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Monthly Letter - January 2008

28 February 08
Greetings Everyone,
I want to begin this letter with an apology. Recently we sent out a couple of DVD’s in the monthly mail out that were labeled “Audio CD”. Some of you notified me that they would not play in your CD player. That is true because they were actually DVD’s. We inadvertently forgot to change the label from Audio CD to Video DVD. If you will try them in your DVD player they should play. I extend my sincerest apology and will try not to let that happen again.
I mentioned in my last letter that all indications are that we are living in the Last Days. How do I know that? Because the events transpiring in the world today coincide with the prophecies Christ gave for the Last Days. Now, I know from scriptures in Deuteronomy chapter 28, Leviticus 26 and numerous other scriptures that “things” are going to get a lot worse for us than they are now. Christ mentioned that many of the things extant now were only the beginning of sorrows. Christ said when we see all these “things” take place, we are nearing the end. (Mat. 24: 32-35).
What are some of these “things”? — a shaky stock market, a dollar that is losing value against other countries' currencies, high fuel prices, record foreclosures on homes, more late payments and missed payments on credit cards, a serious shortage of water, strange weather conditions — record high temperatures followed by record low temperatures —, the continuous threat of war with Iran and other terrorist nations, a serious decline of moral character in our country, an increase in crime — many of which the brutalness is of unprecedented proportion —, an increase in joblessness, drug and alcohol abuse running out of control destroying the very moral fiber of our country’s youth, an increase in divorces and divided families, a continued campaign by the ACLU to do away with all moral standards in our country and to remove God from all aspects of society, an increase of “many coming in my name” (false prophets) and deceiving many — not the few, and a sense of lethargy within the very CHURCH of GOD, to name a few of these “things.”
If the aforementioned conditions do not seem pressing and you fail to see how Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled, I think you have a problem. I just finished listening to a DVD by Mr. David Smith which I have entitled Are You Involved? He is encouraging Church Members to wake up and get involved in God’s WORK! I recently sent out a DVD entitled The Lukewarm Christian.” Mr. Shuster alluded to trials we Christians face in a sermon entitled A Proper Perspective of God.” And Mr. John Shelton recently delivered a message entitled Hard Times Ahead.” Of course, we have delivered many other messages alluding to what lies just ahead of us in the near future. My friends, are we just crying wolf? Do we have many years left prior to Christ’s return? Have you conditioned your mind to believe Christ IS NOT coming during your lifetime? To be perfectly honest with you, I cannot guarantee that He will. But, on the other hand, I CANNOT GUARANTEE HE WON’T! Are you willing to take that chance? Perhaps you are waiting until “things get better” in your life to commit your life to God. Or, perhaps you are waiting until you get older. Young people think “religion” is for old people. They want to live and enjoy life, and perhaps later, they will obey God. That is like playing Russian Roulette. Even if Christ will not return during your lifetime, do you think you are going to escape the fate that will befall all of mankind — DEATH? I am assuring you that you won’t! Hebrews 9:27 says that it is appointed unto man to die once. If you are in good health you probably can put that thought out of your mind and not think about it now. If your health is failing I seriously suspect you will be more concerned about your spiritual status with Jesus Christ.
God commissioned His Church to preach the gospel to all the world. Likewise, he commanded His Ministry to “feed my sheep.” Isaiah 58:1 says we are to “cry aloud and spare not.” My friends, the Ministry of The Church of God New World Ministries is trying to do just that. We take our calling very seriously. I hope you do to. Paul said God would correct us as parents correct their children. Is God correcting you now? Are you allowing him to correct you or are you resisting that correction? Are you growing in grace and knowledge or are you resisting the Holy Spirit working in you? Are you one of those who takes flight, and looks for another Church Group, as soon as a minister says something you don’t like? Or, do you take the words to heart and apply them in your life? All of us fall short of God’s glory. Each of us needs to take stock of where we are spiritually and make adjustments accordingly. Don’t measure yourself with others, measure yourself against the WORD of God.
We are living in serious times. The conditions extant in the world you and I live in are certainly pointing to the conditions Christ prophesied to take place prior to His return. I don’t know how much time you spend in prayer, Bible study and fasting. That is between you and God. I don’t know if you are faithful to God in all aspects of your life — Sabbath observance, Holy Day observance, tithing, overcoming your human nature, separating yourself from this present evil world, or yielding to Satan’s devices—but I pray you are. I recently delivered a sermon which you will be receiving soon entitled A Crown of Life.” I hope it will stir up the “gift” which is in you to seek God in every aspect of your life. Time is short! Let’s be prepared so that when all these “things” take place we will be ready for Christ’s return.
I mentioned last time that we would be offering a series of sermons by Mr. John Shelton entitled “The Blessings of Abraham.” Parts I and II are available now. If you would like your copy please fill out the enclosed card. Also, many of you have NOT enrolled in our Mini-Correspondence Course. You may do so by clicking here. (If you are already enrolled, there is no need to enroll again)
As we complete the first month (according to man’s calendar) of our second year we give thanks to all of you for making our first year a tremendous success. Much WORK is ahead of us. Please join the ranks as we go forward as “Christian Soldiers” performing God’s WORK.
George Trent
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