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Monthly Letter - April 2009

April 2009
Greetings Everyone,
I hope you all had a very uplifting and encouraging Spring Holy Day Season. Isn’t it fantastic that the Great God in heaven devised such a marvelous Plan of Salvation for mankind. And equally amazing is the fact that very few people on this great earth realize or understand what that Plan is. Some of you reading this letter probably do not know. I base that statement upon some of the comments and questions I received via e-mail and telephone conversations.
God definitely knows what He is doing here on earth. He has a Plan. A Plan of Salvation for all man-kind. That Plan is revealed through the seven annual Holy Days outlined in the twenty-third chapter of the book of Leviticus. Probably the best known days listed in the 23rd chapter are Passover and the Sabbath. These days are, of course, associated with the Jews. However, a superficial reading of the first few verses in the chapter reveal these days are God’s Feasts not Jewish feasts. And, if you continue to read that chapter you will find the other Holy Days listed. “But, haven’t these days been done away with,” some ask? “Weren’t they nailed to the cross?”
Why haven’t we heard more about these days? The answer is obvious, they aren’t being taught by mainstream “Christianity.” God’s Holy Days have been “rooted out” and have been substituted by Traditional Christian Holidays, i.e., Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc. Evangelicals have taught that God’s Holy Days were nailed to the cross and have been “done away with.” That is why most people have not heard of these Holy Days.
The Traditional Christian Holidays DO NOT explain God’s Marvelous Plan of Salvation. In fact, if you do a little research, you will find that the Traditional Christian Holidays have their origin in the Babylonian Mystery Religion John spoke about in the seventeenth chapter of the book of Revelation. They represent Satan’s deception upon mankind by counterfeiting God’s Holy Days with the Holidays observed by modern Christianity. The holidays of the world’s religions are designed to worship Nimrod, his mother wife, Semiramis, and their son Tammuz. Don’t believe me, look these holidays up on the internet or in an encyclopedia. Or, better yet, look up Babylonian Mystery Religion. But, be ready for a shock!
We have already observed the Passover and the first and last days of Unleavened Bread. The next Holyday in God’s Plan is Pentecost. Pentecost will be observed on Sunday, May 31st. The Church of God New World Ministries is planning a Pentecost week-end in Lexington, KY for that weekend. We will be meeting at the Best Western Motel (where we held the feast last year). We will be having two services on the Sabbath (May 30th) with a catered meal between services. Services will begin at 10:00 AM the 30th. The second service will begin at 3:00 PM. Services for the day of Pentecost will begin at 10:AM. There will be only one service that day.
Following are several motel numbers in close proximity to the meeting hall:
Best Western (Meeting location, 859-263-5241); Red Roof Inn (859:543-1877; Econo Lodge (859 263-5101); Comfort Suites (859: 263-0777); Residence Inn (859:263-9979); Days Inn South (859: 263-3100); Hilton Garden (859:543-8300). You may find more information by clicking here.
For those not being able to attend the Pentecost weekend we will be sending you a DVD by Mr. John Shelton to be played on Pentecost.
As God commands an offering on His Holy Days we have included a return envelope for your convenience. (Deut. 16:16-17).
Following Pentecost is Trumpets, Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day. If you would like to know more about these Feast Days click below to request our FREE reprint article “God’s Master Plan of Salvation.” God outlines His Plan of Salvation through these Holy Days. Satan has deceived the whole world into believing these DAYS have been done away with. (Rev. 12:9). Don’t you believe it! Jesus Christ observed these days and so did all the apostles. And, so should you! They are Sabbaths ( Ex. 31:13; Lev. 23: 1-4) and are commanded assemblies.
We have been experiencing an increase in requests for materials from our website and from the mail-in request cards you receive each month in our monthly letter. This month we would like to offer a CD from Mr. David Smith, “Are You Ready to Be Born Again?” And a second message, “The Unknown God” via DVD. We also want to extend the opportunity for those of you who have not yet enrolled in “The Story of the Bible” series to enroll this month. If you have already enrolled you need not enroll again. Please click the buttons below to order any of these materials.
My friends, I try not to cry wolf! However, I cannot ignore the many signs I am seeing now, during our time, that Christ predicted nearly 2,000 years ago. I heard a sermonette yesterday by Mr. Hugh Tackett explaining how “the pride of our power” is being broken (Lev. 26:19). Can you believe that a group of pirates in a rubber boat is holding the powerful U.S. Navy at bay? What will Korea, Cuba, Iran, Russia, China, etc., think? As sad as I am to say it, America is not the America I once knew. Its whole complexion has changed. We are a paper tiger with no claws. Brace yourself for more troubles in the near future. These are only the beginning of sorrows. (Mat. 24: 8).
On behalf of God’s Church we extend our thanks to you for your generous tithes and offerings.
George Trent
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