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Monthly Letter - May 2008

31 May 08
Greetings Everyone,
Last month I wrote to you about the skyrocketing price of oil and the possibility of the price of oil reaching the unprecedented price of $200.00 per barrel. Some economists are predicting that price in the very near future and the unheard of price of $12.00 per gallon for gasoline. Is this a passing fad? Will our President and Congress do something to pull us out of these doldrums? Surely they will! After all, aren’t we The United States of America? Aren’t we the most powerful nation on earth? Haven’t we always come out on top? Haven’t most of us during our lifetime experienced the affluence afforded by the abundance of natural resources found in our country? Absolutely! We have experienced wealth beyond comparison. Even the so-called lower class have more wealth than the wealthier in many third world countries. So, surely, we couldn’t lose all this wealth and affluence, could we? Surely our leaders will solve this problem and deliver us, won’t they? How could we live without our multi-million dollar homes, new automobiles, yachts, sporting events, High Definition televisions, iPods, cell phones, vacations, computers and a whole host of other amenities found in “affluent” countries?
My friends, for the past eighty some years the Church of God, under the direction of Herbert W. Armstrong, his son, Garner Ted Armstrong, and many other Church of God ministers have been proclaiming the demise of The United States. We have thundered warning after warning that because of our sins and rejection of God and His laws, we will pay the penalty.
Please, I am not anti-American! I love this country with a passion! I salute the flag! I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands! The Star-Spangled Banner still brings tears to my eyes! I mourn for the young men and women who give their lives for the freedoms we have come to take for granted. Make no mistake, I am an American and I love my country. But, I cannot deny the scriptures found in the Bible — WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD. It is true and sure. Simply because people do not believe it any more does not void what it says. And, what does it say?
Turn in your Bible to Ezekiel chapter 33. Now, read verse 11. The Lord God says REPENT! And, what if we don’t? Continue reading verses 27 - 29. The hand writing is on the wall! Our course is irreversible unless we repent. But, will we? Probably not. Only once in man’s history has a nation repented—the nation of Nineveh in the book of Jonah. So, in all probability, our nation will not repent. Ezekiel states that people will be talking about the word of God, mentioning prophecies for the latter days, but will not take heed to these warnings. (verses 30-32.) For this reason, we must go through the Great Tribulation, and then when the prophecies come to pass they will then know that a prophet has been among them (vs. 33). Only then, after we lose everything, will we turn to God and seek His will and His ways in our lives.
I delivered a sermon a couple of years ago entitled “The Great Tribulation, When?” I believe it is more relevant today than then. Many of you received a copy of this DVD, if you did not and would like a copy you may receive it by clicking the button below. I pointed out that oil would be a contributing factor to our fall. And, sure enough, it is happening now. Because of the price of this “precious commodity” our standard of living is about to decline.
While prophecy is marching toward a final climax at Armageddon, God is in the process of preparing for the early Spring Harvest of first fruits to be gathered at Christ’s second coming. Some have not understood God’s Master Plan of Salvation delineating two great harvests — the early spring harvest and the great fall harvest. For more understanding on this intriguing subject, request our DVD entitled “The First Fruits.” Simply click the link to be taken to the order page for this DVD.
By the time you receive this letter you should have received a package of five DVD’s for the month of June. One of the DVD’s is a Pentecost message by Mr. David Smith. For clarity sake, we have simply entitled it “Pentecost 2008.” If you do not have a minister in your area this DVD should be played on the day of Pentecost which falls on June 8th, 2008.
I mentioned in my February letter that the Holiday Inn asked that we book at least twenty rooms with them this year before they would rent us meeting space for the feast. Quite a few of you responded that you would commit to staying there. I want to thank all of you for that commitment. Though we did not quite make the twenty room mark, we did have enough that the Holiday Inn agreed to rent us the meeting rooms at a possible increased rate. My contact with the Holiday Inn did advise me that the Holiday Inn would become The Best Western motel in September of this year. So, be advised of this important point. The feast will be at the same location, but it will no longer be called The Holiday Inn. They advised me they have been renovating the motel and the rooms. With the Feast of Tabernacles only four months away, that is exciting news.
As always, I want to close by thanking all of you who have contributed to this WORK. Through your efforts we are getting this warning message to more and more people and are able to continue our tradition of providing requested materials without any charge. We must not take our calling lightly. Just as God commanded Ezekiel to warn Israel, so must we! (Ezekiel 33: 1-7). Sooner or later this message must get to our leaders. Will they listen?
George Trent
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