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Monthly Letter - March 2008

31 March 08
Greetings Everyone,
I want to begin this letter with an explanation and apology. I received several calls from those who are on our monthly DVD mailing list advising me that they had NOT received their DVD’s for the month of March. Once again, the United States Post Office has lost our order. They lost our Newsletter order in December 2007. I gave them the benefit of doubt as our order got caught in the Christmas rush. However, this time there is no excuse. I mailed the order out February 28th with four Sabbath sermons included. I have been back to the Post Office three times, the last time I took our entire mailing list to them to try and track our order. In addition to losing the monthly DVD’s they also misplaced 142 requested DVD’s or CD’s of other messages offered on the website. Hopefully, they will locate these items and they will arrive soon! I am sorry for the delay.
Now, we must move on to the month of April. In just a few short weeks the Passover season will be upon us. I will be sending to those on the DVD mailing list six sermons on three DVD’s for the month of April. You should plan to play the DVD’s in the following order: On the first Sabbath of April you should play “The Darkest Hour”. This message delves into the death of Christ. This message should be followed the next Sabbath with “Spiritual Checklist.” This message will help you prepare for the Passover Service. For those of you who do not have a minister to conduct Passover Services you may play “Passover Services—2008”. Since the next day is a Sabbath, you should play “Catch Men”. The day following the weekly Sabbath is the First Day of Unleavened Bread. Both Holy Day messages are on the same DVD, and are clearly labeled so there should be no confusion. I truly pray that this Holy Day Season will be profitable to all of you. If anyone reading this letter is new to the TRUTH and has questions regarding God’s Holy Days, please give us a call at the number listed below. If no one answers, leave a message and we will call you back.
Included in this package is our Quarterly Newsletter. Since we are in the Spring Holy Day Season, we have included a spiritual feast of articles and information relating to the Passover and The Days of Unleavened Bread for your edification. To help you prepare for this most important observance, you should read the articles in conjunction to listening to the DVD’s. The more spiritually prepared you are for Passover the more gratifying you will be by its observance. Since we are required to take up an offering on God’s seven annual Holy Days, we have included two Holy Day envelopes for the first and last days of Unleavened Bread.
As I was preparing Lesson 25 of the Mini-Correspondence Course I became more focused on the significance of our relationship with God. Christ said, “seek ye first the kingdom of God…” (Mat. 6:33). There should be nothing more important in our lives than developing our relationship with the Almighty God. Certainly, one has to but look at the events taking place in the world around us to know that there is absolutely NO HOPE for mankind if Christ does NOT intervene in the affairs of man to save us. Our very future depends upon our relationship with God. With this in mind, we would like to send you a FREE article entitled “How to Study The Bible.” Simply check the appropriate box on the enclosed card. Each of us needs to delve into God’s word to learn what HE expects of us. This short article will provide valuable insight as to how we should study God’s Word. Also, be sure and read the article in the Newsletter, “If You Do These Things You Shall Never Fall.” My friends, if we are to “live by every word of God…” (Mat. 4:4) we are going to have to study the Word of God. I hope these articles will help you in this endeavor.
Those of you who observe God’s command to “Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy” understand that in observing the Sabbath we are in deed fellowshipping with God. The Sabbath is a day in which we refrain from OUR normal routine and reflect on God and HIS purpose for mankind. We should, of course, not neglect the fellowshipping with brothers and sisters of like mind, when possible, be instructed from God’s Word by listening to a DVD or CD sermon message on the Sabbath, as well as spend extra time in prayer.
However, there is another aspect of the Sabbath that will aid us in drawing nearer to God. That is meditation — Thinking about God, HIS purpose, HIS plan, HIS creation, HIS majesty. Many of us have had the pleasure of listening to several inspiring hymns, written and sung by one of God’s Ministers, Mr. John Shelton, on the Sabbath. These hymns are scripturally sound and if listened to will provide fertile ground for the mind to meditate on God’s tremendous majesty and marvelous plan. If you would like a copy of these hymns simply check the appropriate box on the enclosed card and we will get the CDout to you right away
My friends, God has been blessing this branch of God’s Church each month since our inception back in January 2007. We are consistently receiving requests from people each month to be enrolled in the Correspondence Course. Requests for sermon messages via DVD or CD’s are still coming in every month. We are reaching countries ALL OVER THE WORLD. Our numbers may not be growing in our local congregations now but we are doing God’s WORK! All this is made possible by the tithes and offerings from a few faithful, loyal members and co-workers. Certainly, on behalf of God’s Church, I extend my thanks and appreciation to you. We must never forget, however, that this is NOT the work of man, but it is God’s Work. We give all thanks and honor to HIM.
George Trent
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