed his maker. You can read of the one who “fell” in Luke 10:18. It is the devil—Satan—who fell when he was cast from heaven back to the earth, prior to the week of re-creation. It was the fall of Satan that made the earth waste and in confusion (Gen. 1:2).
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