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2018-05-22 What Is Jesus Christ To You?
2016-04-20 How Important Is The Sacrifice Of Christ To You?
2015-03-13 Was The Death Of Christ Important To You?
2014-03-08 Will You Live For Christ?
2009-04-03 Are You Ready To Take The Passover?
2009-04-01 What The Passover Means To The Father And Christ
2009-03-13 Why Jesus Christ Died And Rose Again!
2009-03-05 The Man Who Died To Make Men Free
2005-09-27 God’s Master Plan of Salvation
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2018-06-30 What Does Pentecost Mean To You?
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2012-06-01 God’s Holy Spirit Prepares Us To Become Perfect
2010-05-19 Looking Forward To Being In Lexington
2009-05-22 A Promise Of Power
2008-08-04 He Breathed On Them!
2006-05-17 The Greatest Miracle In Your Life
2006-04-18 Christ, The Wave Sheaf Offering
The Feast Of Trumpets
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2014-09-18 What Does The Feast Of Trumpets Mean?
2006-09-01 Day Of Trumpets 2006
The Day Of Atonement
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2015-09-21 John’s Message for Today
2006-09-01 Day Of Atonement 2006
The Feast Of Tabernacles
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2017-08-09 Keeping God’s Feasts - Yesterday And Today
2017-08-06 A Study Of The Feast Of Tabernacles
2013-09-03 Solomon’s Splendor, A Type of the Kingdom of God
2006-09-01 The Feast of Tabernacles 2006
The Last Great Day
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2008-06-19 The Last Day, That Great Day
2006-09-01 Last Great Day 2006
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