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Sunday Worship Originated in the Pagan World

"According to the Assyrian-Babylonian conception, the particular stress lay necessarily on the number seven...The whole week pointed prominently towards the seventh day, the feast day, the rest day, in this day it collected, in this day it also consummated. ‘Sabbath’ is derived from both ‘rest’ and ‘seven’. With the Egyptians it was the reverse...for them on the contrary, the sun-god was the beginning and origin of all things. The day of the sun, Sunday, became necessarily for them the feast day... The holiday was transferred from the last to the first day of the week." Daglige Liv i Norden, Vol. XIII, pp. 54, 55

"The seven planetary names of the days were at the close of the second century A.D. prevailing everywhere in the Roman Empire... This astrology originated in Egypt, where Alexandria now so loudly proclaimed it to all... ‘The day of the sun’ was the Lord’s day, the chiefest and first of the week. The evil and fatal Saturn’s day was the last of the week on which none could celebrate a feast..." Daglige Liv i Norden, Vol. XIII, pp. 91, 92

"This Sunday law constituted no real favoritism to Christianity... It is evident from all his statutory provisions that the Emperor during the time 313-323 with full consciousness has sought the realization of his religious aim: the amalgamation of heathenism and Christianity." Kirken og Romerstaten (The Church and the Roman State), p. 256

"They despise our sun-god. Did not Zoroaster, the sainted founder of our divine beliefs, institute Sunday one thousand years ago in honor of the sun and supplant the Sabbath of the Old Testament? Yet these Christians had divine services on Saturday." The Syriac Church and Fathers, pp. 83, 84, O’Leary

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