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COGNWN Web Site Credits

This page is dedicated to the contributions of folks who have donated the use of their artwork of the web site. Without their artistic capabilities, the look and feel of the web site and the entire Church would not convey the professional and hopeful message that we wanted to do the 2 commanded commissions of the work of the Gospel.

Please visit these artists' web sites, send them an e-mail, and do what you can to support their work. Some of their work is available for sale, but they have allowed us to use their work without charge!

Karen Williams (Visualdreamz)

The sunrise/sunset image that you see:

  • at the top of every web page
  • on the weekly sermon DVD’s
  • at the top of the monthly letter
  • on all of our articles
was provided to us courtesy of the artist at She has told us that she is working on putting a new web site up with her past images as well as new ones she is working on. The image we used is a slice from the full picture "A Perfect End Version 2".

The incredible thing about the image is that this is not from a real picture! This image was assembled by the artist using software that allows different landscapes to be combined with light effects to produce the picture that we used.

Jason Messer (Cincinnati)

Jason is a graphics and video artist who took the time to create the crest that you see on the intro page, the main page, the newsletter, the printed articles, and correspondences from the Church.

  Web Site Artwork Credits
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