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What is the Church of God, New World Ministries?

This is the true story of a unique Church that has found the solution for the world’s ills, pains, sufferings, and puts it into a living application that is producing peace, happiness and well-being.

These people are members of the Church of God. This Church is unique in practicing Christianity as a WAY OF LIFE as well as a faith, even as it did originally in the days of the first century apostles.

Members of this unique Church are motivated with purpose, inspired by knowing the transcendent human potential. They know the true values. The have found the way that makes life truly meaningful, rewarding and abundant!

Ask this world’s average church member how much bibical teaching has to do with his or her everyday life, their business, social life, home life, entertainment and recreational life. They will respond, “Why, nothing, I suppose. ”

But the Church of God, from A.D. 31 to now, has lived by God’s revealed way of life, as well as by the faith of Jesus Christ. It is a happy Church. That is indeed unique.

This Church has always recognized the importance of the name given the Church. And it has been always kept in that name. Twelve times in the New Testament the name of God’s own Church is called just that, “The Church of God. ” Christ is revealed to be the living Head of that Church. And in this connection it is in one place only spoken of as the Churches of Christ. But it is composed of the begotten children of God, who collectively as a Church are named after their Father. In some New Testament instances, a descriptive adjective is added to the name, as the Church of God at Corinth, or the Churches of God in Judea. And today, it is called Church of God New World Ministries.

When Jesus Christ said “I will build my Church,” it was for a purpose that is more that merely preserving members in the way that produces happiness and successful living for themselves.

It has a serious and worldwide function to perform. It is a mission of love, of outgoing concern for humanity worldwide. Its commission is to proclaim to the world the good news of the Kingdom of God, not to convert the world, but merely as a “witness.”

God’s government has been taken from this earth. It is to be restored (Acts 3: 19-21). God governs, as do all governments by laws. The primary of God’s laws is the spiritual law, the way of life that causes, produces every good result.

For carrying out that commission, the Church is called, in the New Testament, the “Body of Christ.”

So very few understand why Christ had to come in human flesh. Among other purposes, to start the “WORK of GOD.” He said that of Himself He could do nothing. It was the power of the Holy Spirit of God in Him that empowered the WORK.

Christ called and chose His disciples, who became the original apostles. He taught and trained them to become, with Him and the prophets, the foundation of the Church. He gave His life for the Church, to pay the penalty for the sins of the whole world, for all who will repent and accept His shed blood in full payment. God raised Him from the dead, that by His life we might receive eternal life as God’s free gift by grace.

But, after His resurrection, and just before He was taken up to God’s throne of the universe in heaven, Jesus “commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father,” that is, receiving within them the same Holy Spirit that had empowered Him. “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you, ” He said (Acts 1:4-8).

The Spirit which had started God’s Work in Jesus’ single human body would now carry it on in the collective body of the Church. That Work, that Commission was dual:

  1. “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). And, for this present time in which we live: “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached {and published, Mark 13:10} in all the world as a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end {of this age} come” {Matt. 24:14}.
  2. Feed the flock, that is, spiritually feed the Church members from our Creator’s Instruction Book, on the way of life, and for their part in carrying on God’s Work.

The first part of the great commission has become a far more complex and sizable operation today than it was in the first century. The world ’s population has multiplied many times over. We live in a different, far more mechanical and complex world.

The Church of God was not, in the first century, a world power either religiously or politically. It is not today. At times it has undergone violent persecution. It is not today, a multimillion-member Church.

The faith and way of life of the Church is the same today as it was in the first century. It is the true faith “once delivered to the saints.” That never changes. But today the Church lives and functions in a vastly different and highly complex, modern mechanized world.

Jesus Christ had personally taught and trained His disciples to become His original apostles and leaders. Then on the day of Pentecost 31 A.D., they were infused with dynamic power by the very Spirit of God.

The Church of God started out imbued with vitality and strength. On that very day of Pentecost three thousand were added to the Church. A day or two later their number became 5,000 (Acts 4:4). Miracles were performed by the apostles, and soon that five thousand membership was multiplied (Acts 6:1).

