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The Weekly Sabbath

The Sabbath has been kept by Jews and Christians that follow the Bible for thousands of years. Do you know the Sabbath that the bible speaks of? If not, do you know why you keep the day that you do?

Many "religious" people will tell you the EXACT opposite of what YOUR Bible says about this critical sign between God and His people!

Just what day does the Bible say we are to worship on? Was the day changed from the Saturday Sabbath to Sunday? What do many of the leaders of Sunday keeping churches admit? You need to know!

Read this crucial information to help YOU discern by the words of YOUR Bible and the actions of men and religious organizations throughout time.

(This information was adopted from an e-mail received. The original author of the material is not known. If anyone does know, please contact us so that we may give credit to that author)

Sabbath Confessions

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