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Is that REALLY In There?

You may have heard it from the pulpit, you may have heard it from the "religious" people you know, you may have read it in your church doctrines, and the whole world may just say it is so, but is it REALLY in the bible?

Read below to find out!

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The Beast and The Man of Sin are clearly defined in YOUR Bible!
The majority of today’s “christians” do not understand the basics of God!
Christ did NOT say that the thief would enter paradise on THAT day!
The world’s churches blatently ignore Christ’s only sign!
The doctrine of the “Trinity” does not come from the Bible!
The “rapture” does not exist anywhere in YOUR Bible!
America’s destiny is clearly written into prophecy!
Today's "christians" seem to LOVE false doctrines!
Your Bible says "And no man hath ascended up to heaven"!
The Bible is "the book nobody knows"!
Mainstream world religions worship a false Christ!
The Bible clearly shows the demise of the United States!
The word "gospel" has nothing to do with modern religion!
There is no such thing as an "ever burning hell fire" in the bible!
When we die, we DO NOT got to Heaven or Hell!
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