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Difficult Scriptures

Q. Luke 18:16-17 - Does this say infants should be baptized?
  1. This scripture does not even mention baptism. The parallel accounts show that these children were being brought to Jesus so that He would lay hands on them and bless them (Matt. 19:13-15 and Mark 10:13-16).

Baptism is more than just laying hands on someone and sprinkling water on his head. It is total immersion in water picturing the burial of the old man (Rom. 6:3-4).

  1. There is no Biblical basis for the doctrine of infant baptism. You canít be baptized until you first believe Jesus Christ is your Savior(Acts 8:35-37) and then fully repent (Acts 2:38). Obviously, an infant is incapable of doing either of these.

  2. The word ďasĒ in verse 17 does not mean that individuals must receive Godís Kingdom while they are children. Jesus was explaining that to receive Godís Kingdom a person must be ďasĒ or like a little child in attitude Ė humble, faithful, teachable, unpresumptuous Ė or God will not accept him. Matthew 18:3-4 fully explains this. A Christian must yield to and trust his spiritual Father for everything as a small child does his physical parents.
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