Some time later, however, there was a great persecution against the Church at Jerusalem and most were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria (Acts 8:1). Then entered the false leader, Simon the magician (Acts 8:9-14). Jesus had warned the Church would be severely persecuted (John 15:20), and would be hated by the world in general ( John 15:18-19) and He had spoken of it as the “ little flock” (Luke 12:32), not a great power.

By 70 A.D. the real Work of God of proclaiming the good news of the coming worldwide Kingdom of God, had lost its momentum, due to the Roman invasion and Roman persecution. That worldwide Work of God had ebbed through the centuries to barely a trickle.

The Church has been given a job to do, proclaim the message to the world in power. And it had not been getting the job done. That vital power of God’s Spirit that had worked dynamically in Christ in the first century apostles, had not been working in the Church. That Work, by the early twentieth century, had become almost dead.

By 1927 in the United States, members of God ’s true Church, continued to assemble regularly in their local congregations scattered over the country. The local congregations were small, in most cases not more than 35 or 50 members. There was at that time a limited evangelistic effort, though mostly ineffective. But now God’s time had come for His messages to go to the whole world.

In 1930 the Oregon members in order to revitalize the Work of God, incorporated under the name, “Oregon Conference of the Church of God. ”

Meanwhile, since 1927, following the conversion of Herbert W. Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong had been meeting with these Oregon brethren. But until the summer of 1928 he had refused to speak before them because he felt the ministry was a profession no man ought to choose himself. Finally he was virtually drafted into doing so.

Realizing that he had had the training and unusual experience in the business world, the education, the know-how, the vision, the initiative and experience in utilizing modern methods necessary to get the Work of God going out in a modern complex world, they looked more and more to Mr. Armstrong for leadership. And finally it became evident to all that the call to the ministry was genuinely from God, and not a self-chosen one. In June 1931 Mr. Armstrong was ordained by this Oregon Conference, and entered the Work of God full time.

It was under his leadership that a new era of the Church of God was entered, revitalizing the Church, injecting into it new life and vigor by the Spirit of God to get Christ’s gospel, His educational message, going out with power to the whole world.

Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and his son Garner Ted Armstrong preached of the coming Kingdom of God and the return of Jesus Christ until their deaths. Their work was over, but the great commission that Jesus Christ gave His Church is not.

The Church of God had never been a proselyting church. Jesus Christ set the example. He never urged people to ‘get saved,” or “be converted.” When the woman at Jacob’s well in Samaria asked Him to give her of God’s Spirit, which He had referred to as “living water,” He made no effort to convert her.

He did proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God, saying “Repent ye, and believe the gospel” (Mark 1: 1,15). He chose His disciples, and simply said, “Follow me. ” He made no emotional appeals for converts. He made no pleading “altar calls ” accompanied by sentimental hymns. Nor did the apostles. The Church of God follows the example they set.

Instead, its commission is first to proclaim the good news of the coming Kingdom of God, not to convert the world, but merely “as a witness ” to the world.

This is actually an educational message of the way of life to be lived in the Kingdom of God, the way that leads to success, to peace, happiness, to the full, enjoyable abundant life. It involves the knowledge of the purpose of human life on this earth, the real meaning of life, the knowledge of the true values in a world pursuing a false way of living. The knowledge of what man is, why he is, and the way to fulfilling his purpose.

That is not a sentimental emotional message about Christ as a person. It is not a message of pleading with people to “give their hearts to the Lord,” but an educational message showing people what they need to turn from, and the way that will cause the results they really want, here and now, as well as the gift of eternal life.

The second commission is to feed those who do become converted. The word converted means to change to a different attitude and way of life made possible by receiving God’s Spirit, to feed them the spiritual food of practical common-sense Christian living by God’s way of life.

Jesus Christ chose His apostles. They did not choose the ministry as a profession, as one chooses medicine, law, or architecture. They were specially called by Christ.

Since the death of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, the Worldwide Church of God scattered to the four winds and no longer fulfills the commissions that Jesus Christ gave His Church.

As a part of The TRUE CHUCH of God, The Church of God, New World Ministries strives to fulfill the two great commissions Christ gave His Church. Our mission is to proclaim the coming world of peace under the soon coming divine Messiah.

This is the Church of God New World Ministries.

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